Let’s Start With the Department of Education

I am baffled daily with the ridiculousness that masquerades as the United States Federal Government. I mean, really, is there a better example of elitist ass clowns who bleat on about fixing this and changing that all while completely ignoring all the obvious fixes and changes that need to happen? The debt debate has been a perfect example of the hopelessness that exists when one thinks that any of these fools are in the slightest bit interested in doing what needs to be done in Washington DC. The only thing that is more ridiculous than a DC politicians are the millions of Americans who play along with the charade, believing that this party or that party is really the one trying to fix things and the “other side” is a group of godless heathens intent on ruining the American way of life.
There Are Plenty of Prudent Trimming Options Available

A Difference in Philosophy… Ronald Reagan

40_reaganWe are all here because we want to talk about politics. And we do. The other night some of you witnessed the exchange between myself and a commenter who espoused the glory of socialism. He was quick to point out that every President has taken socialistic stances in one way or another. And for the most part I agree. It has been a long time since we had a President that was down the line Constitutionally sound. But there have certainly been varying degrees to which we can apply the statement “all who came before have done so”. As a basic tenant of my belief system, I think government needs some massive reduction in size….
How Reagan Inspired My Belief in Smaller Government