OK, A Little Health Care

But not the real article I know that you are expecting. I am still reading through all the “changes” and “fixes” that have been done. Trying to re-evaluate and see if there is anything that I can find that I like about what has been passed. So my true evaluation of the bill is forthcoming, but could take a bit. 3000 pages is a lot of reading. What I am finding extremely frustrating is the consensus from those on the left that the passage of this monstrosity is a good thing. It is almost as though they have no concept of what is in the bill. I am failing to comprehend how on earth anyone could think that this is a good bill that we should be celebrating the passage of.  Strike that.  I absolutely understand why the politicians think it is a good thing. But I am talking about everyone else. It simply baffles the mind.
Help me Understand What is GOOD About This Bill

Upcoming Health Care Reform Discussions

As many of you know I have been working to put together a series of articles about the health care reform we seem to have government ramming down our throat whether we like it or not. It is a tough series to do as there is so much to read and so many different ways I could tackle the subject. As some of the parts to the series I have decided I am going to research as best I can and answer questions about the reform ideas that are out there and what is actually in the bill. To that end, I need a little help from all of you over the next couple of days.
Health Care Questions