Health Care Part 1: Making The Case for Reform

Health Care SymbolSo I am finally ready to begin the health care series that I have been working on. I will say up front as I begin this series of articles that I am NOT the expert in this arena. I wish that I could say that I am. But there is so much information out there, and even more misinformation out there, that it might take a lifetime to read it (and the first lifetime of reading may only get you through the bill itself once they are done writing the massive thing). I wanted to take a moment here in the first part to this series to discuss the “need” for health care reform. Health care is such a gigantic subject, and there are so many parts to it. So the term “health care reform” in and of itself does nothing to tell us what part of the system they intend to “reform” (since government is doing it you can read “reform” as RUIN). We will get into the actual proposals and bills being offered in later parts. For now, let’s understand what is in play and whether the claims being made about the need for health care reform are accurate.
Part 1 of Understanding Health Care Reform

Sin Taxes are a Sin Themselves

cigarette-tax-hikesI have to admit that this is a topic that is personal to me as well as one that just infuriates me to no end. On Wednesday, the government begins imposing the single largest federal tobacco tax increase in history. I have a pretty big issue with these sin taxes. This one in particular because it affects me, but all of them in general because of what they say about our American political system. What I am going to write may be a bit of a stretch for some, as I will bring Black Flag’s belief into the fray, but stick with me here and give it some thought. We may be closer to killing all the left handed blue eyed people than you initially think….
Obama’s First Broken Promise of No Tax Increases on the Poor