Guest Commentary – Walking the Peaceful Path of Ludwig von Mises

As we reach the Thursday night guest commentary night, I have the opportunity to offer to the readers of SUFA a contributor that has not submitted articles in the past. I have several submissions at this point from this particular author, who is also a regular contributor on Lew Rockwell’s site. Ron also created his own place on the net, which I will provide a link to below. Ronald is an internationally known financial & marketing consultant & author of 3 books and over a hundred  articles, a leading speaker at financial conferences in the US and abroad and editor of several internet based news sites. Although from North Carolina, Ron has lived and worked in Geneva, Switzerland and traveled all over Europe and North America. He is a contributing editor to the Swiss Mountain Vision Newsletter and Swiss Confidential published by Appenzeller Business Press. I am quite honored to have Ron sending articles over to us at SUFA for the purpose of discussion and analysis. I cannot guarantee that Ron will have the time to jump in and participate in the discussions, as he is quite a busy man. He is aware of my posting the article and I am sure he will be jumping in to see what the fine folks at SUFA think.
A New Contributor Offers His Vast Experience to SUFA

Defining Socialism… and Our Discussions

socialism1I have been intrigued a bit to watch the debates unfold between several folks from the left and several folks from the “no government” perspective. What intrigues me is the opportunity to see things from the perspective of someone who believes that socialism is the way to go. It isn’t just an argument that health care, or a single issue, should be one way, but an actual claim that what we have doesn’t work so they are willing to give socialism a shot because they think it would be better for the American people. For those that believe differently, which is a large portion of the readership, I don’t think it is fair to simply say “socialism is bad”, so I think some discussion should follow as to what flaws have led people to that conclusion. Allow me to be clear that I believe that nothing could be further from the truth than the idea that socialism is a good way forward. Socialism is NOT a good idea, and I am going to discuss why….
Why Socialism is NOT the Way Forward