Guest Commentary – Truth’s Paladin

A great day for all of us today as we have a guest commentary offered by a writer who has not given us a guest commentary in the past. Black Order contacted me about doing this piece a few weeks ago. He had an idea about featuring a person who has had an impact in many ways on our government. After reading up on her, I was really excited about bringing her story to the readers at SUFA. I contacted her and we discussed the article posting. She has taken the time to come over to SUFA and read along a bit and was impressed with the discussions that come from our articles. She has agreed to do her best to stop by over the next two days and answer any questions and add to the discussion. So without any further intro madness from me, I am pleased to turn the floor over to Black Order who will introduce us to someone who deserves our support, and who I hope will one day have to change the tagline of her post to “Home of the Irate Majority
Black Order Introduces SUFA to an Amazing Woman