Guest Commentary – Paying for Government

So I have returned to the fold this evening. I was out of town for the last two days driving up to Maryland and bringing the Weapon Teenager from Maryland for the summer. While there I visited the oldest of my two younger sisters and was accosted by the two 100+ pound beasts that she has the audacity to claim are mere canines (Beasts I tell you!). But it was great seeing her, I never get to see enough of her. I was really torn on the guest commentary for tonight. I have several that have been submitted. I was originally going to go with one from Kent this evening. But I really want to write a good intro for his and haven’t had the time to do so. Therefore, I am going to save Kent’s for next week and instead present one from Jon Smith which doesn’t require nearly as much input from me to go along with it. As you all know, Jon has a blog as well, which I always encourage everyone to visit. His excellent writing and analysis deserves a gigantic readership.
Another Submission from Jon Smith