Gabby Presents an Opportunity

Allow me to first say, before I go any further, that the attack on Arizona Representative Gabriella Giffords was a horrible tragedy. Here was a member of Congress doing what we complain that members of Congress don’t do enough of, meeting with her constituents out in public. A mentally deranged individual takes advantage of such a moment and attacks not only the Congresswoman, but an entire crowd of people with a gun. Innocent lives are lost, most notably in my opinion being that of a nine year old little girl. All life ended before its time is tragic, but the loss of a child is even more more unjust. I feel sorry for all those involved, including the shooter, who was obviously suffering from some mental incapacity of his own. One day he will probably realize what he has done to so many innocent lives and will have to live with that. The burden of taking a life is not an easy one to carry. That burden is made significantly heavier when there was no justification.
Freedom Is the Trump Card to Fear

Now the Right is Mentally Defective

Huffington Post, logo1Whew…. Another very long day at the Weapon household. A 14 hour work day on top of making sure Mrs. Weapon stays as comfortable as possible during recovery. I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have wished us well and sent along messages each day with support and prayers. It is so encouraging to have so many people, even those who are diametrically opposed politically, who you feel really care about what happens in your real world. As an update, Mrs. Weapon is doing well, still in a lot of pain, but getting better. With any luck, we will have a full recovery and she will be back to writing me “honey-do” lists in no time. Recovery is expected to take about 4 weeks, so we are almost through the first one. However this long day left me with little time tonight. But as I was reading some news and stuff, this article stood out to me. So I figured I would share the article with a few thoughts from me scattered in between.
Now those opposed are mentally ill