Nevada Seeks to Trample Rights to Increase Appeal?

As all of you have seen over the last week or two, we are beginning to see the changes at SUFA take shape. This week we had our first article that was actually published by someone else, in the form of G-Man’s article, which obviously stirred up a little bit of controversy and a good deal of discussion. One of the other changes that I have been pondering was the elimination of the “Open Mic Night” as we have done it in the past. To be honest we still have the ability to share articles and start conversations around them every day of the week, and that is exactly what was happening. So instead of the traditional open mic format I will be publishing some open mic type topics in their own articles. This will help focus the conversation and make it easier to follow while I decide what to change in the format. It simply isn’t as easy to follow a discussion in the new comments format, so this will help. And it allows me to publish more articles per week which means fresh content more often.
Harry Reid Joins the Christian Right?

Tuesday Night Open Mic for September 7, 2010

Tuesday night finds me quite under the weather. What started yesterday as a minor annoyance in my sinuses has grown into a full blown summer cold! Not something that I am used to, as I rarely get sick at all. Apparently this cold/flu has been circulating at work, as I am now the 3rd person to fall victim to it at my workplace. Fortunately, I have been working on the open mic topics for the last couple of days, always searching for new topics. It will mean, however, that there will only be three topics presented by me this evening. I am now getting hopped up on NyQuil and Mucinex, which I am hoping will lead to rare night of sleep before 4:00 am. With any luck, I will get ten hours of drug induced sleep and feel much better tomorrow (I sure hope so because I never call out from work, I’ve missed one day for sickness in 20 years). So I ask that some of you please pick up my slack and offer a few additional topics today!
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Tuesday Night Open Mic for June 29, 2010

We come to another Open Mic night with a full plate of topics out there. I know I could have simply picked out some of the big ones out there and ran with them. But everybody is doing that! So I decided to find some of the other stories out there and offer them up, with the full understanding that if it is a big story, someone else will be offering them up throughout the day. I intend to eventually write about Kagan, but I am not sure where I stand on her yet. The hearings aren’t giving me a lot of info. I am also going to write about the Court’s gun ruling when I can, because I think it is important, and will have a ripple effect on some other stuff. I also really wanted to offer something quick on the videos that JAC suggested, but I haven’t yet had a moment to sit down and watch them, and probably won’t have time until this weekend. But I will offer a link to them in a separate article tomorrow so look for that to make it easier for folks to find them. For tonight I offer the Federal Government boycotting Arizona, changes to the FMLA interpretations, an arrogant Congressman, and a question about what may turn out to be a nightmare for the GOP in Nevada.
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