Guest Commentary – A Trip to Oz

We have guest commentary moved to a different night. I took some of the advice that was offered and moved the guest commentary to a different night in order to give the writings of others a little more exposure. Tonight we get to hear from a long time reader and active participant at Stand Up For America. But in an interesting twist on topics, he has offered up an article that takes a look at one of the big conspiracy theories that are out there. He compiled a lot of information that was out there and linked some things together. The point in presenting such an article is not to make folks panic or even to espouse a belief that they are true. He merely offered the article as a look into one of them for folks to peruse and consider. I have to be honest and say that I was unsure whether this was a topic that I wanted covered at SUFA, but in the end, I have decided that it isn’t my place to determine the answer to that. While I may be the creator of this site, I am still here to serve all of you. And that means that you get to discuss what you want to discuss.
G-Man Takes Us on a Trip to OZ

Why I Don’t Care What the World Thinks

stand-up-for-americaTonight I am going to talk briefly about the speech that the President gave today at the United Nations. Then I am going to explain why he is dead wrong and bad for America. I listened to the speech because I wanted to hear what he was going to say to the world. As I have said in the recent past, I am past the point of believing that the President is going to do anything that will make this country, better, stronger, faster than it was before (how many of you recognize that as part of the opening for “The Six Million Dollar Man”? I loved when Steve Austin battled Bigfoot). He has a vision for America. And his vision is horribly wrong. So was George Bush’s vision, for the record. And it is time that we started looking at things the way they are rather than the way the politicians tell us they are. It is time we started remembering why this country came to the greatness that it did, and stop these out of control Washington lunatics from turning it into the economic and industrial wasteland that the majority of the world has become.
WE Are the Beacon for the World for a Reason