Quick Debate Thoughts…

I watched the Republican debate in Iowa this evening. To be honest, I had not intended to watch. Tonight was the first pre-season NFL games and my Baltimore Ravens were playing the Eagles. As it turns out, because of the BS “broadcasting rights”, here in North Carolina the game was blacked out. I despise blacking out professional sporting events. The idea that everyone has the ability to travel to the game is ridiculous. Same happens when the Red Sox play the crappy Orioles. They will black out the game for the national feed and the station that has the rights to broadcast the game will not be showing it. Drives me insane. But, since I couldn’t watch my football game, I decided I would watch the debate…
USW’s Down and Dirty on the GOP Performances

Tuesday Night Open Mic for May 18, 2010

Open mic night is again upon us and I have once again found myself with less time than I would prefer when writing. The discussions on the Arizona immigration laws has been both exhilarating and sometimes frustrating. I thank each and every one of you for your thoughts and comments on that topic. You are obviously welcome to bring continuing conversations forward to today’s thread. Because of my limited time this evening, I am only going to offer three topics instead of the usual four. I will attempt to add some other topics during the day on Wednesday. I also intend to have a guest commentary for Thursday night as well. I have several submitted and merely need to work on formatting them and working with the authors on any changes. For tonight we begin with some incumbents and favorites losing out on primary seats, Reverend Wright crying about his treatment from the White House, and the GOP blocking some financial reform stuff in Congress.
Open Mic

Has the Time Come for Republicans to Marginalize God?

church_state1OK, I know that this is upsetting some of you already. You read that headline and the hackles on your back went up. Let me say first of all that I am not saying that the answer to this question is yes. I am also not saying it is no. I am saying I want to have a discussion with all of you smart folks about this. We have been discussing a way forward for the Republican party. I believe the answer may lie in changing the party’s stance in order to re-create the party as one more for the moderate voters in America. And I believe that this question has to be asked as we discuss this subject. It plays into a bunch of platform issues, and the reality is that the vast majority of Americans do not fall into the extreme right or extreme left.
Should the Republican Party Shed the Stigma of the Religious Right?

Are Libertarians Up To The Task?

libertarian-party-sealAs with the “Direction of the Republican Party” thread, this one has been extremely active so I have moved back up towards the top of the page. This was originally posted February 20. Many of you know that I started this blog as a way to ferret out my beliefs and start providing some viewpoints that I feel are important. The “Direction of the Republican Party” post has been far and away the most read article I have written. So now I want to discuss another option that is out there on the table. The Libertarian party easily has the most solid platform of the bigger parties. So I want to talk with everyone about whether they are up to the task of really operating on the big stage. So far they have progressed only as far as AAA in the minor leagues. They show promise. But will they find that they need a little more movement on that fast ball if they want to make it in the big leagues?
Are the Libertarians Wasting Their Time?

The Threat of Violence… Justified Politics or Meddling?

I was perusing the news today while on a dinner break at work and stumbled upon this article about how India was poised to attack Pakistan over the recent terror attacks in Mumbai. I will link to it below. Apparently the US and Britain talked them off the ledge. But that got me thinking about the discussions that we have had on this blog about the United States constantly being involved in the affairs of other nations. Furthermore I was wondering how we can define the line that our country should not be allowed to cross….
When Do We Cross the Line from Saint to Satan?

Given a Choice Between Red and Blue…I’ll Take Purple

Third party viability. Someone near and dear to me has a blog that focuses around the premise that a third party can rally and paint the White House purple (Hint: Coup D’etat over there in the blogroll, go visit it next next!). We have all talked about a “None of the Above” box on the ballot. Some of us have even seen the movies (I would have voted for Richard Pryor). But since the big boys refuse to give America that “None of the Above” box, a third party is our only other option. But can that really happen?
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