What is the REAL State of the Political Landscape?

GOP Dead LogoTonight I sat here and thought for quite a while about what I wanted to write about for tonight’s topic. I read all kinds of articles, and hadn’t decided on a topic as of 1:45 am. But I did notice a common theme in articles throughout the different news sites and blogs out there. There were a ton of articles that discussed the upcoming elections that are occurring as you read this. And they all had an opinion one way or another as to what the results from this election will mean going forward. Obviously the results will be interpreted and then given a biased spin by all sides. But the key question seems to be whether what looks like it could be a bad day for Democratic Candidates is a sign of the future or a message being sent to the Democrats. I find that interesting. What message exactly do the national folks think it sends when the races are being determined by such a small percentage of the national population?
What Will Today’s Elections Tell US?

How To Get There From Here Part 1… Guest Commentary

guest-commentaryI appreciate all the thoughts and prayers being sent my way in regard to my Grandmother. Rest assured they do not fall on deaf ears. I appreciate each and every one. I am doing really well with the situation. She has lived a good life. I have always been close to her so nothing is left unsaid. I truly hated not writing the last couple of nights. As all of you know, I am quite passionate about politics and the issues of our country. Taking away my time to write and more importantly, my ability to read all of your responses and debate with you all is definitely a tough thing for me. I enjoy it so much and consider so many on here to be friends. Tonight’s guest commentary comes to us from none other than Black Flag himself. You have often heard him make the argument against voting in one way or another. This expands on that a little…
This Week’s Guest Commentary

Well Then…. Let’s Just Get it All Out There Part 2

stand-up-for-americaAs I mentioned in part one, I have finally been able to get to reading al of the comments directed to me out there. I am taking the time to answer some of them directly so that we can move forward with a better understanding of what is true for me. In the first part I responded to TexasChem on the ideas of personal freedom and liberty for all persons in the United States, regardless of their religion or sexual orientation. Now I will take the time to address D13, who seemed to question my path forward. The interesting thing is that I am not much different from him, but I think that he has misconstrued my thoughts and ideas. So I want to clear that up and discuss how I view the discussions on this site as three distinctly different ongoing conversations.
Bring on Texan Number Two

The Best Course of Action Is…. Nothing?

I have watched this debate in the comments under several different articles over the last couple of months. There are those here who are fed up with the tactics of those in Washington who feel that the time has come for action. Then there is the train of though that says we should just do nothing. Don’t vote, don’t participate. BlackFlag is usually the one pushing that process. I thought it might be a good idea to have this debate as an open topic. So I asked BF to write an article that addresses the idea from his perspective. And I have done the same from my perspective. I will post them both below and then you can all let us have it for our perspectives. 
USWeapon vs. BlackFlag on Participation in the Process