Answering Some Inquiries About SUFA Readership

I am postponing the guest commentary for tonight. I will post it tomorrow night, but wanted to discuss something else for this evening’s topic. I noticed in the comments on the Tuesday Night Open Mic that some folks (specifically Cyndi) were asking about where people went who used to post here regularly. Black Flag, always my champion for the site, noted that he believed that readership at SUFA was as high as ever, but that I could perhaps offer some stats. So I figured I would offer what is actually happening at SUFA and ask for everyone’s thoughts on why that might be or what I could do differently. Sadly, Black Flag’s optimism around the readership at SUFA was incorrect. I have been bleeding traffic for a couple of months at this point. Readership of this blog during the month of August looks as though it will be the lowest that it has been since March of 2009. I have some thoughts on why this might be occurring but I am open to what everyone else thinks as well. Once I lay everything out below, I will open it up for all of you to offer your thoughts and suggestions. Perhaps together we can build SUFA back up to where it once was and even go beyond that to the readership that I hope to have.
A Little Bit of Insight into Where SUFA Stands