Tuesday Night Open Mic for February 23, 2010

We come to open mic not a moment too soon! It seems the topics the last few days have lit a fire behind some people and the discussions have been great. There are obviously some fundamental differences in the starting points for different folks in the conversations. I hope that in the future we have the opportunity to discuss those starting points specifically, rather than lightly flushing them out in order to make a point on something else. For example, the taxes are or aren’t theft discussion is one that I will write about soon and we can have a whole day dedicated to that debate. Should be interesting. For the upcoming few articles I have some plans. Now that I can see Mathius is back among us, I will finish the answer to his post as promised. I will also be starting the series I have been promising. My thought is Thursday night for the Mathius article, unless a guest commentary article shows up in my inbox. And then Sunday night for the beginning of the series. For open mic tonight, I am posting fewer topics initially, simply due to time constraints. So there will only be two to start. But I will add others as time permits. Perhaps not until Wednesday afternoon.
Open Mic

Why Does the Left Hate Glenn Beck?

Beck CNNWhew…. I just finished finally answering Charlie in yesterday’s thread. As many of you will see, I got a bit lengthy there. I try not to but I want to be fair and actually try to answer the questions that he brings up. I am supposed to be off work on Thursday, so hopefully I will be a little better prepared to participate in the conversation as I had intended to do today. Work got a hold of me and never let me go. So I apologize publicly to Charlie for failing to participate today. I will do better at responding tomorrow baring any more emergencies. I was going to begin talking about Iran and Afghanistan tonight, but it is 2:00 am as I start working on a new post tonight so I only have time to finish one that I had already started. So instead I move up Glenn Beck to the discussion table. I know that the name brings chills down the spine of some of the more left leaning folks on this blog. And I simply don’t understand why. I understand the dislike for Rush Limbaugh. He is a blowhard who makes up facts as he goes. But Beck doesn’t seem to be cut from the same mold, even though the left is trying to paint him that way.
The Clown Who Spouts Nothing but…. Facts?

Labor Day Resting…. Sort Of

Labor Day. For most of the world an extra day spent with family, enjoying the last of summer. But for USWeapon, another day spent at work. Just like every other holiday. I don’t get them or the weekends off. So while most of you have today to rest, I do not. So I am taking a bit of a holiday from the blog for the night by offering some quick thoughts on other topics out there. Kind of like an open mic without the open mic part, lol. I can tell you that part one of the health care reform series is 95% done and should be posted tomorrow night. I look forward to getting into that debate. So here are a couple of quick thoughts from me…
Some quick hits and my new Puppy

Obama and His Radical Czars

Radical DemocratsI was going through conversations the other night when someone, I forget who, posted a video that they wanted all of us to watch. I watched, and was enraged immediately. The video was basically talking about how one of these new czars was espousing the idea of fining bloggers for writing things that were negative about the government. I had to do a little research, but I knew I would be writing an article about any jerk-off who thinks that THAT is an OK thing to do. I was going to stick to that topic, but then in Tuesday’s comments, I was challenged by Ray, who didn’t believe that the czars being appointed by Obama were all that radical. He demanded proof. I then decided that tonight would be dedicated to all the czars, and the radical pasts they have. Because make no bones about it, Barack Obama has surrounded himself with perhaps the most radical group of advisors in the history of the Presidency. I thought I could write about these jokers in one night. I realized I was wrong. There was simply too much to write. So it had to get pushed to tonight instead of last night. And for the record, the logo to the left is the logo for the Radical Social Democratic Party.
The Most Radical Collection of Advisors in History