Open Thread for December 28, 2009

As I figured might be the case with my son home for the holidays, I have been spending all my free time hanging out with him. Tonight consisted of a long discussion on liberty and what things the government can do that thwarts liberty from both ends of the political spectrum. It is interesting to help him learn the world of politics. It is also difficult, because I am trying to teach him to think on the issues, find what he really believes, and let him make up his own mind and come to his own conclusions. A difficult task for someone as opinionated as I am. But these are important discussions to have. A generation of dependent citizens may be raised by today’s public education system, but my son will not be one of them. As promised, on the nights that I don’t write, I am offering a simple open thread so that whatever discussions people may like to have can be done without simply adding to whatever the last thread is.
A single quick topic from me and open thread for whatever else