WikiLeaks is Simply Bad for Everone

With these days of my having so little in the way of time to write and do what I love to do here at SUFA, you will probably find that my articles will be somewhat shorter in the weeks to come. Once I get down to working just one job instead of two, I will hopefully be able to return to some sort of normalcy (that is if you think that subjecting myself to constant scrutiny and discussing politics in a public forum is normalcy). For tonight I want to discuss this latest batch of communications stolen and subsequently leaked by Julian Assange and his toxic website. I have made no bones in the past in expressing my disgust with Assange and what he is doing. I think that he is a sleazy character. Further, I personally believe that he has no motive that is honorable or good in any way. What his purpose is in doing what he does is something that he alone really knows. But regardless of his motive or intention, I believe that the latest lead from Assange and his posse is a really bad thing for just about everyone involved, including Assange himself.
Why Wiki’s Latest Leak is Bad for Everyone

What of the Global Currency Conspiracy?

International Monetary FundI have to admit that there have often bee things that I want to bring up on this site that I have chosen to not touch with a ten foot pole. There are things I want to discuss, but I am not a conspiracy theorist. Some examples would be the President’s citizenship and the “One World Government” stuff. I find the ideas interesting. I don’t know that they have merit. I really don’t. I have not spent ample time researching Obama’s citizenship status. I have also not spent ample time researching the one world government stuff. So I don’t know how valid the arguments are for or against either conspiracy theory. But I am afraid that even bringing them up would render this site as filled with conspiracy nuts rather than intelligent folks trying to get a grasp on the truth today. Yet I find that I want to discuss them, because I want to become more informed. So for now I offer this little foray into conspiracy theories.
Wacky Conspiracy Theory or Legit Concern?