When Even the President Shows Desperation

I begin tonight with an apology that I have not been able to reply the last couple of days. My stubborn wrist has not exactly cooperated. It makes it difficult to type, as it takes me about twice as long to type as it normally does. After spending the day at work, I came home this evening to peruse the days news. News always gets more interesting as we close in towards an election. Each side becomes more desperate depending on who is leading. If a Dem is leading a Senate Contest, the GOP candidate is sure to throw out something wild. If a GOP candidate is pulling ahead, the Democrat is sure to have a new scandalous revelation to offer as proof that the opponent is the devil. I have grown used to it, although I openly admit that watching the races convinces me of one thing: Neither one of the two sides is fit to represent the average American in Washington DC. Yet somehow things never change. In fact they just seem to get worse with each cycle. As I said, I have grown used to seeing Senate and House candidates showing their ass and lying through their hypocritical teeth to sway voters. But then today, I saw something that surprised me. I hadn’t expected that the President of the United States would blatantly lie and twist on the campaign trail. Yet there it was.
A Desperate President Steps Down to a Lower Level

Guest Commentary: Glenn Beck is a LIAR!

Tonight’s Guest Commentary is one that I am interested to hear the discussion around. Over the course of the last couple of months, we have seen several folks use Politifact as kind of the “unbiased truth” around the statements made by folks on the political stage. Just the other night, I was presented with Politifact’s evaluation of Sarah Palin’s speech to the Tea Party Convention. I have read over there enough that I can see that there is a bias to what they check and what they don’t, as well as the way they present it. That is fine, but I do have to take their evaluations with a grain of salt because of it, much like those who disagree with me take my evaluations with a grain of salt. The sad thing is that there isn’t a BETTER place to go for an unbiased evaluation of what folks on both sides of the aisle are saying. If such a place existed, I imagine it would be one of the most visited sites around. I also imagine that there would be a lot of “Pants on Fire” ratings on both sides of the aisle. Because an unbiased evaluation would show that about 99% of what comes out of Washington DC is bullshit… I’m just sayin.
Life of Illusion Educates Us on Politifact

Have Republicans Fallen Out of the Mainstream?

A happy new week to all! Tonight I am going to offer the first of what will be my “fall back plan” during the holidays. As many of you are aware, I run a sales operation. As such, I am in the busiest 5 weeks of the entire year. A little over 30% of the entire year in sales is accomplished between Thanksgiving and Christmas. What that means for me is, as the boss (and the best at what goes on there 😉 ), I end up with a lot of long days and nights where I need extra sleep. As a result, I am unable to research and write as normal. However, I think there are so many important things going on, I want to ensure that we are still maintaining our edge and having important discussions. So my plan is, on the nights when I am unable to write as usual, I will offer perspectives on what is written by others, allowing some discussions to happen on the subjects in a different way.
Are The Republican Core Values Mainstream Any Longer?

Why The Hate for Sarah Palin?

PALIN CABINETI have been trying to go back and read some of the comments that I missed while I was on vacation. One thing that struck me was the hatred some espoused for Sarah Palin. I was literally reading it and saying to myself, “What the hell is this all about?” I understand she is a conservative. But it seems that the left has really strong hate for this woman. And I simply cannot figure out why. I mean, I have read all the same stuff. I have followed politics quite closely since well before she even entered politics. And I simply cannot figure out why the left hates her so much. She isn’t like Pelosi, who makes statements and pushes partisanship so blatantly and who is so far in left field that a ball that rolls to her has already long left the park. So I can’t figure it out. So I am going to talk a bit about Sarah, and maybe some of you on the left can help me understand your hatred for a woman who seems normal to me.
Irrational Liberal Hate of Sarah Palin

Sarah Strikes Back

PALIN CABINETI understand that this probably isn’t going to get a lot of comments. But I wanted to write about it and it is my blog after all. And in the end, I think she took a bad rap and it seems that no one wanted to stick up for her when they should have. Plus she took a shot at the media and that always makes me happy. Sarah Palin spoke up a bit recently. Portions of an interview conducted January 5 for a documentary about how bad the media is were released today. I stumbled upon them on Fox News and had to take a look…
Why American Democrats Should be ashamed of Themselves