Ron Paul, the Doctor is In

I came across an article I thought was well written, and touched on a subject I think is very important, media bias.  For the record, Ron Paul is not my first or second choice for president.  There are many things I agree with him on, but also some where I have a different viewpoint.  But it has really gotten my attention how the media is universally dismissive of him, including FOX.  Maybe that alone is reason enough to switch my support to Dr. Paul, if no one in the media thinks it’s a good ideal, it must be a great idea.  And they are all playing their standard tricks, they decide what is “newsworthy”, so most don’t hear anything of substance about Paul because he is ignored.
LOI Examines Ron Paul

Foreign Policy Needs a New Policy

Blame America TourI am going to do my best to answer several of the positions taken on this site by various folks when it comes to our foreign policy. The fact is that our foreign policy in America is drastically flawed. Unfortunately so are some of the positions that have been espoused on the site when discussing foreign policy. The flaws are many, from taking a interventionist position within the world stage, to using that interventionist policy as a way to excuse away the heinous actions of others, many fail to see the reality of the world as it exists. I feel like I don’t suffer from that lapse in reality. I am not unique, but I am not just another dumb kid when it comes to examining the situation either. What I am is someone who has served this country, both here and abroad. I have seen the world first hand. I have seen the conflicts first hand. I have worked in Washington and seen the intel first hand. And what I offer on this subject is a voice not influenced by a hatred for either side and not rendered blind by a bias that keeps me from seeing the realities we face abroad. But that doesn’t make me right. So everything I say is certainly up for debate.
Why The US Needs To Seriously Re-Examine Our Foreign Policy

What Happened to Reason and Values in This Country? Part 1

stand-up-for-americaI have been sitting around thinking about this subject all day. I knew last night that I was going to write this article. I kind of know what I want to say. And I will hope that it comes out the way that I want it to come out. Let me say up front what I want to accomplish with this piece. I want to set a few things straight for some of the folks that frequent the site. I have had this feeling over the last couple of weeks as I read the comments and discussions that I could not put my finger on. Something just didn’t feel right to me, no matter how detailed some of the responses were or how intelligent the people making them were. So for a couple of weeks I have tried to put my finger on what feels “wrong”. After some introspection, I think I have it figured out. And it isn’t just about the people on this site. It is about people everywhere in this country. It isn’t the left or the right (although lately it has been the left in charge and the left most guilty of forgetting what I am going to talk about). The fact is that the American public needs to wake up and get a grip on the absolute group of morally bankrupt idiots in Washington.
When Did We Trade Values for Ease?

The Fallacy of Violence

stand-up-for-americaI have noticed that in many of the conversations that take place here, there is a persistent play by some who oppose all government. That play is to jump up and end every argument by claiming that government’s only purpose is violence. It doesn’t matter what the debate begins being about, it always ends with that statement. And it ends at that point for a very different reason than the reasons it should end. I decided to once again put forth my vision for where America needs to go in order to take back our country. 
USWeapon Goes Back on the Offensive in Taking Back America