I would not argue that unions have never done good.  We could debate if they came before or after safety  standards were already improving.  Lets explore for a moment the historic image of unions, that uncaring business exploited it’s workers who banded together to force the evil company to treat them fairly.  The term “redneck” gets used a lot, but most are not aware of where the term originated.  Farm workers or any who toiled in the sun frequently suffered sunburns on their necks, and was a common phrase for field workers.  During their early organization, miners unions used the phrase and it’s symbol, a red bandana to promote and denote a union worker.  Many Irish immigrants  became coal miners and may have been the inspiration.  The unions were seeking to unite blacks, whites and immigrants and gained the nations attention with the “Red Neck War”, properly known as the Battle of Blair Mountain.
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Ron Paul, the Doctor is In

I came across an article I thought was well written, and touched on a subject I think is very important, media bias.  For the record, Ron Paul is not my first or second choice for president.  There are many things I agree with him on, but also some where I have a different viewpoint.  But it has really gotten my attention how the media is universally dismissive of him, including FOX.  Maybe that alone is reason enough to switch my support to Dr. Paul, if no one in the media thinks it’s a good ideal, it must be a great idea.  And they are all playing their standard tricks, they decide what is “newsworthy”, so most don’t hear anything of substance about Paul because he is ignored.
LOI Examines Ron Paul

Heat Wave

It has finally gotten hot, warm to D13 but damned hot to the rest of us.  We take for granted what this kind of heat means and how it impacts so many things.  People will die from the heat.  Equipment from automobiles to ice machines will fail at a higher rate.  When America was settled, most chose to live in the North.  They could warm themselves in the winter, but until modern air conditioning came along, cooling oneself was near impossible.  Sadly, we may be returning to those times as environmentalists continue to wage war against every new power plant anyone attempts to build.  And now the EPA may force the closure of many existing coal power plants that cannot meet their new requirements.
LOI Discusses the Heat

A simple defense of Israel

Five Arab armies invaded Israel in 1948.  Arabs living in Israel were warned to flee what was to become a war zone.  Consider their options, they could have stayed and fought for their land.  But they chose to leave, relying on the promise they could return after the Jews were dealt with.
Are those Arab countries that attacked in the first place not the responsible party?  What logic allows twisting history to allow blaming the victim?  Perhaps the same reasoning that demands a woman who is raped must be stoned to death to restore family honor?

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NOT Turning the Other Cheek… Run 2

USW Note: This article was run back a few weeks ago and happened to have the bad luck to have run on the morning the Bin Laden story hit the news. As a result, LOI’s hard work didn’t really get a fair chance to be discussed. Several people noted in the comments that they would like to see it run again later, and LOI also has a part two that this sets up. So here we have it again, so that it can get the spotlight it deserves…

The Colonel has shared his insights and information on Texas border violence.  I don’t mean to stray into his territory except to note that when someone shoots at Texans, they tend to shoot back.  When an armed helicopter enters Texas airspace (1), their response is to have ready sixteen armed helicopters.(2)  Brings to mind the saying, “Don’t mess with Texas”.

LOI’s delayed too long article (USW’s fault)

NOT Turning the Other Cheek

The Colonel has shared his insights and information on Texas border violence.  I don’t mean to stray into his territory except to note that when someone shoots at Texans, they tend to shoot back.  When an armed helicopter enters Texas airspace (1), their response is to have ready sixteen armed helicopters.(2)  Brings to mind the saying, “Don’t mess with Texas”.

I saw a headline today about China accusing the USA of human rights violations.  I don’t know, didn’t bother to read any farther.  I was occupied with considering stepping between the esteemed Colonel and our original pirate, Black Flag.  With all the violence in the Middle East, the increasing attacks on Israel have failed to attract much media attention.
LOI’s delayed too long article (USW’s fault)

A Santa Story…

Well sort of….  It’s really about energy & the environment.

Admittedly, I’m  not very pro-green.  But then, I don’t lie about what I am and what I think.  I don’t like pollution.  I do not litter.  And I drive a gas guzzler.  So does my wife, the biggest SUV I could put her into.  Is there any “clean energy” I support?  Maybe, how much does it cost? According to figures from the Energy Information Administration, oil and gas subsidies compute to about 25 cents per megawatt hour, while wind and solar is about $24.(1) You want me to drive an electric car?  OK,  I will consider it, after you build the power plants to charge 100 million other electric vehicles.  Oh, and you have to do that without any subsidies (meaning taxes).  So, what kind of power plants will you build?  It seems to me, that every time they attempt to build a solar or wind farm, it’s the environmentalists that stop it.
LOI Let’s Us Understand How the Environmental Claims Are Like the Jolly Elf

Guest Commentary: Glenn Beck is a LIAR!

Tonight’s Guest Commentary is one that I am interested to hear the discussion around. Over the course of the last couple of months, we have seen several folks use Politifact as kind of the “unbiased truth” around the statements made by folks on the political stage. Just the other night, I was presented with Politifact’s evaluation of Sarah Palin’s speech to the Tea Party Convention. I have read over there enough that I can see that there is a bias to what they check and what they don’t, as well as the way they present it. That is fine, but I do have to take their evaluations with a grain of salt because of it, much like those who disagree with me take my evaluations with a grain of salt. The sad thing is that there isn’t a BETTER place to go for an unbiased evaluation of what folks on both sides of the aisle are saying. If such a place existed, I imagine it would be one of the most visited sites around. I also imagine that there would be a lot of “Pants on Fire” ratings on both sides of the aisle. Because an unbiased evaluation would show that about 99% of what comes out of Washington DC is bullshit… I’m just sayin.
Life of Illusion Educates Us on Politifact

Guest Commentary – Regulation’s Unheralded Effects

Friday night again and this week I have a submission for guest commentary! I have to say, as I always do, that I love when other folks become passionate enough to write about a topic and share their thoughts and research with all of us here at Stand Up For America. Over the last couple of weeks, I have read a lot of comments that espoused the idea that we have to begin taking action. I hear those calls, and I certainly echo them. There is much to be said for action. We must make sure that our actions are in line with our philosophical discussions in order to ensure that the results are what we want. But action is needed now. For all those who read here regularly, I urge you to write an article that outlines the actions that you believe we need to be taking. That allows all of us here to read the plan, evaluate it, and make sure that it falls in line with the principles and values that we all commonly share. The first step to action is a plan. I understand this. I wish that I, as the author of this site, had all the answers to cure the ills of America, but alas I do not. But I have thus far gathered an impressive group of folks. I am sure we can compile and implement action items if we can just get them into the discussion realm. So get writing patriots!
Tonight’s Guest Commentary

Guest Commentary: Self Reliance, Not Government Approved?

guest-commentaryWe have again come to Friday Night and with it the ever growing Guest Commentary. As you all know, I am such a fan of the guest commentaries. I, of course, get to take the night off from writing (although those who submit them will tell you that I spend a lot of time formatting, critiquing, and ultimately…. procrastinating on them). The real reason that I remain a fan is because it allows each of you the opportunity to use your voice and voice your thoughts as the center of attention in the same way I get to do it each night here on the site. I value each and every voice on this site, no matter which “direction” it comes from. And the opportunity to give everyone a shot at writing their own articles is one of my most rewarding endeavors on the site. And besides, the fact remains that as much as I might try to appear to know everything, I think I am exposed over the last 10 months to the fact that there is MUCH that I don’t know. Hearing all these other voices exposes everyone to knowledge they may not get otherwise! I felt like this was a good topic given the recent discussions we have been having about government intervention in the home. While not the same topic, it hits some of the same veins.
Life of Illusion in a Return Appearance

Guest Commentary – Goldman Sachs

guest-commentaryWe have come yet again to Friday night. I had a couple of different things in my inbox that I didn’t have time to read all of yet, so I am unsure if what was there was suitable guest commentary material or not. But I saw a familiar name in there who had done guest commentary before. Life of Illusion had offered some more information to me. Knowing this was a name I could trust, I opened his email and found that the information, while not “technically” a guest commentary, was very pertinent to the discussions we have been having all week. LOI offered several different portions of articles that discussed the series of events involving Goldman Sachs. I have followed this saga for some time as, in my opinion, it offers a fairly important glimpse into how high the corruption in our federal government goes.
The Madness That is the Goldman Sachs Story

Guest Commentary… Getting to Know GOOOH

guest-commentaryGuest Commentary night again. As I have continued to say, this is one of my favorite parts of this blog. I love being able to have other folks talk about what they are passionate about. I love giving a forum to different ideas and points of view. As always, I have not censored or altered the thoughts of the guest commentator. As such, the opinions of guest commentators are their own, and have nothing to do with me. I am merely the conduit to the process. Over the last couple of weeks we have had some great commentaries. We had a Canadian’s take on Socialized Health Care, Common Man’s signs of socialism, and LOI’s take on the influences that pushed us there. I hope to see even more from folks as this becomes a regular Friday night tradition (so get writing all of you!). Tonight’s guest commentator is making a return appearance in the guest commentary spotlight. It seems that he liked the attention so much last time that he has subjected himself to coming back for more scrutiny and abuse! So I bring all of you tonight’s guest commentary from Life of Illusion
Understanding the GOOOH Movement

Guest Commentary: Life of Illusion Weighs In

guest-commentaryAnother Friday night is upon us. I am quite pleased to say that I have been receiving quite a few submissions for guest commentaries. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Not only does it mean that I get a night off of researching and writing (for the most part). It also means that more and more of you reading this blog are getting involved and researching the things you are passionate about. And there is nothing I could want more from this endeavor than to spur the thought process and engage people’s brains again. Many of you have discussed the fact that you were apathetic for a long time and now find that getting the brain active again is a great feeling. I see the increase in submissions as proof this is happening!
Tonight’s Guest Commentary from Life of Illusion