Why START II is a Waste of Debate Time

As we enter a new week, I don’t want to take away too much from attempting to finish the Corporate taxes conversations because I haven’t gotten much of a response from the left yet, and I figure that will happen more today. But I do want to have a new topic, and thus wanted to address something that wasn’t too massive a topic to handle at the same time. This weekend has flown by for me, with a lot of yard work with Mrs. Weapon, which was nice. Added to that was some good time spent out on Saturday, hitting the farmers market here, and while there having a fried catfish sandwich at the North Carolina Seafood market. I must tell you it doesn’t get much better than that. Overall I have had a very busy, but awesome weekend with Mrs. Weapon, something that doesn’t get to happen too often (I usually work the weekends). Add in some time with legendary couch slayer, Canine Weapon, and the weekend was complete. But when I had time, I read up on the START II treaty negotiations and found myself thinking, “who cares?”
Why START II Doesn’t Matter

Another Two Articles for Your Perusal

I don’t have a guest commentary on this fine Thursday night. So instead I figured I would take the opportunity to hit on two different articles that I felt would make for some interesting commentary. I have a belief, and I will write more on this later, that national security will become once again one of the focus issues in the upcoming congressional election cycle. In fact, it may be the defining issue, even surpassing deficit spending and the economy. But overall, and again I will cover this in a full article coming soon, I believe that we may be more vulnerable in terms of national security than we have been in a very long time. These two articles play into this concept, but not completely. However, I am interested in hearing the take on these topics because we have not gotten into the subject of the first one very much and the second is a reversal of previous claims that our own resident pirate used in his argument against Iran’s nuclear ambitions. So here they are. Feel free to discuss away. I will do my best on Friday to jump in fairly often and offer my thoughts as well. and as always, you can use this thread to post articles that you want to talk about as well.
Are We More Vulnerable today than in September 11 2001

Rejecting Iran’s Possible Dangers

There is no guest commentary submitted for this evening so I told Black Flag that I would respond to his comments about Iran as the topic for tonight. This is not going to be a long post, as we have hashed out Iran as best we could in past debates. We have, frustratingly, not agreed on much, as it seemed to me one side of the argument pointed out Iran as a danger, and the other was intent to instead point out the US as a danger. I will address that fact quickly below, and then move on, as re-hashing it will serve no purpose for us here. As for the topic, I know there are many here who are not interested in this topic. Feel free to use this thread throughout the weekend to discuss any topic you like. I will monitor when I can to respond to whatever subjects you bring up. If you would like to peruse the last discussion that we had on this subject in October, you can do so by clicking HERE (will open a new window). So on to the quick discussion topic…
Iran and Open Mic Thread