Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Baby, do you understand me now?
Sometimes I feel a little mad
But don’t you know that no one alive can always be an angel
When things go wrong I feel real bad.

“Obama, our patience has its limit. Don’t blame us if your citizens die. Blame yourself. U started it!”

I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood

Demonstrators handed a memo to an American embassy official, demanding a US apology, “maximum sentences” for the movie-makers and an investigation into whether there was a “planned agenda to provoke hatred and anger towards Muslims”.(1)

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Impeach Obama? No Way!

This article was originally published in March 2011

Who made them God?

Not so fast my friends. “No way” could quickly become “way” if a couple of House of Representative members have their way. A few short days ago, under orders from President Obama, the U.S. military engaged in combat actions in the country of Libya. The purpose of these actions were to impose a no fly zone over Libya under authority of UN Security Council Resolution 1970 (2011) of 26 February 2011. You can read the Resolution here:

It seems that this UN Resolution was the sole authority for President Obama to dispatch our armed forces into conflict with a foreign nation. But there is another U.S. law called the Constitution that limits the ability of the President to do this. There is also the War Powers Act of 1973, of which many claim gives the President the authority to take such actions. With that in mind, let’s investigate President Obama’s actions to determine if his actions are Impeachable.
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Technically, We Are Legal Ass Clowns

The last week or so has seen a growing call for the President to withdraw participation in the conflict in Libya. These calls, which I certainly echo given my “defensive only” posture on the use of our military forces, are currently being based on the fact that Obama did not seek or receive Congressional approval to conduct this particular military action. Well, in the official answer from the White House this week, we were told that, TECHNICALLY, he doesn’t need Congressional approval for what is happening in Libya. His reasoning is that the war in Libya is too small to require Congressional approval and that United Nations has approved the action anyway.
Enough With the War Actions

Why Libya is An Extension of Suicidal Policy

The other day I was perusing through the comments here at SUFA and stumbled across a short and simple post from Mathius. He asked whether there was anyone here at Stand Up For America that agreed with what was happening in Libya, specifically, the US participation in that country. I don’t remember what the answer was from everyone who answered. What I distinctly remember is what I thought when I read his question….. No, but why? I most certainly don’t like what is happening in Libya, or what happened in Afghanistan or Iraq either, for that matter. Although I understood the the first foray and tolerated the second. But the real question I wanted everyone to answer, because it seemed as though most were answering “No”, was WHY are you opposed to what is happening in Libya?
Schizophrenia and Other Maladies of the USA