A Little Voting Help Needed

Good Morning SUFA. I am requesting a little bit of voting help from all of you this morning. Many of our long-time readers are very well acquainted with Rani Merryman, one of my best friends since we were kids. Rani ran for office last year and, after a sucker punch from the GOP, barely lost her election campaign. Most of you were not eligible to cast your vote for her. But this time you are all eligible to cast a vote in a different type of contest. Rani’s sister, Sean Bockstie, is a really amazing singer whom I have had the pleasure of listening to for several decades now. Sean is singing in a contest and needs our votes to catapult her to victory.
Please Go and Vote for Sean in the Contest

A Fresh Face for Maryland – A Candidate We Can Believe In

Maryland FlagI have something a little different for everyone today. Many of you have a lengthy history at Stand Up For America. And during that time we have had some fairly in depth discussions and debates about what it will take to begin the process of taking back our country from a government that is growing too fast and spending too much. We have always concluded that change is going to have to begin at the local and state level, with candidates that truly care about getting America back on track. Candidates that truly care about serving the people that elect them to do so. I agree completely that the local landscape is the place where the people must begin to make a difference. Tonight I offer a look at one of those candidates that meet all the criteria we have discussed over the last year.
We Are Looking For People We Can Believe In… Here is One