Whatever is Yours… Is “Ours”

Hand Taking HouseI had stated late last week that there would be an upcoming post on eminent domain, so this is where I make my stand on this subject. This issue reared its head lately in the form of the government threatening to use eminent domain in order to seize the land where Flight 93 crashed on 9/11. They are attempting to build a monument to the victims of Flight 93 and it is so important to do so that they are willing to TAKE the land if the owners of the properties in question do not agree to sell it to the US government. Now I am a patriot and all, and the “let’s roll” folks should be remembered for the decisions that they made on that plane in order to save other lives. However, I don’t see where the use of eminent domain in this case is warranted or legal. It is simply another example of where the government believes, in its heart of hearts, that whatever you possess, you only do so as long as they don’t want it.
Is There An Ethical Argument for Eminent Domain?