Guest Commentary – Is the Government Killing Us? Part 2

Tonight we return to the article that some liked and others thought was interesting reading but not relevant to today’s political discussions. G-Man has been working for quite some time reading and researching these different parts of this article. And this evening we finally get to take a peek into the information that he has found. I know that for some of you, your initial reaction is that this qualifies as conspiracy theory and therefore is a waste of your time. But I submit to you that it isn’t a waste of your time. I will explain why below. That being said, this is G-Man’s article and not mine. While I see the value, I am not the one who did the research, so I am not at a point yet where I can say that it is all true or all false or anywhere in between. Much like any other “conspiracy theory type” information, I think there is inherent value in giving it daylight and exposure so that the issues can be discussed and either confirmed or debunked.
G-Man Paints A pretty Nasty Picture