Wednesday Night Open Mic for December 15, 2010

I couldn’t get to the open mic last night but have found a spare moment this evening to get some posted. I have worked both jobs at better than 16 hours each day for the last couple of days, so to say that I am a bit tired is an understatement. But I am persevering through it all. The new job is going great and I am learning a lot about the industry and how to do the job they hired me to do. And the old job is, well, the old job. I know how to do it but it is December which means working late nights and being swarmed when you come in. I did want to note for everyone that I won’t be offering any new articles during the week between Christmas and New Years. I will be traveling and enjoying spending time with my family and want to give them the attention that they deserve. I will be trying to jump in and participate throughout the day on Thursday. It appears that I may be working from home at least in the morning as we have some weather developing and here in the South, they shut things down when it snows. It is a bizarre thing for a northern boy to understand.
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Man-Made Climate Change Exposed

So I am flipping through the Fox News articles this evening and I stumble across one that states simply, “Top Climate Scientist Drops Bombshell.” I thought to myself “this should be interesting.” I had no idea what kind of bombshell it might be or who is now considered the top climate scientist, but I figure if it is a bombshell, I have to read it. Imagine my surprise to find out that the top scientist they are talking about is none other than Phil Jones, former head of the Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia University. The same guy who had the email “hiding the decline” and “performing tricks”. But I was even more floored when I read what he had to say in an interview with BBC television. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t like the guy turned over and admitted that he made it all up, but he admitted to several things that, in my opinion, make the Anthropogenic Global Warming alarmists look a bit foolish.
Bombshells Indeed!

ACORN… Time to Roast the Nuts Over an Open Fire

ObamacornThe last several days saw a vast amount of coverage surrounding ACORN, the community action group that is credited with playing a large part in the campaign of President Barack Obama. I begin writing this article with similar information to what all of you have already heard. Perhaps a little more from the extra junk that I have read. But I want to understand whether my negative opinion of ACORN is warranted or not. So I figured I would write an article, do the research, and figure out for myself if this organization is as crooked as they appear to be. On the surface the organization appears to have a ton of issues, especially given the string of videos that have been coming out over the last week and a half. There are lots of accusations (and subsequent denials) claiming that President Obama has a tie to ACORN. I will investigate that as well. But most important, this article is meant to be sort of a fact finding mission when it comes to ACORN. And in the end, we will wrap it up by noticing who is somehow completely not seeing ACORN anywhere on their radar.
What Exactly is Going On at ACORN?