NYC Trials: Politics or Justice?

I have to admit that this story is getting far more traction than I initially thought that it would get. At first I was really at a loss in understanding why it was getting such outrage from the Republican network. But the more I see the less I like, and I am beginning to see why there seems to be such an outrage. I can certainly also understand why New Yorkers are so against the move made around the trial. What I am failing to understand is how anyone from the left is able to support such a move being made by the administration. I can see no valid arguments being made by those on the left that would justify the Attorney General moving the trial to a civilian court in NY instead of a military tribunal in Cuba. None-the-less, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, along with 4 others will be tried in a civilian court in New York rather than in a military tribunal. And I am not pleased that this is the case.
Exactly Why is this a Good Idea Again?

Another Democratic Flip-Flop

In a surprising turn of events, the Obama administration is now reported to be reversing course and has come to the conclusion that all of their bitching and whining was unjustified. Realizing the flaw in their initial thinking and acknowledging that their petty attacks and reckless accusations against President Bush were unwarranted in this particular area, they have issued a formal apology. OK, I made that second part up. We all know that there will not be a time when the arrogant group of liberals running the Democratic party admit to being wrong or offer any apologies to Bush. But interestingly, they are in fact reversing course in the military commission system at Gitmo.
Yet Another Example of Campaign BS Rhetoric