Screw John Calipari….

First let me say congratulations to the Kentucky Wildcats. They are a great example of what happens when you put five guys on the floor who should be playing in the NBA against a team that has a player or two who may end up there (at least one, Robinson, will). I don’t hold any ill will towards these kids. They are 19 year olds who were handed a National Championship because they are talented (6 guys on the team headed to the NBA).

I don’t really respect the win, however. It is kind of like what the NBA has become with all these teams creating “super teams” by having superstars get together like Miami, LA, Boston, and NY have done. It isn’t all that impressive to win a championship when you get to have all the best players on your team. This is much the same way I felt about the NY Yankees for so many years. Unfortunately, my Red Sox and some other teams have joined them in compiling superstars to compete with teams that can’t afford any. Realistically, the Sox, Yanks, Tigers, Phillies and others who adhere to this tactic should be embarrassed every time they don’t win a championship (which is why I still say the Yankees are the biggest losers in baseball…. Highest team salary in the game and not nearly enough rings to show for it). 
John Calipari is a Cheater