Great Response From Dallas Tea Party

Just saw this posted by MadMom on facebook. Thought I would share it. Way to go Dallas!
And Another Video Below Just for Mathius

MadMom on Cavuto

I thought I would share this with everyone here. Many of you who have been around for a while at SUFA have debated and read the thoughts of MadMom. She has been a vocal supporter of the Tea Party Movement and has worked hard to make a difference in Rhode Island and other parts of New England, including Massachusetts. Having spoken with Colleen in the past, I can speak to the passion and integrity that she brings to the process of politics, which is something that we all know is lacking. Recently she was on the Neil Cavuto show on Fox News to discuss both Massachusetts and the growing movement in America to get our voices heard in the halls of Washington DC. I figured that I should share the link with everyone here. Congratulations Colleen on all you have accomplished thus far. I know you are far from finished. I can only speak for myself, but I am really proud of what you are doing and proud to call you a friend.
A Video of Colleen on the Cavuto Show

So What is All This Tea Party Hoo-Ha?

taxdayteaparty2Being the informed readers that you are, you have already heard about the planned tax day tea parties that are being planned across the country. Over the last week or two I have seen several comments about them. Some feel that they are a good idea. Some feel they are a bad idea. Some feel that while a good idea, they will not be all that effective. In reading it all I came to the conclusion that many people simply don’t know enough about what is happening to be able to either support or oppose them. So I figured that maybe it was time to bring in an expert who would be able to answer the questions, both yours and mine. Fortunately for all of us, we have a subject matter expert on the subject right here in our readership….

MadMom Fills us in on the Tea Party Details