Hate Crime Legislation is Immoral

Hate Crimes HoRAlright, I made a fairly straight-forward statement there with that title. But I want everyone to understand how ridiculous I think all of the legislation around this is. Not only is hate crime legislation unfair and contradictory, it is hypocritical in today’s hate filled climate. This is a topic that I have actually wanted to cover ever since I started writing this blog. I just never got around to it. Today the news discussed the fact that Michael Savage (Conservative radio host) was banned from coming to the UK because of the things he says on the air. During the coverage on some sites, hate speech legislation came up because that is what he is banned from the UK for, hate speech.
Why Hate Crime Legislation is Wrong

Punished For Her Views…

mis-usa-logoOK, so here we are on Friday night, and you know what? I don’t have a single guest commentary to post! I thought I had a couple to choose from but when I went back and looked at them they were the ones that have already posted. So I apologize that you are just going to have to deal with plain old me again tonight. Now, upon realizing my lack of a guest commentary, I am forced to very quickly find something to write about an insert into the program. I wanted to do something I was fired up about, but that wouldn’t require hours of research and tons of brain cells. After all, it is 2:00 am as I start this article. And then I realized that I already knew based on pure opinion what to write about…. The Miss USA fiasco. Because it is in line with the persecution of Christian beliefs that I have discussed in the past. And it deals a bit with gay marriage, which I have also discussed. Plus it gives me a free shot at Hollywood hate-monger Perez Hilton.

Miss California Found Guilty of Hate Speech