It’s Not Doom and Gloom… It’s Reality

I read the thoughts the other night from one of the long-time participants here at SUFA. They expressed that they don’t often come here any longer and that they probably won’t in the future because, in their opinion, they are not missing anything by not coming to SUFA. I can understand that. SUFA certainly isn’t for everyone. It requires that you at least attempt to set aside your personal dogmas and try to see different points of view. Certainly there are different levels of ability to do so, but that just adds to the charm. What I think makes SUFA great is that most of the people who are on here are at least willing to consider the different perspectives and address them individually (despite the fact that Charlie for some odd reason has fallen into the belief that BF and I share the same perspectives, which is really, really not accurate).
I Love This Country but Refuse to Stick My Head in the Sand

Thin Skin and Other Medical Maladies

I thought for a weekend addition to my articles I would comment on what I have seen here at SUFA over the last few weeks, although it goes back further than that in a few random instances. As many of you know, I have long demanded a level of respect for differing opinions here at Stand Up For America. In nearly all cases, that is what occurs. Every now and then things get a little testy, which is to be expected. I do my best to step in where I am needed, which admittedly isn’t often. And I think most of you know where I stand in the political spectrum. But…
We Really Need to Lose the Animosity

Answering Some Inquiries About SUFA Readership

I am postponing the guest commentary for tonight. I will post it tomorrow night, but wanted to discuss something else for this evening’s topic. I noticed in the comments on the Tuesday Night Open Mic that some folks (specifically Cyndi) were asking about where people went who used to post here regularly. Black Flag, always my champion for the site, noted that he believed that readership at SUFA was as high as ever, but that I could perhaps offer some stats. So I figured I would offer what is actually happening at SUFA and ask for everyone’s thoughts on why that might be or what I could do differently. Sadly, Black Flag’s optimism around the readership at SUFA was incorrect. I have been bleeding traffic for a couple of months at this point. Readership of this blog during the month of August looks as though it will be the lowest that it has been since March of 2009. I have some thoughts on why this might be occurring but I am open to what everyone else thinks as well. Once I lay everything out below, I will open it up for all of you to offer your thoughts and suggestions. Perhaps together we can build SUFA back up to where it once was and even go beyond that to the readership that I hope to have.
A Little Bit of Insight into Where SUFA Stands

Alan Grayson… Idiot Child of the Left

I didn’t have a ton of time to write again tonight. I had actually decided that I was going to skip the night and try to get some other stuff I have been procrastinating on done. But then I stumbled across this article, another of the open letters Representative Alan Grayson seems so fond of writing over there at the Huffington Post (one of the few places that will give a voice to fruit cakes like Grayson). As you all know, I have no beef with HuffPo. They have some interesting articles and some good ideas that come from a very intelligent group of writers. Unfortunately, they also have become a place where hatemongers such as Bob Cesca and Fools such as Grayson are given a podium from which to spew their nonsense. What they will not do, however, is allow for any dissenting opinions to be offered to counter folks like Cesca and Grayson. And that is a shame, because the surest way to ensure that your writers won’t be taken seriously by anyone other than those who already agree with your ideas is to limit the ability to to offer rational responses.
An Answer to Alan Grayson’s ignorant Rantings

I Don’t Want to Tame Big Government….

So as you awaken to the beginning of yet another week in today’s America, I offer today a bit of a pep talk, a bit of a rallying cry, and a bit of a further explanation for where I want to go, both personally and with Stand Up For America. I can tell you all that the last 14 months has been a tough time for me. Challenged by many of you, those faithful readers that have digested my daily thoughts, and then took off your kid gloves and smacked me around, I have spent the last 14 months challenging myself. I found that the paradigm that I had been living for so very long….. was not entirely flawless (yeah, I know… Shocker). I found that while I still am smarter than the average bear, I still make mistakes, find contradictions in my conclusions, and stumble as I attempt to find the path to personal freedom, individual liberty, and personal responsibility. My most shocking conclusion (at least most shocking to me) came in my conclusion about government in general.

What I found is that I have absolutely zero interest in taming big government…. I want to kill it.
I Want to Kill It

One Year of Standing Up For America

stand-up-for-americaSo here I sit on Novermber 11, 2009. It was one year ago today that I began writing this blog. It seems so long ago, yet the time has passed quite quickly. I remember discussing the decision to write a political blog with Rani, who you all will soon know as a viable candidate for office, and telling her that I just want a place to discuss political issues where the people will treat each other with respect, where the issue can be debated on merit, and where we can figure out a path forward for this country. My only option, we decided, was to create that site myself. And ‘Stand Up For America’ was born on that day in that conversation. It was slow going at first, but soon there were many coming to discuss things in an environment where different opinions were respected. The site grew. So as I sit tonight writing this article, as I have done for 3-4 hours every night for the last year, I want to take the time to acknowledge the people here, the tremendous amount of support that I have received, and hand out a few “awards”
Can You Believe it Has Been a Year Already?