Angst Against the Tea Party

On Friday, I was working the afternoon away when a co-worker popped into my office and asked a question (work related). I gave him the answer he needed and he then asked if I have been following the debt ceiling debates and madness that is going on in Washington DC. “A little,” I answered with a slight smirk, as I didn’t want to get into a political debate in the workplace. But he pressed on. “These Tea Party people are ruining the country. They are roadblocking getting a bill passed by refusing to agree with either party. Our economy is going to go into the shitter all because of them!” Oh my. What to do? Put him in his place? Say nothing and let another ignorant soul wander the earth? Those who know me well enough know that I had no choice, really. I had to say something…
Of Course… This is the Tea Party’s Fault

Tuesday Night Open Mic for September 21, 2010

We reach Tuesday night on the heels of some interesting discussion around Atlas Shrugged and the concepts of the Objectivist philosophy. I will attempt to find time today to answer some of the comments directed at me. I will say up front that there were quite a few fallacies built into the opposition to my articles. I have grown accustomed to such things. But I will once again point them out and do my best to discuss them to completion. I appreciate everyone’s thoughts on the two articles. I assumed there would be folks on both sides. But I was surprised by the lack of understanding on them. Perhaps I needed to do a better job explaining or discussing. For tonight we have more ridiculous name changes from the White House meant to fool voters, a company that is majority owned by government contributing to government campaigns, an attempt to marginalize through association rather than substance, and an interesting poll discussing voter’s feelings about candidates who are willing to compromise. Feel free to add your own topics, as always.
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GOP Leadership or Just Louder Mouths?

I have to tell you that it is nice to be back home yet again. This weekend it was a trip to see my baby sister get married. The ceremony was great and she was beautiful. A great wedding overall. But being primarily out of touch with the web is tough for me. So Sunday I was listening to the Sunday morning shows and trying to catch up on whatever may have happened over the weekend. I am still not completely caught up, but I did catch something interesting over on NBC’s Meet the Press. David Plouffe was a guest on the show. For those who don’t know him, he was formerly Barack Obama’s campaign manager. As such, he is well connected to the Democratic strategy makers, and that was obvious in his being strategically placed on the Sunday morning circuit this week. In his appearance he was asked about a quote in his book, and took the opportunity to place the notion out there that the real leaders of the GOP are not politicians.
Who Are the Leaders of the GOP?

Jesse Jackson… Shut the Hell Up

I find myself beginning to write this article shaking my head in wonderment. Did I really find a way to bring a discussion about Lebron James into the realm of political discourse? How could I let this happen, I thought to myself. But, alas, it is true. I am going to write about the Lebron James situation. But this isn’t about basketball. This is about the pervasive racism that exists in the United States of America. This is about one of the top race baiters of our generation once again opening his mouth and trying to turn every action taken by anyone as an opportunity to claim that the intentions were rooted in racism (uh oh, I used the word rooted, which is similar to “Roots”, which is a slavery story, which means Jesse thinks I am a racist). And before you laugh too hard at that…. Jackson really would claim that my choice of the word rooted was a subliminal reference to “Roots” and show that deep inside I am a racist white man who wants to take advantage of black men worldwide. He and race baiters like him use tactics such as that regularly. And what is worse is that there are some people with ridiculously low IQs who actually believe them.
Let’s Stop Allowing Racists to Claim Racism

Not USWeapon’s Thoughts Tonight… An Internet Outage!

As I begin writing this quick explanation, the clock stares down at me with the little hand pointing at the number 3. I am unsure what caused it, but there was an outage for internet this evening at the Weapon household for about 3 hours. I use a cable modem and I had no cable, no internet, and no phone service at home. I first had to check to make sure that the lines had not been cut as the start of an assault on the Weapon household. My first thought was that the cat had finally organized an uprising against Canine Weapon, and aimed to catch him while he was running in his sleep. However, the line was not cut, and I suspect that the Cat has postponed the mutiny due the to threat of being forced to eat dry food. I will keep my eyes peeled though, as there is always the threat of a feline uprising. Those uppity cats always think we humans are meant to serve them. I have applied for a Raptor security contingent. D13 has yet to process the request. But enough about the internet outage. Instead of taking two or three hours writing a piece starting so late, I offer two articles from elsewhere that I found interesting today.
Global Tea Party Fear and Americans Losing Willpower

Tuesday Night Open Mic for April 13, 2010

As I begin working on the open mic topics tonight I find that I am really struggling to write responses to articles that are as coherent and tangible as I would like them to be. I don’t know where I misplaced my writing skills this evening but I have the following four open mic topics written and I am not happy with any of them! It has thus far been a hectic week of housework. Farmer’s market and planting bushes on Saturday. New porch lights and planters on Sunday. Monday was running a new outlet and transformer for new landscaping lighting, including burying wire until 11:00pm. And today was work (the regular kind). But with weather in the 70’s, there is no better time to work on the yard, and I love working in the yard. I am working on a few new articles that are going to be good. I know it has been slow on here this week. That will change I am sure. All it takes is the right topic and folks get fired up and ready to debate! As always please feel free to add the topics you want to talk about below. They will probably be better than my selections this week anyway, lol….
Open Mic Night

Tuesday Night Open Mic for March 30, 2010

Alas, I already find myself at the Tuesday Night Open Mic. It has been a quick start to the week. The conversations thus far have been interesting. The individual liberty discussions were especially good, but we didn’t get to the core of the issues quite yet. We danced around some of them. I will be bringing that article forward in a couple days instead of posting another article so that the discussions can go further. Open mic brings a host of different topics, from global warming taking a larger international hit to the President attempting to mischaracterize the tea party movement. Sprinkled in there we have Arriana Huffington completely missing on her reasoning for the decline of innovation in America and the courts issuing a stupid verdict in the case of the hatemongers from Westbor Baptist (it is not a) Church. We also have a little bit of government claiming that fearing the government is a good thing and a good old politician playing a politician’s game, and sucking at it. As an added bonus I brought over a Black Flag offering from late Tuesday that many may have missed.
Open Mic Begins with a Click

MadMom on Cavuto

I thought I would share this with everyone here. Many of you who have been around for a while at SUFA have debated and read the thoughts of MadMom. She has been a vocal supporter of the Tea Party Movement and has worked hard to make a difference in Rhode Island and other parts of New England, including Massachusetts. Having spoken with Colleen in the past, I can speak to the passion and integrity that she brings to the process of politics, which is something that we all know is lacking. Recently she was on the Neil Cavuto show on Fox News to discuss both Massachusetts and the growing movement in America to get our voices heard in the halls of Washington DC. I figured that I should share the link with everyone here. Congratulations Colleen on all you have accomplished thus far. I know you are far from finished. I can only speak for myself, but I am really proud of what you are doing and proud to call you a friend.
A Video of Colleen on the Cavuto Show

Tuesday Night Open Mic for January 5, 2010

Open mic returns to its regularly scheduled night. Last week was a Wednesday, but the discussions were just as good. I would still like to see more of folks using the format that I do to bring their own topics to the table. I know discussing my chosen topics is fun and all, but with all the multitudes of brainpower here at SUFA, I know there are tons of other interesting stories and thoughts out there that we are missing. The same goes for the guest commentary pieces. I haven’t seen nearly enough of them lately. I know the holidays are a busy time with family. But now it is time to get back to business and begin hearing everyone’s thoughts on how things are and how we can make them better. It is no fun to just talk about what I want to talk about. So bring it on!
Open Mic is Back to Tuesday