OK, A Little Health Care

But not the real article I know that you are expecting. I am still reading through all the “changes” and “fixes” that have been done. Trying to re-evaluate and see if there is anything that I can find that I like about what has been passed. So my true evaluation of the bill is forthcoming, but could take a bit. 3000 pages is a lot of reading. What I am finding extremely frustrating is the consensus from those on the left that the passage of this monstrosity is a good thing. It is almost as though they have no concept of what is in the bill. I am failing to comprehend how on earth anyone could think that this is a good bill that we should be celebrating the passage of.  Strike that.  I absolutely understand why the politicians think it is a good thing. But I am talking about everyone else. It simply baffles the mind.
Help me Understand What is GOOD About This Bill

Tuesday Night Open Mic for September 1, 2009

Open Mic 1Tuesday night open mic. I cannot even begin to tell you how glad I am to be here. A night that doesn’t require as much of me. The last couple nights have been tough with lots of reading and research. The health care series, which I plan on posting the first part of either tomorrow night or the next (I planned for tomorrow but it may have gotten bumped a day to discuss the “czars”, especially the whack jobs that want to fine bloggers) has been a lot of work. And I am only nearly finished with the first article! And last night’s socialism article was also much more time consuming than I thought it would be when I started it. But boy did it result in some classic discussions. I appreciate that what I have read thus far was respectful, but man was there some nonsense flowing from all directions. But we have reached the night where I only offer a few suggestions and allow you to choose the topics. So let me not dilly dally here any longer and get on to gettin on. Let the Open Mic begin…
Tuesday Night Open Mic

Iran Showing Its True Colors

iran khomeini flagI admit to falling victim to a silly desire…. hope…. as the elections in Iran finally reached the day for citizens to cast ballots. I really believed there for a bit that the elections would accomplish two things. I thought they might actually remove Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from power and simultaneously show Iran to have progressed past the islamic theocracy that has gripped that nation in an iron fist of repression and kept the nation from advancing out of the middle ages. But those hopes were dashed with the returns coming in and a victor declared before the polls even closed. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was reelected by a wide margin. My shoulders slumped just a little bit, and then I started reading all of the papers throughout the region and I realized that this election might actually be stolen, unlike the bogus claims from Algorians in 2000 (That’s right, I said it)
A Giant Mess Devolving Into Revolution?

American Revolution Part Deux

You say you want a revolution? Me too. I have used the word early and often on this site because I am good and pissed off. Wait… that sounds a bit too angry. How about this… I am less than pleased with the outcome of recent electoral processes and slightly dissatisfied with the direction of the two primary political parties represented in today’s national political spectrum. Ah, FRACK IT. I am pissed off. Who am I kidding? I am a little bitter, a little fired up, a little less wealthy, a little more kicked around, a little bit country and and little bit Rock n Roll. Those last two would make a great song… nah, it would never work. 
Let’s Not Go Off Half-Cocked Here

A Great Posting on Another Site

Well, I had to have a night where I worked on schoolwork or I would put at risk that 4.0 average that I have managed to keep until age 38! As some of you may know, or maybe you don’t, a dear friend inspired me to start this blog in the first place. And I owe her for it tremendously. Recently, we decided that the Libertarian Dissection I am doing is a great topic for her readers as well, so we have been doing dual posts so that her readers get to have our discussions too! But tonight I went to her site and found this amazing post….
Read Revolution2010 on the Difference between Democracy and Republic