Tuesday Night Open Mic for April 20, 2010

We come off of some great discussions about whether or not people in this country are really seeking liberty over the last few days. I have appreciated the thoughts from everyone, and I thank everyone again for keeping it civil. I do so which that there was less dancing and more discussion on some of the threads though. Would it kill some of you to just answer the questions that are asked of you rather than dancing and avoiding them?  🙂  Tonight there are more topics that are discussed than usual simply because I had been working on some of them earlier in the week and more interesting ones came up to add! Just a note to Todd, I am not avoiding answering your questions. I simply ran out of time tonight. I will work to respond to you as promised throughout the day on Wednesday.
Happy 4/20 Day!!!

Let’s Discuss a Free Market

As we have worked our way through the Libertarian platform and subsequent topics that involve government, we have discussed many different areas where there are disagreements about whether government should be involved, and if so, at what level. One of the most interesting to me and the most relevant to today’s current events is the idea of a free market. So I figured that it would be a good time for us to talk about how it can work, or how it cannot, depending on your position.
Is a Free Market Possible or Even Desirable?