Why Gun Control “Common Sense” Scares Me

I perused the news on Sunday morning expecting more of the same coverage of Japan, debates over whether the government is trampling on worker’s “Rights” by limiting collective bargaining, or nonsense about how the Republican Party is frustrated that the Democrats are not taking spending cuts seriously (as if the GOP’s proposed 1% cut was “serious”). Instead I stumbled upon the President’s nifty little Op-Ed on increasing the background check process in order to keep the guns out of the hands of criminals. I have to admit that it angered me. But not simply because it is another attempt to paint the gun control issue as a minor thing. Instead my ire was raised because my wounds were still so fresh. Allow me to explain.
Common Sense and Government Don’t Belong in the Same Sentence

The Importance of Separation of Church and State

I am going to do a few pieces on libertarian versus conservative thought. This is not a bonafide series, but I do want to cover some of the key issues that separate conservatives and libertarians philosophically, and explain why I embrace the libertarian viewpoint over the conservative one. One of these issues I run into the most is the idea of separation of church and state.

Most conservative thinkers agree that government should stay out of religion, but are often less concerned about the other way around. You Constitutionalists out there will likely point out that the term “separation of church and state” is not in the constitution, but in a letter between Jefferson and the Danbury Baptist Association. Indeed, a true separation is not possible, not if you include all belief systems in the umbrella of “church”, which I think was the intent. It is impossible because being without religion is, in effect, its own belief system with its own standards of conduct. All people on earth operate with some sort of belief/thought/moral system, so it cannot be removed. Furthermore, removal of the right to have certain beliefs or practice certain beliefs simply because one is an elected official is a violation of the First Amendment, and more importantly, the individual rights of persons in government. [Read more…]

Public Unions Have to Go

You all knew that I wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines while this whole thing went down and be silent, right? Tonight I write to weigh in on the struggles going on in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana. The bottom line is that the governments in those states are making a stand against the public unions. Of course, the unions are panicking. Facing already dwindling membership in the private sector unions, the public sector unions are kind of where they figured they were safe. But they aren’t. And they shouldn’t be. Look, I don’t have a problem with the concept of a union. But I sure have a problem with what the big unions have become. They are no longer a tool for the protection of vulnerable employees (nor do they need to be). They have become a drain on the American economy and they do more harm than good in many cases. And in order to gain support, they are simply liars about what the situations are and what the consequences are without them. It is time to set the record straight and talk about why the public unions should simply go away…
We Have No Need for Dinosaurs

Facebook Becomes Job Killer

Here we are back at a lovely Monday morning. Is it me or do the weekends move entirely too fast? Now that I have a new schedule that allows me to spend more time with Mrs. Weapon, it seems like we get to doing stuff and before I know it the weekend is gone. But I did get a lot accomplished. I attended the gun show here locally, which was a lot of fun. And both of our vehicles are sparkly clean, which was way overdue. In keeping with what I am transitioning to, I present another article that won’t be too overly long. I will still have the occasionally long article where needed, but stuff like this where I pull an article and give some quick thoughts or ideas to spark debate will become more common. And of course we will start seeing more of the articles from the new SUFA writing staff! This week I am planning on having BF, G-Man, and possibly LOI all presenting articles! Exciting!
A Grievous Breach of Privacy

Nevada Seeks to Trample Rights to Increase Appeal?

As all of you have seen over the last week or two, we are beginning to see the changes at SUFA take shape. This week we had our first article that was actually published by someone else, in the form of G-Man’s article, which obviously stirred up a little bit of controversy and a good deal of discussion. One of the other changes that I have been pondering was the elimination of the “Open Mic Night” as we have done it in the past. To be honest we still have the ability to share articles and start conversations around them every day of the week, and that is exactly what was happening. So instead of the traditional open mic format I will be publishing some open mic type topics in their own articles. This will help focus the conversation and make it easier to follow while I decide what to change in the format. It simply isn’t as easy to follow a discussion in the new comments format, so this will help. And it allows me to publish more articles per week which means fresh content more often.
Harry Reid Joins the Christian Right?

The Mindless Voice of Islam

Like many of you, I have spent the last few weeks watching the events unfold in Egypt. The people rallied to a cause and got to the point where they were able to cause a man who had wielded power for over 30 years to step down. And as many predicted (including that “nut job” Glenn Beck), the spirit of revolution has continued to expand throughout the Middle East. We have watched as protests erupted in Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, Kuwait, Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Tunisia. As I watched all of these events unfold over the last couple of weeks, I found myself thinking about some of the discussions that have taken place here at SUFA. Because I believe that what the events of the last few weeks have shown is the fallacy behind some of the more prevalent sentiments espoused during those discussions. So I will put forth what I think these protests mean to us.
Read USW’s Take Away from the Protests

Friday Morning Open Mic for February 18, 2011

I thank all who offered me “get well” wishes over the last few days. I have to tell you, on Wednesday I felt like a bus had run over me and backed up to do it again. I was a little better Thursday. Now thursday night, I am still stuffy and congested in the head and chest, but I feel like the worst is behind me. At least I sure hope so. While I am better, I am still not well. My head is still a little fuzzy and I will be trying to get to bed earlier again tonight in the hopes that I can work in my office tomorrow instead of another day of working from the house. But I do want to throw out an article or two for open mic. The first is an economics article. A friend sent it to me with the note saying, “as it turns out, hyperinflation isn’t just around the corner.” So I share the article to get the opinion on it from some of our more economic minded folks. I will try to add another article or two throughout the morning on Friday.
Read a bit of Open Mic Economics!

Don’t Reduce… Eliminate

The hot button topic these days in Washington DC seems to be deficit reduction. I have followed this banter back and forth between the two parties for a long, long time in terms of spending and where to make cuts. It seems to flow in a cyclical pattern, as all political issues tend to do. Every 8-10 years we seem to have the “level of spending in Washington” as a primary issue and each time the leaders within the two parties pay lip service to the issue in an attempt to appease the voters just enough to get them to move on to some other issue that will require new organization and alignment. It has been a convenient plan for Congress. Let the issue build. Allow the “movement” to organize and rally to a level where something must be done. Then do as little as necessary and repeat the process with a new issue. There are probably a total of 50 or so “hot button issues” that just wax and wane in DC. And each Congress claims to have done something about each one each time they arise. What we rarely see from Congress is a true fundamental change meant to eliminate the issue from coming back up in the future.
It Is Time to Get Serious About Deficit Reduction

Wednesday Morning Open Mic for February 9, 2011

Back to the open mic topics! I will have to wait and see how my night plays out before I know how this open mic area is going to look in the morning. I have three topics picked out that I want to write about but I am not sure I am going to have the time to write the commentary under the article at the same time. So I will begin to do so and if need be I will post the unfinished ones as articles and then go back and add the comments I have on them in the morning when I can find a few minutes. I will also be trying to see how the open mic works with the new format. It used to be a lot easier to distinguish between different comment threads. But now without the numbering and without the lines designating so it may be more difficult to see the separation between topics. If that becomes the case we will try to figure out a new way! So let me know throughout the day how you are doing with it. I have three topics planned and a fourth if I find time.
Open Mic

Open Mic Again…..

I lament that I don’t have the time to write a whole new article tonight (although I am sure that even if I did, it would not be enough research to satisfy you, Todd 😉 ). Plus I wanted to respond to Ray’s post as this bee is now in my bonnet and I think that it is worth pursuing so that I can put it behind me. So I figure that for tonight I will do another open mic night and hit a topic or two as well as allowing space for people to continue other discussions that were started in that long thread that was the Wednesday Morning Open Mic. I also want to take a moment to encourage people to begin writing guest commentaries again. I want to get SUFA back on track the way we were a couple of months ago and that means fresh ideas and new topics and perspectives to talk about. I will continue to offer my fodder for regular discussion and some of it will be completely new now that we have a different majority in the House of Representatives, but I think there is much more to be gained by getting some fresh topics that I wouldn’t normally touch on. So write some stuff and send it on over. I will begin tonight with my rebuttal to Ray and then try to add topics Friday during the day.
Another Day of Open Mic Madness

Wednesday Morning Open Mic for January 12, 2010

A hearty good morning to all on a fine Wednesday morning. Today’s open mic will be done a little differently. I am considering this going forward for a couple of reasons, chief among them being that with my new schedule, it might be easier to accomplish! What I am going to do is post this normal introduction and then add the open mic topics throughout the day, whenever time permits me to do so. I appreciate the discussions had on Monday’s post. I feel like some of us got a little off track, but that is to be expected (and even encouraged!). The key point to my article was that what happened were the acts of someone who was not right in the head, and as such I refuse to any longer accept acts such as this as part of political wrangling. It is about removing the partisan BS and focusing instead on logical and responsible solutions and observations. As such, I found it interesting that I was attacked as jumping to conclusions when I simply state that someone who shoots 18 people isn’t right in the head. I made no other conclusions to judge. It makes me wonder….
Open Mic Throughout This Cold Day

Gabby Presents an Opportunity

Allow me to first say, before I go any further, that the attack on Arizona Representative Gabriella Giffords was a horrible tragedy. Here was a member of Congress doing what we complain that members of Congress don’t do enough of, meeting with her constituents out in public. A mentally deranged individual takes advantage of such a moment and attacks not only the Congresswoman, but an entire crowd of people with a gun. Innocent lives are lost, most notably in my opinion being that of a nine year old little girl. All life ended before its time is tragic, but the loss of a child is even more more unjust. I feel sorry for all those involved, including the shooter, who was obviously suffering from some mental incapacity of his own. One day he will probably realize what he has done to so many innocent lives and will have to live with that. The burden of taking a life is not an easy one to carry. That burden is made significantly heavier when there was no justification.
Freedom Is the Trump Card to Fear

Guest Commentary: Common Man on America Today

Unfortunately, all of my work and doctor’s appointments today left me with zero time to do anything this evening. Fortunately, it is guest commentary night and that means that I didn’t have to do much tonight anyway. I don’t really have time to write a big introduction for tonight’s guest, but I don’t really need to do that either. Tonight we have an excellent article written by Common Man. CM often participates here at SUFA and I always value his input. When he sent me this article I was excited about sharing it with all of you. I will be interested in seeing how people react to such a bold statement.
Common Man Calls It the Way He Sees It

New Year, New Mortgage?

Before I get into the topic for the day, I want to take a moment to thank all those who sent me messages over the holidays wishing me a Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus, Happy New Year, etc. As we slide into the new year, I have great hopes for the future. Not because it is a new year and therefore a fresh start. Unless they are re-setting my bills and paying off all my debts, I am not getting a “fresh start.” I have great hope because I realize that after two years of writing this blog, there is hope out there that common sense will rule the day, that dogs and cats (or “D”s and “R”s) will live together in harmony. Watching the civilized dialogue at SUFA is something I can be proud of, and what I had hoped to do. I will endeavor for the next year to make SUFA an even better place to visit for all. As I sit here in pain (in bad need of surgery, coming soon!), I have great aspirations for SUFA improvement. There will be more of that same frank analysis of the world as I see it along with (hopefully) more guest writing and topic contribution that helps us all understand the world of politics in a better way and thus helps us speed towards getting it closer to “right”.
Should the Government…

Wednesday Night Open Mic for December 15, 2010

I couldn’t get to the open mic last night but have found a spare moment this evening to get some posted. I have worked both jobs at better than 16 hours each day for the last couple of days, so to say that I am a bit tired is an understatement. But I am persevering through it all. The new job is going great and I am learning a lot about the industry and how to do the job they hired me to do. And the old job is, well, the old job. I know how to do it but it is December which means working late nights and being swarmed when you come in. I did want to note for everyone that I won’t be offering any new articles during the week between Christmas and New Years. I will be traveling and enjoying spending time with my family and want to give them the attention that they deserve. I will be trying to jump in and participate throughout the day on Thursday. It appears that I may be working from home at least in the morning as we have some weather developing and here in the South, they shut things down when it snows. It is a bizarre thing for a northern boy to understand.
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Congress Lifts Its Skirt Again

As I seem to be doing on a fairly regular basis at the moment, I must again apologize for the randomness of my posting schedule lately. As it turns out, time is such a limited commodity currently. But soon my tenure as a two job employee will be at an end. There is little doubt that the topic of the day seems to be the deal struck between the President and the Republicans in Congress to extend the Bush tax cuts for all Americans in exchange for an extension of the unemployment benefits for those who need them. I have to say that the world of Washington DC as I know it appears to be “Bizarro World”. The Democrats are lambasting the President and spouting off about standing up for their principles. The Republicans are lambasting the President and spouting off about standing up for their principles. Well, now USWeapon is going to NOT lambast the President and point out the lack of principle in Washington DC. What a bunch of hypocritical children we have in Congress.
The Shallow Twisted Mind of the American Congressional Members

Just Giving You All Some Space….

LOL… I know that you weren’t really asking for “some space” in our relationship. However, I certainly understand if all of you feel that I have given you some anyway. I apologize for the lack of posts this week. The new job really ramped up in terms of work this week, as I have gone from “new guy to the industry” to “thrown to the wolves and proving that I can hang in there.” I am keeping my head above water. Add to that the fact that I continue to work the other job as well… a retail job in December, and you can imagine how busy I am. Next week and the week after will continue to get busier, but I have a plan to ensure that I get at least two articles a week posted instead of one like this week. Sunday night I am writing about the deal between the President and Republicans. Because the comments start to get lengthy to go through after a bit I decided the least I could do was start a new thread here so that you can all continue conversations and post your own topics. Additionally, throughout the day I am going to pull some of the comments from the last article over to this one and answer them or add my thoughts for discussion (I think BF had the first one I saw that I planned to comment on). I apologize again for not having time to write this week.

Nothing But A few Cartoons Below the Fold

WikiLeaks is Simply Bad for Everone

With these days of my having so little in the way of time to write and do what I love to do here at SUFA, you will probably find that my articles will be somewhat shorter in the weeks to come. Once I get down to working just one job instead of two, I will hopefully be able to return to some sort of normalcy (that is if you think that subjecting myself to constant scrutiny and discussing politics in a public forum is normalcy). For tonight I want to discuss this latest batch of communications stolen and subsequently leaked by Julian Assange and his toxic website. I have made no bones in the past in expressing my disgust with Assange and what he is doing. I think that he is a sleazy character. Further, I personally believe that he has no motive that is honorable or good in any way. What his purpose is in doing what he does is something that he alone really knows. But regardless of his motive or intention, I believe that the latest lead from Assange and his posse is a really bad thing for just about everyone involved, including Assange himself.
Why Wiki’s Latest Leak is Bad for Everyone

Tuesday Night Open Mic for November 30, 2010

Another Tuesday Night comes and that means Open Mic. Please allow me again to thank all of you for your well wishes for my family and especially for your patience over the last couple of weeks. My transition to a new career is challenging to say the least. I am learning a whole new vocabulary and a whole mess of regulatory and procedural madness. I am not out of the woods yet. I will be working both jobs, old and new, until the beginning of January. That means some long days and very few days off. Come January I will no longer work the old job and things will ease up a little bit. But the new job will still have plenty for me to learn. So my time will be limited for quite some time. I will continue to work to post here on a very regular basis. I will say that any guest commentary articles are more than welcome though! I know I have one or two to process and post but the more the merrier! I have four topics below, but there was a fifth one that I wanted to get and ran out of time to look up. I heard on the news tonight that a farmer, I think it may have been in Georgia, was fined for growing food on his own land. If someone could find that article and post it I would be very grateful (even if you just find the link I will try to jump in during the morning and put it into my format and add comments when I have a moment). I would like to have some discussion on that topic as well! As always, feel free to pull forward your discussions that you might be continuing from the last article.
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Another GOP Intervention Call….

Sunday night arrives and finds me once again watching the late game with the hopes that a player or two will really do well so that my fantasy football team won’t lose yet another game. And one of my players is in the locker room having his hand evaluated. Some weeks things just don’t go my way, lol. As I was sitting here throwing insults at the television, I was perusing the news stories, checking out what people had to say on the morning talk shows. As I did I ran across this particular story that just rubbed me the wrong way. Personally, I like John McCain. I think he is a good guy, one of the few in Washington DC that really does want to simply make things better, regardless of which side of the aisle proposes the solution. But it appears that, like the rest of the yahoos in Congress, his memory does not function in an effective way. Despite suffering blistering criticism for the interventionist policies that caused such widespread dislike for George Bush, McCain and the GOP learned nothing at all. We find McCain making the circuit calling for “regime change” in North Korea.
North Korea’s Time Bomb Keeps Ticking

Tuesday Night Open Mic for November 23, 2010

Good morning everyone! Let me just say that it feels pretty good just to have a little bit of time to sit down and write again today. This will be the only article I post this week. We have today to comment and have fun but then the rest of the week will hopefully find all of you relaxing and spending time with family members. I will be traveling Thursday and back on Friday, but I imagine there won’t be a whole lot of folks hanging out at SUFA. Allow me to also thank you all again for your patience over the last two weeks as I settle into a new career (while still working the old one at the same time!) and deal with the family stuff that kept me out of the loop for a bit. Over the next couple of weeks I should get settled down, and by the end of the year I should be back to writing as prolifically as I used to in the past (I stop working the old job at the end of December). For tonight’s topics I am going to again post some topics and attempt to add my thoughts throughout the day. I will also attempt to add some further topics throughout the day. Here is to hoping that I am able to do so as I plan. I expect that my new office will be a ghost town on Wednesday which may leave me fairly free to comment (fingers crossed).
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TSA…. Don’t Touch My Junk

Just a quick word of apology for not offering new material Sunday night as I had planned to do. We had a bit of a family crisis on Sunday/Monday and lost a family member early this morning, so things have been a little hectic. Add to that the fact that I got word of the passing about 5 minutes before I departed for my first day of work at the new job, and you can imagine the type of day that I have had. After no sleep last night I am simply exhausted, so I am going to attempt to crawl into bed and actually get some sleep. I will plan on doing the open mic tomorrow night, but there is the possibility that I will not be able to do it until the next night. I didn’t want to leave nothing to discuss for Tuesday so I found an article that I thought was interesting. I will save commenting on the article myself until I am more focused tomorrow. But I certainly look forward to hearing what everyone else has to say about it. The story is about the “Don’t Touch My Junk” guy with the TSA. I will also add the video at the bottom so that folks can see that as well. I will add my thoughts as soon as I am able. But I will say up front that I love that he said, “If you were anyone but the federal government this would be considered sexual assault.”
What Do You Think of this Guy’s Stance?

Guest Commentary – Fantasy Candidate Part 5

Tonight for the guest commentary we have the final installment of Jon Smith’s Fantasy Candidate series. I have enjoyed reading the series that Jon has offered and I have even further enjoyed the discussions that have followed. I hope that this final installment will continue that trend. As we move forward into next week, we may see some changes here at SUFA. I will be starting my new career on Monday, meaning that my schedule is going to drastically change from what I am used to. My hope is that I will not see any significant change in my posting here but until I get started over there I really cannot say for sure. I will be writing Sunday night like usual and I intend certainly to offer the open mic on Tuesday night. After that we will take it as it comes. At any rate the posts will more than likely be published earlier than they have been in the past. I simply won’t be able to stay up until 5:00 am now that I will have a set daytime schedule that gets me up early again. I imagine, however, that once I get settled into my new schedule that my postings will be more regular because of the new set schedule, something I have not had in over a decade.
The Final Installment of Jon’s Series

Tuesday Night Open Mic for November 9, 2010

I am going to do open mic a little differently this evening. I have been working around the house this week as I prepare for the new job. Yesterday I painted the bedroom (a warm orange) and didn’t get to bed until 8:00 am! Tonight I was cleaning the bathroom and apparently managed to find the sharp end of some tweezers that gashed my finger. As a result typing is a very slow process. Couple that with my only sleeping from 8:00 til around 10:00 this morning and you find an exhausted blogger who cannot type well. So tonight I will find the articles I want to put up for open mic and post them without my commentary. They I will begin answering comments from yesterday and adding my thoughts on the topics I post until I can no longer keep my eyes open. For tonight’s topics we have a Tea Party Candidate (and Palin lackey) being petty, Wealthy Americans cutting back on charity, Quatitative easing by the Fed, and the new START treaty. I will also pull forward a thing or two from yesterday’s discussion. Particularly, I want to pull forward a JAC topic and a comment or two directed at me.
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What I Think the Voters Said on Tuesday

Now that we have had a week or so to digest the results of the 2010 mid-term elections, it is time to begin the process of evaluating what exactly happened and what it means for the next two years. The most obvious result to look at is the massive swing of power in the House of Representatives. The Republicans gained over 60 seats during this election, giving them power in the House and reducing the Democrat control in Washington to only two of the three important bodies. But the real question remains what this election power shift is really going to mean over the next two years, and possibly beyond. Another important question is what happened that enabled the Republicans to sweep so many seats from the other side of the aisle to their own. Finally, what message did we get out of the lopsided victories by two incumbents, Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel, who are clearly shown as corrupt and crooked and who face ethics panel trials as soon as Congress returns from the election break? I will offer my thoughts on all of the above…
Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Thursday Night Open Mic for November 4, 2010

Whew… It is good to be home and relaxing for a minute or two. I arrived home late Wednesday night rather than Tuesday night from my travels, so I apologize that I wasn’t able to do the open mic last night. I took what appears to be the last “business trip” with my current job (which is being addressed in USWeapon Topic #1 below!).  I have intentionally continued to avoid discussing the Tuesday night election results here on SUFA. I am not doing so simply to avoid the topic. I will be writing my articles next week all around the changes in Congress and what I think of the results we saw. I am not looking at the results in quite the same way as some may expect, so I look forward to discussing them next week! For this week we have a few interesting topics to discuss. We have the Oklahoma Sharia Law ballot proposition already being challenged, the United Nations deciding that China and Iran should get to lecture the US on human rights, and the possibility that the Supreme Court could take away the ability for consumers to file class action lawsuits. Of course feel free to add whatever topics you would like to discuss!
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Every Dragon Was Slain by Progressive Democrats

I know. A pretty bizarre headline up there. But no less bizarre than what was offered by our Vice President last week. As we begin yet another week in the political mess that has become Washington DC, I find myself wondering what exactly is going to happen come Tuesday. This is no normal week, readers. With the election we will once again watch to see which way the political winds blow in America. Remember when John Kerry ran against Bush and so many were saying that Kerry was such a sad candidate and how that showed that the reign of Democrats in American politics was as good as dead? I remember it well, the calls that the Democratic party is dead. “Rejoice,” they said. I did not. A mere two years later the Democrats swept through and captured power of Congress. Two more years passed and a Democratic sweep in the White House and Congress bred calls that the GOP was dead. “Rejoice,” they said. I did not. And now a mere two years later and we are on the eve of what appears to be another flip flop in the landscape of DC. That got me thinking, when I suddenly ran across this bizarre statement from Joe Biden that runs completely counter to my conclusion on the reasoning behind the DC roller coaster.
Perhaps Joe Biden’s Most Bizarre Statement

Tuesday Night Open Mic for October 26, 2010

Tuesday night crept up on me this week. I continue to have a lot to do with work and have managed to thus far keep my head above water with so much going on. I will be going through some big changes over the next month or so. I therefore may be changing some of the schedule of when I post articles and what nights become the mainstays (although I haven’t really figured that part out quite yet). I have received several emails asking why I am not talking more about the elections, as they are only a week away at this point. I simply think there is so much out there already that we would be wasting time attempting to discuss them all. Furthermore, I have my races that I am personally interested in but I have no idea which ones the rest of you are interested in discussing. As this is open mic, feel free to offer up your thoughts on any races that you are interested in discussing. I am following them as much as I can, but simply haven’t had the time to evaluate them. I will begin tonight with just three articles. I will try to find time tomorrow to add another article or two as time permits. I hope you all are having a great week so far.
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The Death of Honesty… and Hopefully NPR

So I have a confession to make. I am not a bigot. You know the kind of articles I have written here about idiotic Republicans. But I gotta tell you, when I go out into public and I see people with Obama T-shirts or bumper stickers or hats, I think to myself that they are identifying themselves first and foremost as liberals. I get worried, I get nervous. Now I remember listening to Rahm Emanuel talking about this and stating that the rise of a new, more fair, America is just beginning. That 2008 was just the first drop of blood. I don’t think there is any way to get away from these facts. But we have people who want to remind us that liberals are Americans too and this isn’t a war against liberals, it is a war against radical liberalism in the form of socialist or fascist policies. Alrighty then. Now that I have given my comedic version of Juan Williams remarks on O’Reilly’s program last week, we can simply laugh at how ridiculous it is that someone would have too strong a reaction to them. Yet the reaction from NPR was more than strong, it was conclusive and final. Juan Williams lost his job over what he said on Fox News. And that really bothers me. Maybe more than it should.
What Happened to American Honesty in Public Forums?

Guest Commentary – Fantasy Candidate Part 3

And a hearty good evening to all of SUFA. I must again apologize for my sporadic posting lately. To say that things are hectic right now is an understatement. I have a lot of things that are transitioning which has made my schedule chocked full for the majority of the last month. I don’t see it really slowing down for another month for reasons that I will share later. As promised earlier this week, I tonight offer the third installment from Jon Smith’s fantasy candidate series. Tonight’s addition deals with new legislation that should be proposed, but not including anything that would be a repeal of current law, as that will come in a later section. I highly encourage everyone to talk out the proposals that Jon offers below. Would they work? Are they the best step in each of their respective areas? Are there other forms of legislation that should be offered that Jon has missed. With a government as bloated as the US federal government, there should be no shortage of legislation necessary to start paring things down.
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