A Nation of Cowards… or Realists?

I have to say that I was really disappointed by the statements made recently by the first black US Attorney General, Eric Holder. Allow me to just be up front about this… I don’t like Eric Holder in the first place. He was a horrible selection to be the AG. Perhaps The Messiah’s worst pick of the bunch, which is really bad because The Messiah has made some BAD picks, including several who had to didn’t bother to pay the taxes they want to prosecute us for not paying.
Why Talking About Race is a Dangerous Proposition for Whites

An Uproar Over the “Racist” Prayer

A full day has passed since the inauguration of President Obama. I thought it all went pretty well. I have some thoughts about the speech he gave, but this is not the post for that. What I am amazed by is how many people are talking about the prayer given towards the end of the ceremony where the words “where white will embrace what is right” were incorporated into the prayer. It seems many people are angry about this. It seems others are feeling it is dead on accurate. I am not in either of those camps…
Will We Ever Get to the Point of Whites Not Being Assumed Racists?