Tuesday Night Open Mic for November 24, 2009

Well, the open mic comes as we prepare to take a couple days for Thanksgiving. I will be taking some time off the blog as well. There will be no post on the night of Thanksgiving and I will do a guest commentary if I have one on Friday night, but if I don’t have a guest commentary submitted that night I will do either an open mic or not have an article. As many of you know, Friday begins my season of madness that lasts through Christmas. I will post as often as I am able, but there may be some nights with very little. I appreciate everyone understanding, as the season really is pure madness for me. The last couple days have been good conversations, but I do have to say that I am missing JAC and BF (Hope you feel better my pirate friend), especially on that first post this week about the path forward. I may have to rehash that article again later so that they can participate. I think we need to begin formulating a plan for what we can do. Tonight’s open mic has some good stuff, so I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.
Open Mic Topics to Get Us Started for the Day

Guest Commentary – Black Swans

guest-commentaryFriday Night Guest Commentary comes to us again. I still have several guest commentary articles I need to go through. I have determined that I am going to make sure that I go through them tonight no matter what else I do. Tonight I offer up another interesting article from Warren Bonesteel, better known as “Bones”. Warren offered a very good article for us last week and I felt as though the reaction from everyone was positive and the result was some well thought out discussion and some interesting debates. This particular article was interesting given some of our discussions this week. As we discuss the problems in federal government and the fact that I feel the real problem lies in the everyday citizens who continue to tolerate bizarre behavior and re-elect admitted criminals, liars, and adulterers. As promised I will offer my continued thoughts on the first article of next week, but this one should keep us on the correct discussion line throughout the weekend. I hope everyone enjoys Warren’s latest offering here at Stand Up For America. I am just happey that he mentions my favorite hero… John Galt.
Black Swans and the Mention of my Favorite Hero

An Official Denial From the White House

912 Unite or Die FlagI apologize that I was unable to write last night and further that I am writing quite late and quickly tonight. To say things have been difficult around the Weapon household would be an understatement. I appreciate all the kind words everyone offered and the well wishes for Mrs. Weapon as she recovers from a major surgery. It is certainly taking more that we imagined to get through all the surgery stuff and deal with all the stuff we will have to deal with going forward as a result of the surgery. So please bear with me the next few weeks, as I will sometimes offer great articles, sometimes offer decent articles, and sometimes offer nothing at all, LOL. I am working on another article that I don’t have quite ready yet, so for tonight I wanted to start a discussion to attempt to get to the reality of what we witnessed this weekend. Another “Tea Party” was planned for 9/12, and thousands of people showed up….
Who are you gonna believe, me or your lyin eyes?

The Idiots on the Fringes

avatar-flagI was looking through some news stuff tonight. Somewhere I stumbled across an audio clip of our favorite village idiot Jeanine Garofalo. Seriously, does this woman not look as though she just crawled out of a crack den to deliver her arrogant and completely false claims each night. I try not to be hateful. But you have to call a spade a spade sometimes. Garofalo is a nasty partisan hack. And it would be easy to simply blow her off as a greasy, dirty, homeless looking crackpot, if so many people were not packing into her shows and listening to her hate and giving her a standing ovation for it. I am no fan of Ann Coulter. But at least she has some semblance of reality to her rants. Coulter is hateful and nasty, but she brings facts to the table and 50% of the time the facts are presented honestly (at best). But Garofalo isn’t even close to presenting facts. I know those on the left are going to skewer me for offering up Garofalo as an example, but she was merely the thing that got me thinking on this subject.
Stop Letting the Talking Heads Define America

Not the Country I Grew Up In….

changing americaI was again going through the news tonight, reading different stuff from all kinds of stuff, mostly further researching for the upcoming series on health care. I ran across this video of Chris Matthews on MSNBC. It seems that his segment focused on the idea that the people who are against the health care reform offered by Obama are doing so because they are racists. You all know how much I hate that term being thrown around these days. He was interviewing a woman from the Atlanta Journal Constitution (a true biased rag of a paper). And she made a comment that just completely threw me for a loop. First because her conclusion is so faulty and unsubstantiated, and second because I think that the left may possibly be completely misunderstanding the position of the average American today.
America is Changing for the Worse

Racist Rednecks Hold Tea Parties

looneyleftLast Wednesday we saw the gathering of Americans across the country in cities far and wide to protest the out of control spending and expansion of government that they feel is ruining America. I have to say that I am proud of those that did so. The protests were peaceful (which is in direct contrast to most of the liberal protests that have happened over the years). The protests were non-partisan (despite the claims of those who opposed them). The protests were controlled and organized, and from what I could see, the protests were even cleaned up after, as those who protested made sure to pick up their mess when they were done. I can tell you the one thing that the protests were not….. Covered by major media outlets. Disgraceful. And I am now watching to see the reaction from the far left to the parties. I wondered how far they would go to disgrace or demonize those who held a different opinion. And I have to tell you, the far left has not disappointed me in providing example after example of why they are despised by many in America.
Reactions from the Far Left