Guest Commentary – Is the Government Murdering Us?

Alrighty, I know that the title above already has a few people shaking their head yes and a few other people shaking their head no and yet another group of people rolling their eyes. I will admit that I had to really sit and think about whether I would run this article or not. It certainly isn’t because of the source. The author is a valued contributor to SUFA and credible in what he finds. I struggled because I know this is a contentious subject. And I know that for some folks, the idea that there is a giant plan of evil somewhere is just too much to accept. In the end I decided that I would use the article because I have seen the effects of two different wars on my family. My father dealt with Agent Orange poisoning. I personally witnessed Gulf War Syndrome, although I still haven’t reached a conclusion as to whether I suffer from anything. I will offer my thoughts as one of the comments as soon as I have time.
A Look at Gulf War Syndrome

Tuesday Night Open Mic for January 19, 2010

Ah the first week with the new writing schedule has thus far been a nicer pace for me thus far. I was able to participate in the discussions from my Sunday night/Monday morning post at a much higher level, which makes me feel more like I am a part of the discussions. Some good thoughts were put out there on my general lack of liberty post. I realize that there was not a real “topic” there to discuss, but I have to admit that I was surprised that there wasn’t more that people wanted to say! Don’t worry, the topics will get better! I found a couple of articles on the Huffington Post for tonight’s topics. I hope you will all go and read the original articles in their entirety, as they are interesting. We also will welcome a longtime friend to the world of blogging his thoughts and discuss the madness that was a result of the Patriot Act, and wonder when Obama will get around to repealing that abhorrent piece of “legislation”.
Brown Wins! Brown Wins! Brown Wins!

Thank You Veterans

Veterans Day LogoI wanted to take a moment on Veterans Day to give my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have served or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. As a veteran myself, I consider you all to be part of a brotherhood of people who I am proud to belong to. Service to our country began over two centuries ago when the Colonial Army was formed and George Washington led them to victory and our eventual Independence. Thus, patriots of the 18th century began a long tradition, by standing for what the United States of America had the potential to be. In the 200+ years since then, American men and women have carried on the tradition of working to serve the country that has afforded them so many great opportunities and privileges. There is but one day truly set aside as a day to honor those who serve. And today is your day….
My Thank You to all Veterans

The RNC Wants Your Opinion…

RNC LogoNot a giant topic tonight, as I have a lot to get accomplished at home this evening. I have a hectic week coming up and it may eat a lot of my time. So this week could end up with some spotty posting of articles. For tonight’s topic, I decided that I wanted to share with everyone the absolutely ridiculous questionnaire I got from the RNC. I received in the mail the other day, a “2010 Congressional District Survey” from the Republican National Committee. I found it odd that it was sent to me since I re-registered as an Independent two years ago. But none-the-less, I decided I would sit down and read it, see what it says. As I read the welcome letter from Michael Steele, I was a bit glad to hear that the Republican National Committee was interested in learning how I felt about the issues as they decide on how to go forth in the political world.
The RNC Shows How Lost They Really Are

Honoring America’s Veterans

Memorial Day Shadow SoldierSo we find ourselves on Memorial Day. No big topics today. No debate over who is right and who is wrong on the political scales. Instead, a simple recognition of soldiers on one of the few days that are dedicated to them. You know, oddly enough, when I was a new soldier, I saw Memorial Day as just another chance for a 4-day weekend courtesy of the US government. Ah, so young and dumb… you know the rest. But once I learned the meaning of Memorial Day, it became a holiday that I cherished and honored each year. And now here I am, for the first Memorial Day as a person who runs a website. And I am so glad that this gives me the opportunity to offer at least some form of tribute to those fallen heroes that provided me the ability to voice my dissent today.
A Moment of Remembrance for My Fallen Brothers

A Soldier’s Point of View….

soldiersofthe_wallThe other day, one of the regular commenters on the site posted an interesting comment. Because the issue resolved around a hot button topic these days, I didn’t want to get this discussion lost in the threads where people won’t see it or get to comment on it. I am open to debate on my answers. I hope that other veterans will offer up their personal perspective. So this one is for you Just a Citizen. I felt your questions and your reasoning behind who you wanted answers from was valid, so we will have this discussion out in the open where we can all learn from it.
Some Veteran Answers to JAC’s Questions