And Now the Data Disappears?

I have to admit that I am quite surprised to see how the world of man causing global warming, or even climate change, is disintegrating right before my very eyes. You have to admit that the build-up was impressive. They really did a good job of snowing everyone, forcing compliance, and bullying anyone who dared to question the “facts about global climate change.” But over the last month, the revelations have been coming fast and furious. And the panic that is starting to appear in the global warming folk’s ranks is providing for some awfully good comedic relief. I am pretty sure that Al Gore is sitting at home attempting to come up with a plan. “If I could covertly detonate 43 nuclear warheads, the earth would surely have to heat up a little bit and we can get my money-making pyramid scheme up and running again in no time!”
Gore and His Cronies Follow Obama Down the Tubes?

Warren Buffet on Growing Mountain of Debt

warren-buffetWheeewwww! Taking a moment to exhale here. I have been working on the blog all night long at this point. About 7 hours thus far. I am working on my promised series on health care. To say that there is a lot to read and research is an understatement. With all the political games being played on this issue, you literally cannot take anyone at their word on either side of the aisle. So every statement requires some research. Tonight included the reading for two hours of a UN report on population (life expectancy, mortality, fertility, population growth, and factors). Boring read but essential to actually understanding the staggering numbers politicians throw at us. I had thought tonight would be the night I posted the first part to the series. After working all night on it, I have realized there is no way I can finish part one tonight. So it gets pushed to at least tomorrow. And instead of writing a nothing article with no coherent thought (which I am sure that some of you think all my articles are), I figured I would offer up a little bit of someone else’s thoughts that I found interesting.
Warren Buffet Writes an Op-Ed