Tuesday Night Open Mic for April 13, 2010

As I begin working on the open mic topics tonight I find that I am really struggling to write responses to articles that are as coherent and tangible as I would like them to be. I don’t know where I misplaced my writing skills this evening but I have the following four open mic topics written and I am not happy with any of them! It has thus far been a hectic week of housework. Farmer’s market and planting bushes on Saturday. New porch lights and planters on Sunday. Monday was running a new outlet and transformer for new landscaping lighting, including burying wire until 11:00pm. And today was work (the regular kind). But with weather in the 70’s, there is no better time to work on the yard, and I love working in the yard. I am working on a few new articles that are going to be good. I know it has been slow on here this week. That will change I am sure. All it takes is the right topic and folks get fired up and ready to debate! As always please feel free to add the topics you want to talk about below. They will probably be better than my selections this week anyway, lol….
Open Mic Night

Tuesday Night Open Mic for January 26, 2010

Another week of discussions is well underway. I have to say that I was disappointed initially with the way the discussion went on the bank regulation article. I was really hoping that we would hear some ideas for how this could be accomplished without government putting regulations in place. I would really like to find an alternative solution. As we move forward in discussions, we have to accept that reality is what it is, but I would really like to begin to formulate some actual ways to remove government from the vital areas that they currently inject themselves into. There was a little too much “regulation is needed” and too little explaining why. Alternatives exist, so I want to find them. Aside from that I offer a warning to Mathius, as I recall that he drives the same exact vehicle that I do (at least I think so, Infiniti G35S). I ran over a piece of metal today that blew my tire. Seemed like a small thing. But no, the simple flapping of my tire apparently cracked the wheel in three places. Total cost for a new wheel and new tire? $1500! Watch where you drive my friend. Owning luxury comes at a heavy cost for repairs! How that small event ruined my day is an epic tale or woe and dismay…..
Enough of My Woes… Open Mic returns!

Tuesday Night Open Mic for September 15, 2009

Open Mic 1Lots and lots of stuff floating around out there these days. The news cycles are constantly running and it puts out so much information to wade through that I could literally do nothing but work on the blog 24 hours a day and still not cover it all. But I will try to hit some of the bigger stuff that I am seeing in the news today, or at least some of the more interesting stuff. I appreciate those of you who are offering up your own topics as well. It helps me to understand the types of things that you all want to talk about. In the upcoming days we have another contribution to the health care series and a discussion about the relevance and importance and legitimacy of the ACORN group. But for today, I have some interesting topics as well. I am especially interested in hearing any ideas on how we can deal with topic #1. Because it really, really annoys me, no matter which side does dumb stuff like this.
And Away We GO