Arrest John McCain!

I was bothered by Nancy Pelosi meeting with Syria a few years back while she was Speaker of the House & Bush was president.  The President sets US foreign policy and has a Secretary of State and Ambassadors to manage that task for him.  Plain and simple, it is improper for a sitting senator or congressman to meet with foreign power in the middle of a civil war without the president’s approval or at his request.  It should be a criminal act that would result in his loss of office at the least.  It looks to me like pure politics, the Republicans sit back and criticise Obama for the thousands of lives lost there and America’s inaction.  They are trying to goad him into acting, expecting poor results and resulting political disaster to hammer him with….After Benghazie, how much more ammo could they need?

And this is another potential Viet Nam or Korea that we would do well to avoid.  Here we are sitting home on our front porch & down the street aPhoto pit bull & rottweiler  are fighting in a neighbor’s yard.  What good will come to us by reaching in between these two?  Is either dog going to thank us?   More likely, both will turn on us and chew us up!  Republicans seem to be wanting to become active in this fight.  Obama has shown interest also & looks to have been a silent player supplying weapons thru the now deceased Ambassador Stevens.  Consider how Libya turned out for the US.  Why expect anything different in Syria?  Also consider this will put us in conflict with Russia.  What could we possibly gain that would make it worthwhile to the US?
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Tuesday Night Open Mic for November 9, 2010

I am going to do open mic a little differently this evening. I have been working around the house this week as I prepare for the new job. Yesterday I painted the bedroom (a warm orange) and didn’t get to bed until 8:00 am! Tonight I was cleaning the bathroom and apparently managed to find the sharp end of some tweezers that gashed my finger. As a result typing is a very slow process. Couple that with my only sleeping from 8:00 til around 10:00 this morning and you find an exhausted blogger who cannot type well. So tonight I will find the articles I want to put up for open mic and post them without my commentary. They I will begin answering comments from yesterday and adding my thoughts on the topics I post until I can no longer keep my eyes open. For tonight’s topics we have a Tea Party Candidate (and Palin lackey) being petty, Wealthy Americans cutting back on charity, Quatitative easing by the Fed, and the new START treaty. I will also pull forward a thing or two from yesterday’s discussion. Particularly, I want to pull forward a JAC topic and a comment or two directed at me.
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Why START II is a Waste of Debate Time

As we enter a new week, I don’t want to take away too much from attempting to finish the Corporate taxes conversations because I haven’t gotten much of a response from the left yet, and I figure that will happen more today. But I do want to have a new topic, and thus wanted to address something that wasn’t too massive a topic to handle at the same time. This weekend has flown by for me, with a lot of yard work with Mrs. Weapon, which was nice. Added to that was some good time spent out on Saturday, hitting the farmers market here, and while there having a fried catfish sandwich at the North Carolina Seafood market. I must tell you it doesn’t get much better than that. Overall I have had a very busy, but awesome weekend with Mrs. Weapon, something that doesn’t get to happen too often (I usually work the weekends). Add in some time with legendary couch slayer, Canine Weapon, and the weekend was complete. But when I had time, I read up on the START II treaty negotiations and found myself thinking, “who cares?”
Why START II Doesn’t Matter

A Slow Boat to China…

us-china-yin-yangOK, Time to tie a couple of things together here and see what everyone thinks. I was talking to Revolution2010 about this through text messages and finally tonight on the phone and we agreed on the relevance. So I am going to do my best to convey the thoughts we were having. I will be interested in hearing form everyone as to whether they think we may be seeing the first moves of a problem or whether it is nothing to worry about. We have to really begin discussing the situation that we are putting ourselves into in terms of our ability to remain a viable world power. Is the countdown already started towards the demise of our United States?
Are Our Days as a World Power Numbered?