Tuesday Night Open Mic for Jun 30, 2009

Open Mic 1Another Tuesday night Open Mic. We have had some interesting discussions already this week. Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor seemed to be a topic that got some people fired up and the ABC infomercial seemed to be a hot topic for everyone. But there are plenty of other topics out there that we have not yet touched on this week. So we will do the open mic thing, but I also wanted to let all of you know how the next couple of weeks are going to play out here at Stand Up For America. I know that many of you are eager to get back to the “Building a Foundation” series, and I promise that we are soon going to be getting back to that. The past couple of weeks have seen us covering some topics with each of you having the ability to apply what we discussed earlier in the series. And there will be some more of that coming soon.
What the Next Couple of Weeks Have in Store

Sotomayor Reversed Again…

New Haven FD PatchThe news seemed to be dominated today with the ruling from the Supreme Court in the case of Ricci v. DeStefano. This case, which originated in New Haven Connecticut, pitted a group of firefighters from New Haven against the city in the city’s decision to throw out the results of the promotion examination because of the lack of black firefighters who took the test that were able to gain the necessary score. The Supreme Court’s decision overturned the decision of the lower courts, including Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Republican lawmakers are pouncing on this decision as proof that she is an activist judge on the bench and not fit to become a member of the highest Court in the land.
A Blow to Sotomayor and to Affirmative Action