Seeking False Purism…. Flaws in the American Mindset

I know, it is Tuesday night and everyone is opening up their browser this morning and expecting the open mic thread that usually greets them on Wednesday morning. I was sitting around reading news on my dinner break tonight, reviewing the different primary races out there, and the status of each prior to election day. It spurred some thought from me so I figured I would offer a quick article around that subject instead of the open mic thread. Fear not though, I will do the open mic on Wednesday night instead of Tuesday. Instead, I want to talk about an article that I read a couple of weeks ago and was reminded of this evening. The article was originally on Fox News. The subject was the fact that despite the deep partisan pitfalls that every voter says that they despise, the elections come closer and middle of the road candidates get thrown out in favor of those that fall further towards the “far” edge of the parties.
Why is Party Purism a Litmus Test for Candidates?

Tuesday Night Open Mic for May 18, 2010

Open mic night is again upon us and I have once again found myself with less time than I would prefer when writing. The discussions on the Arizona immigration laws has been both exhilarating and sometimes frustrating. I thank each and every one of you for your thoughts and comments on that topic. You are obviously welcome to bring continuing conversations forward to today’s thread. Because of my limited time this evening, I am only going to offer three topics instead of the usual four. I will attempt to add some other topics during the day on Wednesday. I also intend to have a guest commentary for Thursday night as well. I have several submitted and merely need to work on formatting them and working with the authors on any changes. For tonight we begin with some incumbents and favorites losing out on primary seats, Reverend Wright crying about his treatment from the White House, and the GOP blocking some financial reform stuff in Congress.
Open Mic