Another GOP Intervention Call….

Sunday night arrives and finds me once again watching the late game with the hopes that a player or two will really do well so that my fantasy football team won’t lose yet another game. And one of my players is in the locker room having his hand evaluated. Some weeks things just don’t go my way, lol. As I was sitting here throwing insults at the television, I was perusing the news stories, checking out what people had to say on the morning talk shows. As I did I ran across this particular story that just rubbed me the wrong way. Personally, I like John McCain. I think he is a good guy, one of the few in Washington DC that really does want to simply make things better, regardless of which side of the aisle proposes the solution. But it appears that, like the rest of the yahoos in Congress, his memory does not function in an effective way. Despite suffering blistering criticism for the interventionist policies that caused such widespread dislike for George Bush, McCain and the GOP learned nothing at all. We find McCain making the circuit calling for “regime change” in North Korea.
North Korea’s Time Bomb Keeps Ticking

Tuesday Night Open Mic for November 23, 2010

Good morning everyone! Let me just say that it feels pretty good just to have a little bit of time to sit down and write again today. This will be the only article I post this week. We have today to comment and have fun but then the rest of the week will hopefully find all of you relaxing and spending time with family members. I will be traveling Thursday and back on Friday, but I imagine there won’t be a whole lot of folks hanging out at SUFA. Allow me to also thank you all again for your patience over the last two weeks as I settle into a new career (while still working the old one at the same time!) and deal with the family stuff that kept me out of the loop for a bit. Over the next couple of weeks I should get settled down, and by the end of the year I should be back to writing as prolifically as I used to in the past (I stop working the old job at the end of December). For tonight’s topics I am going to again post some topics and attempt to add my thoughts throughout the day. I will also attempt to add some further topics throughout the day. Here is to hoping that I am able to do so as I plan. I expect that my new office will be a ghost town on Wednesday which may leave me fairly free to comment (fingers crossed).
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Tuesday Night Open Mic for June 15, 2010

As I begin writing this introduction to the open mic for tonight, I am watching the Celtics versus the Lakers, and hoping that I can will my boys in green to the win and another NBA chamionship. By the time I post this to the site, we will know whether they were able to seal the deal or whether the Lakers managed to stop them and force a game 7. The open mic topics for tonight have a lot of questions for all of you. We are discussing Hydrogen Powered cars, North Korea’s threats against the United Nations, the Democrats chances of retaining 59 Senate seats, and the inability of today’s higher education institutions to prepare graduates to effectively adapt to the modern working world. The Hydrogen vehicle stuff is one where I am relying on some of you science minded folks to weigh in with your thoughts. Obviously, it is open mic, so feel free to fire away with topics of your own as well!
Open Mic

Tuesday Night Open Mic for May 25, 2010

I apologize that there was not an article for everyone when they awoke yesterday morning. I wanted to write last night but simply ran out of time after taking care of all the other things that I had to get done. I appreciated the somewhat limited responses to the BP article. I understand the points some were making. I hope that eventually everyone will at least consider my point as well. Tonight for open mic we have a few interesting topics, but none that made me jump up and down with excitement. We have Congress banning dropside cribs, ensuring that those with bad backs will forever regret having children. We also have more nonsense from the left’s reigning gasbag, Alan Grayson. Add to that the federal government going on record showing us the very reason why Arizona felt that the only recourse they had was to take immigration enforcement into their own hands. Finally, we have the situation in Korea and the Secretary of State’s call for the international community to act against North Korea. As always, please feel free to add topics that you want to discuss!
Open Mic on Wednesday Morning

North Korea Attempts to Gain Some Leverage

North Korea Nuclear ImageWe arrive on a Friday night without a guest commentary ready to go. I know everyone is busy these days and that has led to folks not having the time to write articles for Stand Up For America. It’s OK. I am patient. Seriously though, I don’t have a commentary tonight so I am forced to subject all of you to yet another night of my rambling on and then spending the next day defending myself from claims of partisanship, ineptitude, and generally being a bad citizen. I have been following the situation with North Korea quite closely over the last several months. As a former resident of South Korea, I have a different perspective on all of this. I know I am not alone as I am sure there are others reading who have spent time in South Korea. In my opinion, the last couple of weeks have seen a dangerous increase in the rhetoric that is coming out of North Korea. I know they have always blown off at the mouth, but it feels different this time. So I am taking notice. I hope that those in the White House are noticing as well. 
North Korea Toots Its Own Horn Yet Again

Gun Control on an International Level

un-sanctionsI have long held the belief that we, the United States of America, as the preeminent world super-power, must do our best to protect the world. There is a certain honor in the biggest guy on the block protecting the 99 pound weakling from the bad kids. I served my country for ten years, and I wasn’t a pencil pusher. I did a job where I literally put my life on the line for our country and our way of life. I am still proud of that service. I will always remain that way because I also think there is honor in serving something greater than yourself that you believe in. I believe in America, and that she is a great country. I fought for you, not for the Presidents that I served. And I would do it again.
Do We Have a Right to Dictate to Sovereign Nations?

The Threat of Violence… Justified Politics or Meddling?

I was perusing the news today while on a dinner break at work and stumbled upon this article about how India was poised to attack Pakistan over the recent terror attacks in Mumbai. I will link to it below. Apparently the US and Britain talked them off the ledge. But that got me thinking about the discussions that we have had on this blog about the United States constantly being involved in the affairs of other nations. Furthermore I was wondering how we can define the line that our country should not be allowed to cross….
When Do We Cross the Line from Saint to Satan?