Just A Citizen Offers Some Good Videos

And a happy Thursday morning to all of you. In lieu of a guest commentary this week, I have decided to further promote the videos that Just a Citizen mentioned during the guest commentary mash up on moral law from earlier this week. As this will be the last posting for me until Sunday night, as we enter a hectic holiday weekend in retail, I figured this would keep folks busy! I began watching the videos and found them to be extremely interesting. Each video is about ten minutes long and they really flow from one to the other (literally, as a sentence will stop mid-word in one video and pick up right there in the next). These were meant to be a single long video documentary. I particularly liked the fact that the videos are not attempting to push a partisan agenda. There is certainly a political message there, but it is not one that supports either the left or the right. It merely points to instances in history regardless of who happened to be in power at the time. I admit that I was worried at first with the dramatic music and daunting opening that this was going to end up little more than another conspiracy video series. But as I watched through many of them, it really is about providing a perspective on the events and how politicians shaped and used them to gain political capital and offer “protection.”
Some Good Informational Videos brought over to SUFA for your Convenience