The Case For Legalizing Marijuana

This was a topic that seemed to really cause a stir a week or so ago when it was brought up. It seems that there are many who would stand in the way of legalizing marijuana, in fact there were more comments saying so on this site than I would have expected. During those discussions, I kind of kept myself clear, not getting into the debates too heavily. I did so because I knew from the reactions that I was going to write an article about this. Tonight I offer that article. It appears that there are many myths and false statements around this debate. Further, it appears that I have unwittingly struck yet another topic where folks that otherwise seem to espouse freedom fall in the realm of contradiction. I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago stating that many people do not really want freedom. I think this is one of those topics that show exactly that sentiment. There sure is a lot of demand that people conform to someone else’s standards on this topic. So let’s take a closer look. AND TAKE NOTE THAT THERE IS A NEW POLL OVER THERE ON THE LEFT ON THIS SUBJECT!
Why USWeapon Says Legalize it NOW!

Where is Our Path Forward?

I was reading through the comments the other night and saw that some have increased their call to action. I feel like this is a good thing and I want to address it. I forget who said it or the exact wording (and going back and finding it again is a time consuming task), but the gist was that we have all of these smart folks gathered here on the site and we are all obviously disheartened with the direction of America. Some are unhappy with the Democrats, some with the Republicans. But I think the majority are unhappy with both, unhappy with the direction of America, unhappy with what life has become here in what is supposed to be the most free country on the planet. And with that unhappiness comes a desire to act, at least for many. I hear the calls to take back Washington. I hear the calls to start a revolution. I am all for a revolution. But a revolution in the right way. Simply going back to “the Founder’s principles” isn’t going to get it done. So what are we to do?
USWeapon’s Thoughts on How to Change America