Some Explanations are In Order…

Greetings SUFA! I know, you are wondering who is this stranger and why is he acting as if he knows us. But it is me. I am still alive. I figured that it was about time that I forced myself to sit down and offer some explanations as to why you haven’t seen very much of me over the last few months. I do honestly feel bad about it. Here I went and created this site and after three years of ranting and arguing, I up and practically disappear on you. There are several realities that have contributed to this and I am hoping to fill you all in on them today. I will also discuss the future of SUFA towards the end so that we can begin figuring out how to handle these new realities. Because what I don’t want to happen is for SUFA to go away. I believe that somehow breaking through the lack of critical thinking barrier that so many Americans are stuck behind is still way too important to give up now.
USW Explains His Absence

Building a Foundation for Resurrecting America Part VI

Philosophy CursiveSo we begin tonight to get back into the philosophy discussions. However, tonight we offer a chance for everyone to do a little less “thinking” and a little more simple understanding. I know that many of you wonder exactly how Black Flag could have possibly ended up the way that he did. Heck, we all wonder such things. And that goes for myself and Just A Citizen, too. How did the three of us, who conspired to take you on the journey into philosophy in order to form a solid base, come to be the people that we are? Why does JAC think the way he does? Where did USW get that mentality from? All valid questions, and ones that we intend to answer…
The Beginning of Understanding the Three of Us

The Best Course of Action Is…. Nothing?

I have watched this debate in the comments under several different articles over the last couple of months. There are those here who are fed up with the tactics of those in Washington who feel that the time has come for action. Then there is the train of though that says we should just do nothing. Don’t vote, don’t participate. BlackFlag is usually the one pushing that process. I thought it might be a good idea to have this debate as an open topic. So I asked BF to write an article that addresses the idea from his perspective. And I have done the same from my perspective. I will post them both below and then you can all let us have it for our perspectives. 
USWeapon vs. BlackFlag on Participation in the Process