Why Libya is An Extension of Suicidal Policy

The other day I was perusing through the comments here at SUFA and stumbled across a short and simple post from Mathius. He asked whether there was anyone here at Stand Up For America that agreed with what was happening in Libya, specifically, the US participation in that country. I don’t remember what the answer was from everyone who answered. What I distinctly remember is what I thought when I read his question….. No, but why? I most certainly don’t like what is happening in Libya, or what happened in Afghanistan or Iraq either, for that matter. Although I understood the the first foray and tolerated the second. But the real question I wanted everyone to answer, because it seemed as though most were answering “No”, was WHY are you opposed to what is happening in Libya?
Schizophrenia and Other Maladies of the USA

Tuesday Night Open Mic for July 6, 2010

Another Tuesday night means that we have found our way to another open mic night. I have chosen to not yet address the video series that JAC suggested, for a couple of reasons. First, I would like to give more people time to view the videos. It takes a total of about three hours, which is more time than some have had to give to it quickly. Second, I want to be very available to discuss those videos when the time comes. Today will be a day of my being on the road, which means that I will not be able to weigh in on anything during the day Wednesday. I will try to do so Wednesday night, but cannot be sure I will be able. For this week’s offerings from me, we have the black panther voter intimidation case, the ban on offshore drilling being re-pushed by the “never waste a crisis” administration, some key players in the middle east suddenly not so friendly with Iran, and the federal government’s suggestion of a far reaching online identity program that they propose would help us to be more secure in terms of our private information. As always, I encourage everyone to bring to the table the topics that they want to discuss as well. Open mic night is meant to be the night to do it!
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Assessing the Rock Star’s World Tour

g20-logo_april-3-700540I have heard all of the hoo ha about the fact that President Obama bowed to the Saudi King during his “World Tour”. I have some thoughts on that particular moment. But I want to at least get a dialogue started about O’prompter’s overall performance on the international escapade he just undertook. I know conservatives have been fairly disgusted with his overall performance and the tone that he took with the world. Some of that was warranted, although I don’t know that all of it was. So I figure to throw my opinion out there for people to discuss and we can see where all of you fall. 
Some Thoughts on The Messiah’s World Tour