TSA… My Thoughts

I again want to thank everyone for forgiving my erratic posting this week. It has been one heck of a week around here and it is only Wednesday night! Family stuff and my first week at a new job in a new industry. I do want to take a quick moment and thank all of you for your well wishes surrounding the tragedy in my family. That I can come on here and find that 30-40 people have taken time to wish me well and take time to think about me and my family is truly heartwarming. The relationships that have developed because of this blog are truly an amazing thing for me. I live my life boatloads happier just for knowing that there are so many people out there who I have a kinship with. No matter where I go in this country I can find a friend. And all of you can find one in North Carolina. So thank you for all your kind thoughts. As for the TSA article that I posted the other night, I never was able to get in and post what I think. So I wanted to do that now, because I certainly have some strong feelings about not only the situation faced by Tyner, but the entire airport security situation in general.
Get USW’s Thoughts on the TSA and the Scanners

TSA…. Don’t Touch My Junk

Just a quick word of apology for not offering new material Sunday night as I had planned to do. We had a bit of a family crisis on Sunday/Monday and lost a family member early this morning, so things have been a little hectic. Add to that the fact that I got word of the passing about 5 minutes before I departed for my first day of work at the new job, and you can imagine the type of day that I have had. After no sleep last night I am simply exhausted, so I am going to attempt to crawl into bed and actually get some sleep. I will plan on doing the open mic tomorrow night, but there is the possibility that I will not be able to do it until the next night. I didn’t want to leave nothing to discuss for Tuesday so I found an article that I thought was interesting. I will save commenting on the article myself until I am more focused tomorrow. But I certainly look forward to hearing what everyone else has to say about it. The story is about the “Don’t Touch My Junk” guy with the TSA. I will also add the video at the bottom so that folks can see that as well. I will add my thoughts as soon as I am able. But I will say up front that I love that he said, “If you were anyone but the federal government this would be considered sexual assault.”
What Do You Think of this Guy’s Stance?

Wednesday Night Open Mic for December 30, 2009

Since there was no open mic for Tuesday Night I figured I would do one for Wednesday night this week. And in doing so we have the final open mic night for 2009. A tumultuous year to say the least. I mean let’s face it, it was the absolute worst year for politics since…. 2008! I continue to spend time with my son, which is awesome! Last night we watched District 9, and I was not blown away the way I hoped to be. Tonight it was “Public Enemies” with Johnny Depp. I have to admit that he is one of my favorite actors. Extremely talented, very versatile, and in a showing of how messed up the academy is, devoid of the honor of winning an Oscar. He is, in my opinion, the most talented actor to not have an Oscar, and there are tons that have one that are not nearly as talented as Depp. The movie was good. Another glorification of a criminal, which is nothing new in Hollywood. But a good movie, and Depp was good.
Open Mic a Night Late