Tuesday Night Open Mic for September 7, 2010

Tuesday night finds me quite under the weather. What started yesterday as a minor annoyance in my sinuses has grown into a full blown summer cold! Not something that I am used to, as I rarely get sick at all. Apparently this cold/flu has been circulating at work, as I am now the 3rd person to fall victim to it at my workplace. Fortunately, I have been working on the open mic topics for the last couple of days, always searching for new topics. It will mean, however, that there will only be three topics presented by me this evening. I am now getting hopped up on NyQuil and Mucinex, which I am hoping will lead to rare night of sleep before 4:00 am. With any luck, I will get ten hours of drug induced sleep and feel much better tomorrow (I sure hope so because I never call out from work, I’ve missed one day for sickness in 20 years). So I ask that some of you please pick up my slack and offer a few additional topics today!
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