The Return of Somali Pirates

pirate-flagSome of you may remember quite a while ago when I did a post on the pirates in Somalia. At that time I did the post for my mom because she wanted to know about the pirates, regardless of whether politics in America were pertinent or not. This time I am writing about the Somali pirates for two reasons. First because she wants to know about them, but second because now they are important to write about in terms of politics. As I discussed in the intro yesterday, the “March to Socialism” series will not run every day, but instead every other day or so, as it takes more research and time to write. On off days I am writing stuff a bit more from the hip. But I didn’t want to have a day without a bit of controversy….
What Do We Do About These Damn Pirates?

Gun Control on an International Level

un-sanctionsI have long held the belief that we, the United States of America, as the preeminent world super-power, must do our best to protect the world. There is a certain honor in the biggest guy on the block protecting the 99 pound weakling from the bad kids. I served my country for ten years, and I wasn’t a pencil pusher. I did a job where I literally put my life on the line for our country and our way of life. I am still proud of that service. I will always remain that way because I also think there is honor in serving something greater than yourself that you believe in. I believe in America, and that she is a great country. I fought for you, not for the Presidents that I served. And I would do it again.
Do We Have a Right to Dictate to Sovereign Nations?

The Threat of Violence… Justified Politics or Meddling?

I was perusing the news today while on a dinner break at work and stumbled upon this article about how India was poised to attack Pakistan over the recent terror attacks in Mumbai. I will link to it below. Apparently the US and Britain talked them off the ledge. But that got me thinking about the discussions that we have had on this blog about the United States constantly being involved in the affairs of other nations. Furthermore I was wondering how we can define the line that our country should not be allowed to cross….
When Do We Cross the Line from Saint to Satan?

Not Politics, Just Somali Pirates for My Mom (Updated!!)

So when I launched my blog, I sent an email to me wife’s family asking for support in the new endeavor. My mother in law took a look at my blog as a show of support (thanks Mom). But she isn’t into politics quite like me (not many are really). She called my wife and said she wants to know what is up with the pirates in Somalia? So because I love her, and she treats me so well, here is an update, just for Mom….
UPDATED 11/19 See What the Pirates Have Taken Now