Calling Out Fake News?

With all the talk about “fake news” going around, I thought I’d touch on the subject a bit.  First, there is real “fake news” that’s sole purpose is to get clicks to make more advertising revenue.  Those sites are out there and their headlines are easy to distinguish, mainly because they are beyond the limits of belief.  But they are not the problem that the Liberal’s are making them out to be.  The current talk of “fake news” is a “red herring” of epic proportions and it’s aimed at conservative websites.  Here is a partial list of so called “fake news” sites:


While some of these sites mat actually be for “fake news stories”, I see several that have stories that are regularly more accurate than the MSM and far more truthful than most politicians with a “D” after their name (as well as most with an R).  I have regularly linked several of the above sites to provide some discussion subjects and provide some food for thought in general.  We have seen Breitbart numerous times, Liberty Unyielding and Intellihub, to name a few.  One site missing….MediaMatters, The National Memo, both Left Wing rags.  Make no mistake folks, the “fake news” subject is about shutting down conservative news sites, not about “fake news”.



  1. As too Obama’s comments that were being discussed here earlier, I think Obama said what he meant to say and the media changed it, but I will have to search videos to see first hand.

  2. Texas takes first step on Broadway play “Hamilton”….

    It has been eliminated from the specials and the recommended stage plays among the travel agencies. An economic boycott is in place. They should have stayed non political and supported what the show actually portrayed. Shameful.

    • Good call. From what I understand, not only is the cast a bunch of SJWs, but the script rewrites history anyway. What they did to Pence was uncalled for. I guess Pence had already left the venue before their hissy fit anyway.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Pence reportedly was still there and sat quietly during the speech. He left when they were done.

        He now says he was not offended.

        I am thinking the best man was elected VP.

  3. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    This is an segment of an article presented by CNN in 2013, after Al Gore sold his disasterous flop of a liberal cable news network to Al Jazeera……note “real news”

    But Al Jazeera English, the spinoff channel launched in 2006, doesn’t have the same reputation. In fact, no less a figure than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has praised it as “real news,” and the channel has won journalism awards for its reporting on the Arab Spring and other global events.

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    • Shut it Gman! We’re on a roll..Spartan Stadium…Game face on!

  5. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I’m confused, normal condition though. In the front page of the NYT Yellen says that Trumps spending could cause inflation. If Barack doubled our national debt in 8 years and it did not cause inflation, by government counting techniques, how is Trump’s spending going to do it? The fed is from what I understand is planning on raising the interest rate, which makes borrowing more expensive, which raises the costs in general, Including government borrowing….I get that, but if Hillary or Bernie were in with their exploding freebies, wouldn’t their spending also cause inflation, or would Yellen kept the rates near zero for them.

    • The standard model is that if you increase interest rates, inflation goes down because there is less borrowing and more saving thus less spending to put pressure on prices. However, I remember the late ‘70s and ‘80s. As interest rates increased the inflation got worse. Now there are other factors involved such as the money supply. Our recent history is a case of low interest rates which should drive inflation up and high money supply which should do the same. But that has been coupled with a terrible jobs picture so most folks do not have the excess cash to spend so prices have been reasonably stabile. Current reported inflation rates are relatively low, but are the numbers accurate?

      Personally, I think interest rates are the cost of money. Hence an increase in interest rates are no different than in increase in hamburger prices. It is inflationary.

      Here is a study on the subject. I lifted a section from the conclusion.

      “This paper was also a search for a simple model that captures the effects of mone-
      tary policy, but overcomes the critiques of active and instability-inducing Taylor rules
      in forward-looking models. The models in this paper satisfy that criterion, but produce
      a higher inflation rate in response to a higher interest rate. To produce the negative
      sign, it seems one must rely centrally on more complex ingredients.
      A review of the empirical evidence finds very weak support for the standard theoretical view that raising interest rates lowers inflation, and much of that evidence is
      colored by the imposition of strong priors of that sign.
      I conclude that a positive reaction of inflation to interest rate changes is a possibility
      we, and central bankers, ought to begin to take seriously.”

  6. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    I can only guess that the current social rage called “meme” is what we used to call a screaming meme, but that was an individual tirade and not a mass activity spawned by social media.

  7. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    D13….carrying over your last comment in the last section.

    Obama could never make his argument of anything to the 50% of more of the population, and when he tried it was only a bald faced lie. He is like Wilson….had no diplomatic skills, just do what I say. Of course they’d hate atl-media because they called him and the establishments out on their BS. Remember the crap Obama did with Fox. Same stuff, because at the time they did not genuflect at the leaders feet. The others cowtowed because they did not want to lose access. So in reality they became the faux news services, by just without question spread the manure the WH and Congress were shitting out, regardless of it common sense improbability.

    Seriously, if you are wired to tight, cool it on the Dr Pepper

  8. Just A Citizen says:

    Time to call out the FAKE news. This one is from Huff Po. Now in fairness, they simply reported the fake, they may or may not have participated.

    But notice the post made with the photo they are reporting. Symbols of hate???

    There are no symbols of hate in the picture. And the symbols which are there would indicated either children or someone from the left, but also probably very young.

    Now can anyone tell me how I came to these conclusions?

    • Drawn backwards and very amateurish. The left is believing their own propaganda. They spread so many lies and exaggerations about Trump that they fell into their own trap. Both Obama and Hillary refuse to tamp down or correct the rhetoric.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      The photo wouldn’t display on my computer, but just reading the comments and tweets, my gut instinct tells me the is not some right wing hate crime. I’ve been reading that Brooklyn is actually getting very anti-semetic and it’s coming from the left and also the rising population of the peoples who follow the religion of peace (sarc)

      If I’m not mistaken the swastika was a reversal of a symbol from India, easily mistaken with the education level of today’s kids and journalists, . .

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        What if the graffiti at the “Beastie Boys” park actually was meant to wish Trump good luck as with its original meaning throughout man’s history, until the Nazi’s bastardized the symbol and gave it an evil connotation, or am I thinking this to much?

        It is composed of su- meaning “good, well” and asti “it is”, which form the word svasti, meaning good health or good fortune; the added suffix ka forms an abstract noun, and svastika might thus be translated literally as “that which is associated with well-being”, corresponding to “lucky charm” or “thing that is auspicious”.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      Well done SUFA.

      The symbol was drawn backwards but in its original context the symbol is drawn both directions. It is thousands of years old and had a POSITIVE meaning until the Nazis decided to use it. When ever the symbol is shown backwards, from the Nazi usage, it always refers to the original Native American meaning.

      The Swastika Symbol
      Native American Indians were a deeply spiritual people and they communicated their history, thoughts, ideas and dreams from generation to generation through Symbols and Signs such as the Swastika symbol. The origin of the Swastika symbol derives from the ancient Mississippian culture of the Mound Builders of North America and were major elements in the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex of American prehistory (S.E.C.C.). Some of the Native Indian tribes still retain some elements of the Mississippi culture and the symbolism of the broken cross symbol – that is commonly referred to as a Swastika.

      The Origin of the word Swastika
      The word ‘swastika’ derives from an Asian Indian Sanskrit word, in which the meaning of the swastika stands for universal welfare. “Swasti” means well-being of one and all and “ka” means symbol. The swastika is one of the most ancient of all symbols and used as a symbol for peace, life and good luck. It represented the revolving sun, fire or life.

      P.S. Did anyone consider that the message was written by someone who was not an expert in English and they were actually asking Trump to Go, as in to leave. The message could easily be interpreted as “Trump you Nazi, you need to leave”.

  9. Last summer, a 5-year-old girl was orally, anally and vaginally raped and urinated upon by three Muslim migrant boys in Twin Falls, Idaho. Since then, instead of getting justice, the victim’s family has been abused by law enforcement and governing authorities as if they were the criminals – because what happened to their little girl contradicts the politically correct narrative about Muslim migrants.

    And it just keeps getting worse. The victim’s mother has now informed me that, despite the huge medical expenses for their daughter that this attack has necessitated, the state of Idaho has told her the maximum assistance that her family can get is $4,500.

    Make sure you’re never raped in the state of Idaho: If you’re five years old and your attackers are from a politically protected class, you’re only worth $4,500.
    There seems to be no willingness on the part of the state or the county to reimburse this long-suffering family for any of the other costs that they have incurred because of the crime. Because they felt threatened – with very good reason – in continuing to live next door to one of the attackers’ families, they have been living in a succession of hotels; they have spent in excess of $2,000 in hotels alone.

    Why did they have to relocate? Because Muslims were stopping in front of their home at night and shooting bottle rockets at it at 11:30 p.m. Apparently that kind of menacing and harassment doesn’t qualify as demonstrating a need for relocation.


    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      I love the comment about only 27% of the American people support the President elect, implying everyone else was against Trump…by the numbers only 28% supported HRC, so the same could also be said against her..

  10. Interesting……I pulled Senator Sessions record to see how racial these allegations are….the progressive left is claiming a racist statement in 1986 but here is what I found.

    He prosecuted the head of the Ku Klux Klan, he desegregated the schools in Alabama, and he appointed the first black member to a civil rights justice committe in Alabama.

    What a racist he is….the only allegations against him are from witness’ that wish to remain anonymous.

    He won re-election in Alabama with over 60% of the vote each time he ran and even ran uncontested.

    Black Lives Matter’s does not like him because of his stance on protests calling for the murder of police. BLM says that calling for murder is free speech and Sessions says…no it isn’t.

    Pen America says they don’t like him because hate speech would be prosecuted and their opinion is that ALL speech, hate or otherwise, is protected speech.

  11. Well…..Charlie Strong is out…..he had three years and his record is 16-20. YOu don’t do that here…..he is a gone guy.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      I thought honor and loyalty were a big thing in Texas. The guy takes over a corrupt program with lousy recruiting classes and gets canned three years later. I now see some very big names being recruited. Who would want that kind of program?

  12. Questions for SUFA 😀

    We have all witnessed numerous “protests” and “small riots” by the Liberal Left for well over a year now. The first one in Furgeson Missouri, was based on a LIE. Lately, they are protesting the election results. I’m all for peaceful protests and gatherings for political reasons, as that is one way to pretend they are actually paying attention to us.

    Do protests (non-violent and nightly) cross the line when it comes to economic impact, stopping or interfering with emergency vehicles and regular travel? Should the organizers be held accountable for business profit losses? Should they also be arrested for wrongful death should someone die due to interference with emergency vehicles?

    • Yes to all. In fact if there are paid protestors involved and a riot occurs then those that pay should be arrested for inciting a riot.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Gman…..wasn’t that the main charges, and won in court, against those that organized “Bridgegate” for retaliation of non support of Christie in an election?…Any good lawyer and court would interpret the actions to be the same…….but then bridgegate was bad and the post election protests are for the greater good.

      • Great point. It seem’s that George Soros should be indicted for all the crap he has funded. Maybe with a new AG, something good will happen.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          That is why I said awhile ago that George Soros is the most dangerous man in America today. Also he plays hardball with the financial markets and brags how he broke the Bank of England.

          • Soros is dangerous….to Europe. The most dangerous thing I think we are facing is our educational system run by this leftist, kumbayah, philosophy. Europe is not a life style to follow.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        Big difference in bridgegate. That involved violation of the public trust. Namely an abuse of Govt. power for personal retribution.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Protesting should be peaceful. That is all folks.

      Emergency vehicles should be allowed to pass. But then how could a vehicle not have a way around a demonstration when the authorities know the demonstration is occurring.

      Govt. designated demonstration areas and “permits” are BS.

      • JAC….why are you against designated routes?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Because then it becomes a govt. sanctioned parade, not a true demonstration.

          When did demonstrations become “limited” to only that which is convenient for the rest of us? Did the marching mobs of our own history have to “stay in designated areas”? Or did they take to the streets and public spaces to get attention to their grievances?

          How is speech really free when Govt. gets to dictate where, when and how?

          As for disruptions of traffic, convenience, etc.. If there is backlash then have not the demonstrators shown they are not a significant viewpoint? They risk alienating those they want to win over.

          • Oh baloney JAC. Sounds like you’re condoning the Fergusons and Trump haters to just take control at will. What about putting undue burden on law enforcement? A girl just got hit by a car while trying to block the highway last week. A patient died in an ambulance because of protesters blocking a highway. Public spaces and public streets are two different things, and there is more traffic these days than in the horse and carriage days. You preach against anarchy, but let it go to a certain point. Ideology is fine and dandy until common sense has to rule.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Phony argument my dear lady. I clearly said “peaceful” and that emergency vehicles should be allowed to pass.

              I guess you want your freedom to be convenient, or is it only the freedom of others that must be convenient.

              • Peaceful– isn’t how it works in the streets. Peaceful happened when the Tea Party gathered in Washington in public spaces. Who is responsible when things go bad? Like the girl getting hit by the car on the highway?

          • Demonstrations limited to specific routes allows for proper logistical planning. It allows for the permitting agency to also notify emergency vhicles and plan their routes as well. It allows for the proper security to be in place for the protection of both the public and the demonstrators.

            It also allows planners to make sure that counter demonstrations to not clash.

            I only look at it from the logistical aspect of it….I also look at it from the standpoint that, even in a peaceful demonstration, it is not, to me, acceptable to disrupt business. I also look at it that if you disrupt my business, I also have the right to clear the way… whatever means necessary.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              All of that is true. And it might work out just fine until the Govt. decides that the only acceptable place for your march is south of town, just beyond the dump.

              Or that your demonstration will not be allowed anywhere near those who need to hear and see it, like the center of Govt..

              Like all things intended to make life more easy, it can be abused to make life easy for those who should be fearful.

  13. First you must define “protest” vs. “riot”. Rudy Guilliani, last week made an interesting point, you can protest on our sidewalks, not in our streets. Seems valid to me.

    My opinion, formulated back in the 1960’s is that yes, you are rioting and putting your riot down is a no brainer, water cannon, rubber bullets, Cops with shields, National Guardsmen, whatever it takes.

    Lastly, as a child of the 1960’s I noted all the student “protests” going on. I noticed the taking over of campuses, the destruction of buildings, the injuries to cops and campus security personnel which all culminated in the Kent State Riot during the Cambodian incursion. What I then noticed, with four dead students and a number severely injured was that the “fun” just went out of it and there were no more riots. Protests yes, no more riots though.

    In NYC, when the “youths” marched on the Induction Center at 39 Whitehall with their NVA Flags, the construction workers, AKA hardhats counter rioted and beat the living crap out of anyone they caught.

  14. Hmmmmmm….I saw an interesting discussion on mandates and the Dems are saying that there is no mandate……so I looked it up just to be sure.

    “a command or authorization to act in a particular way on a public issue given by the electorate to its representative”…..

    So te Dems are arguing that there is no mandate out there:

    1) Republicans picked up Democratic-held governorships in deep blue states such as Massachusetts, Maryland and Illinois, as well as in Arkansas. The wins swell the ranks of Republican governors to at least 31 and number 32 is still undecided.

    2) Before Election Day, the GOP controlled 59 of 98 partisan legislative chambers across the country. On Tuesday, preliminary results showed Republicans had won control of both the Nevada Assembly and Senate, the Colorado and Maine Senates and state House chambers in Minnesota, New Mexico, West Virginia and New Hampshire.That would give the party control of 67 of 98 chambers.

    3) Republicans have total control of 24 states, in which they hold the governor’s mansion and both chambers of the state legislature (Nebraska’s unicameral legislature is technically nonpartisan, but in practice Republicans control the chamber by a wide margin). Democrats, by contrast, are likely to control all three legs of the governing stool in only six states.

    4) The GOP won outright control of state Senates in Washington and New York. Republicans also claimed supermajority status in 16 legislative chambers. Republicans won four lieutenant governorships previously held by Democrats — in Arkansas, Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts.

    Now, color me stupid…..but doesn’t this fit the definition of mandate?

    • So, perhaps the POTUS should be elected by States, that seem more representative than population centers.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Trump and the Republicans are two different animals. As are the R’s within each State. Republicans in Montana are not the same as those in New York or Texas.

      Trump won. The various R’s won. That is all. Claiming mandates is just more political theater.

      • So, you do not believe in any type of ground swell that is beginning?

        • Just A Citizen says:


          Not really, at least not anything that is going to be of help getting us back to the Constitutional Republic we claim to support. The Tea Party movement was a true groundswell. The Trump thing might be part of that or the end of it. Not sure yet.

          I think nothing has changed from a few years ago. Except that Trump spoke to those who were feeling left behind. He promised them a chance of a better future. He promised them cookies.

          What happens when it does not appear? They drift back to their depressing place.

          What happens if it does appear? They become complacent because they are now happy.

          I hate to by cynical on this but the pro Trump crowd is simply to diverse in their beliefs and reasons for me to call it a ground swell. It is not like the Tea Party revolt where most people were on the same page philosophically. It is going to take a year to find out what it all really means. That long for Trump to show himself, for things to change and for the people to absorb the reality of where we are.

          There is ONE THING that has grown visible with Trump’s run for POTUS. And that one thing may be called a ground swell and might continue to grow. That is rejection of the PC POLICE and campaign of personal destruction being run by the left. But even this is not certain because the media will have to feel the pain before they finally wake up and get it. That being change their methods and style.

          For example, the MSM pundits should be grilling anyone who claims Sessions is a racist/bigot, etc. But they are not. Instead they give the accusations merit by then passing them along to the Trump people or the Republican leadership. When we see CNN or MSNBC or even CBS or NBC rake a leftist over the coals for making an accusation about racism or misogyny then we will know the ground swell has been taken seriously.

          The forces AGAINST CHANGE are massive and well entrenched. Any ground swell will have to have a great plan, great leadership and PATIENCE to succeed. I think all three parts are lacking at the moment.

          Another thought on the Trump thing. I see Trump’s election as that kind of unplanned thing that happens when you start a revolution, war, kick over the apple cart, etc. You may have a well laid plan but upon the first shot the hounds are unleashed. Strange and sometimes not so good things happen when the status quo is upended. Trump’s election might be one of those wild things. At least at this moment that is what I think it represents. Trump is what you get when the masses are to impatient to carry out the time consuming and energy draining battle needed to win in the long run.

          • This is the most depressing post I think I’ve ever read on SUFA. I’ve started several replies, only to think ‘what’s the use’? At least you finally admit to being a cynic. What’s that they say about the American Revolution only needed 1/3 of the population to fight that war? Trump has 1/2 the country behind him. Half of the other half can be swayed with results. Please don’t try to dissect that thought. Sometimes it just is what it is. He’s exposed so much corruption in the last 18 months that he has the very least.. benefit of the doubt. You should be happy. Look at the type of people he has been interviewing…old guys…guys like you…who have memories of a simpler America, where honor and integrity meant something. I just don’t get you anymore JAC. The good thing is that you were wrong from day one on calling this election. Let’s hope you continue to be wrong.

  15. Just A Citizen says:

    Those who espouse some form of Anarchy will never succeed until they can show that this is not the result. This is also why most people will not explore options to our current “ordered liberty” concept of Govt. Which as we know, leads to tyranny eventually. Damn if we do and damn if we don’t.

    BENGHAZI, Libya – Activists and medics say tribal clashes that erupted in southern Libya after three young men turned a pet monkey loose on a high school girl have killed at least 20 people.

    The girl’s family sought revenge after the monkey scratched and bit her last week, and killed all three men along with the animal.

    Bader al-Daheli, a civil activist, said Sunday that the two main tribes in the southern city of Sabha, Awlad Suleiman and Gadhadhfa, are each backed by armed groups. Abdel-Rahman Areish, the head of Sabha hospital, said 20 people have been killed and 50 wounded.

    Libya slid into chaos after the 2011 ouster and killing of longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Much of the country is effectively ruled by a patchwork of local or tribal militias.

  16. Dale A. Albrecht says:
  17. Just A Citizen says:

    Oh hell no!. How dare they block traffic and access to the stores!

    • Context? Permit involved? Looks like a stage all set up.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        One is the Orange Revolution and the other the Rose Revolution. Peaceful “demonstrations” done without permits or Govt. sanction. Because both brought down the the Govts. who were being demonstrated against.

        • Then maybe the recent protestors should be getting hit by cars and blocking ambulances in Washington D.C NOt San Antonio Texas or somewhere in Oregon. NONE of this actually answers the question posed. For the record, I don’t agree with permits either or designated areas. How can one exercise their Right to Free speech when government controls it, as you stated (we agree). Now, as for those same Rights under the Second Amendment, I believe you agree with “permits” to carry concealed. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we were on opposite sides of that issue. 🙂

          • Just A Citizen says:


            I do not agree with permits to carry concealed weapons. I have stated several times that if “gun safety” is really the concern then permits should be to individuals, and nothing to do with what weapons or how they are carried.

            If you do not want crazy people having guns then issue permits to the people based on their competency.

            I have also stated many times that the Second Amendment applies to the Federal Govt. and not the States. But since the Progressives decided to force the Bill of Rights upon all the States they get to eat the Second as well. Beware what you ask for…….. bwahahahaha.

            • gman

              I do not agree with permits to carry concealed weapons

              Just A Citizen says:
              January 17, 2014 at 2:37 pm (Edit)

              Good grief. “Good guys get permits, not bad guys”. EXACTLY why we should require law abiding people to get a permit. To make sure “good guys get permits and not bad guys”.

              If you are carrying a gun without a permit, VIOLATION OF LAW……………JAIL TIME.

              If you want EVERYONE to carry gun in public if they want, then you had better be willing to have some type of permitting system to assure those who do know what the hell they are doing.

              Notice: Permitting people eliminates the need to permit EACH GUN.

              The TYPE of gun becomes Irrelevant.

              Glad you changed your mind! 😀

              • Just A Citizen says:


                Where did I change my mind?

              • Your words today ” I do not agree with permits to carry concealed weapons”.

                Your words in the entire Constitutional Carry debate was pro-permit. I posted the link, go read for yourself. I’m anti-permit for everything when it comes to exercising our Rights. We had a heated debate in the link, you were quite clearly pro-permit for conceal carry. If you didn’t change your mind, then you have a contradiction going on, something to think about. 😉

              • Just A Citizen says:


                I stated then and again today that permitting the person is the only viable option if permits are to be considered. I would not oppose such a system of permitting by the States.

                That is not the same as permits for conceal carry. That is a permit to have and carry a gun. How you carry it is of no concern of mine. Nor is the kind of gun or “arms” you own. Or how many guns you own.

                I think you are misinterpreting my previous comments.

            • In case you would like to see the entire debate (which was an epic one, LOL), here’s the link:

        • Read about the Orange revolution…took place in a public square, outside government buildings. That’s called free assembly. Totally different than taking over highways and public streets.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Really? That many people only in a “square”?? Come on man!!

            And since when is public not really public because of how people use it??

          • What is interesting was the link to Communism (Soviets). Just like us and our fight with the Left.

          • Just A Citizen says:


            Here is a pic of exactly what I was talking about. Notice that the demonstrators are waiting to cross a street. Not blocking it. If they had tied up all traffic would they have won over the hearts and minds of those delayed?

            So they did not, at least not everywhere. They did occupy some of the roads around the city center. And I mean occupy, not just demonstrate.

            The key point here is that you cannot really have meaningful, as in changing demonstrations, unless you can move outside Govt. controlled areas. Because the Govt. will make sure your demonstration is where nobody will see it.

            You rant against the tyranny of an over bearing Govt. but want to remove the one means of the people to cry out against that Tyranny, short of starting an actual shooting war.

            • That’s not true JAC. All those Tea Party gatherings were done in public spaces with permits. They changed the face of Congress, right?

              Do you advocate for change the way Occupy operates? Or Ferguson? or….

              • Just A Citizen says:


                The major Tea Party gathering in DC did not comply with the original permits. There were to many people to stick to the approved routes. This resulted in some temp. blockage of traffic. But yes permits were issued. So what? That does not make my statement “not true”. Because govt. intrudes does not mean they should intrude.

                In some towns permits were not issued and people still demonstrated. The one I participated in was one of them. But we were smart enough to not block the street or stop people from entering the Federal bldg. That would not have won us any friends for the cause. Besides, my right to assemble and express grievances does not supersede your right to move about without being assaulted or forcefully stopped.

                But then again, don’t expect the crowd to part so you can pass. Don’t spit into the wind, as they say.

          • Just A Citizen says:

            Here is one of actual occupation of public space. Pretty clear that is a roadway, not a square. Now probably a secondary street close to the Govt. center. But clearly a roadway connecting to the street visible in the background.

      • The Rose Revolution was funded by………George Soros. Both Revolutions mentioned took place in Europe. We ain’t Europe.

        • Just A Citizen says:


          And what does that have to do with the price of tea in China??

          The question was “demonstrations” and whether they should be controlled.

          • Just noting the link to Soros. He’s one person who should be locked up for funding riots here in the States.

            Here’s an observation I have on the matter. Conservatives hold rally’s and marches, do so in a matter that doesn’t interrupt business or travel, clean up after themselves and go home peacefully. Liberal’s on the other hand, have “occupy” protests that turn into shitholes with child rape and the such, take over streets, burn down business’s, loot like it’s a game and attack cops with rocks and bottles and such things. In the end it comes down to respect of others and it’s clear where that lies.

            The original question was should those who organize violent protests,, block emergency vehicles etc be held accountable. I never mentioned permits, but we are in agreement that they should not be needed.

            • Just A Citizen says:


              Violence will be met with violence. Usually in disproportionate amounts.

              Who are you going to hold liable for a demonstration where some decide to riot or loot? Besides those actually committing the crime.

              If people are in the street already how do they block an emergency vehicle. The only way is if they are in the ONLY route possible for exit or entry. In this case then they should be moved out of the way.

              But again, if someone dies who is responsible unless you can identify a “leader” who told them to block the ambulance?

              • The organizers always known these days, unless it’s completely impromtu. But it’s not hard to find out who is the leader(s) via social media postings. Watch the beginning of this video:

  18. Just A Citizen says:

    Damn Anarchy. Outta control I tell ya, outta control.

  19. Just A Citizen says:

    Post under the categories:

    a) They just can’t help themselves, or;
    b) They eat their own, or;
    c) All of the above.


  20. A recent survey from the Pew Research Center says 96 percent (96%) of Trump voters feel hopeful about his electoral victory, with 74 percent (74%) also saying they “feel proud.”

    In contrast, 90 percent (90%) of Hillary Clinton voters say they “feel uneasy” about the election’s outcome, with 77 percent (77%) saying they feel sad and 76 percent (76%) claiming they feel scared.

    In a surprise twist, 58 percent (58%) of Hillary voters profess they are “willing to give Trump a chance and see how he governs as president.”

    Additionally, “An overwhelming 97% of Trump voters expect him to have a successful first term; this is comparable to the 92% of Obama voters who said this about their candidate in 2008,” according to Pew Research.

    In other Pew polls, 88 percent (88%) of Trump supporters said they are “fully confident” in a President Trump, and 90 percent (90%) feel fairly confident in his ability to lead in economic, immigration and health care issues.

    Trump has also seen a huge upswing in approval ratings, with one poll showing a split of 46 to 46 percent in terms of favorable versus unfavorable ratings, according to a Morning Consult-Politico poll. Compare that to Trump’s unfavorability rating before the election, which at one point sat at 61 percent.

  21. Just A Citizen says:

    Anita raised a point that should be evaluated further. And I I one response missed earlier.

    “That’s not true JAC. All those Tea Party gatherings were done in public spaces with permits. They changed the face of Congress, right?

    Do you advocate for change the way Occupy operates? Or Ferguson? or….”

    Let me answer the last part first. IF NECESSARY then yes, Occupy becomes viable. As for Ferguson your straw man has not affect on me. It looks like you are trying to link me to looting and violence. Let me remind you that Ferguson also involved peaceful demonstrations until the bad actors arrived. So with respect to this aspect of Ferguson, YES. I had no problem with their right to demonstrate. Whether they were justified is another matter.

    Now for the meat of your claim. What did the one time Tea Party rallies really accomplish??

    You say it changed the face of Congress. Really?? Seems to me I have been reading here that everyone thinks Congress has not changed. One reason given for voting for Trump as I recall.

    Did the leadership in the House or Senate change after the Tea Party demonstrations? Did the Govt. stop TARP or STIMULUS or the ACA???

    Maybe, just maybe the Tea Party should have not been so damn polite. Maybe we should have OCCUPIED D.C. and all legislative buildings. Notice how quickly demonstrators were moved away from the Capitol after they screamed at the Democrats sneaking in the side?

    One thing was accomplished with the demonstrations near as I can tell. It allowed people to feel as though they were not alone. It helped fuel further local and State efforts to organize and impact elections. But actual impact has been pretty small so far.

    Except for the Republican Party seeing those crowds and immediately hijacking the Tea Party brand, aka Tea Party Express.

    So I am curious what others think was actually accomplished by those large rallies in D.C. and around the Country.

    • So I am curious what others think was actually accomplished by those large rallies in D.C. and around the Country.

      It made a lot of people feel better. It provided a platform for people like Ted Cruz to get elected, and he is a typical snake politician. It showed the Liberal Left that we are not violent and can get together and NOT burn down our cities. To the Liberal Left, it also showed a weakness, the lack of fight to do what really needed to be done (burn down THEIR cities). It helped take back Congress from the Democrats. It didn’t help slow the debt. It was a great grass roots movement that faded, then Trump came along and reinvigorated those who were at those rally’s. I never saw the Tea Party rally’s as protests. It never had that feeling of a real protest. It was a movement against an ideology, not the government. They finally got it……Drain the Swamp. That’s whats really needed, but is a pipe dream.

    • The Tea Party was the spark that led to TRUMP. 😛

  22. Just A Citizen says:
    November 21, 2016 at 6:51 pm


    I stated then and again today that permitting the person is the only viable option if permits are to be considered. I would not oppose such a system of permitting by the States.

    That is not the same as permits for conceal carry. That is a permit to have and carry a gun. How you carry it is of no concern of mine. Nor is the kind of gun or “arms” you own. Or how many guns you own.

    I think you are misinterpreting my previous comments.

    OK, but why should permits be considered for a guaranteed Right such as Protests or Conceal carry? If the Right to Assemble, the Right of Free Speech should NOT require a permit, then by virtue, the Right to bare arms should be treated the same way…OR there is a contradiction. A Right is a Right.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Well first of all, no right is absolute. Unfortunate but that is reality.

      The reason a license could be required for fire arms is that crazy people, and people who are dumb as dirt, could kill someone with a gun. Haven’t seen anyone actually killed by speech. Although, once again, even speech is not an absolute right.

      We have a right to our freedom of movement. But when that involves driving a car or motorbike the State requires some proof of your ability to use that equipment in public. So I see the gun ownership issue as the same.

      Now lets think about the permitting process for assembling and demonstrating. How did that come along? Because some people were not responsible. Thus the door was opened for Govt. to potentially stifle speech via its licensing process.

      This has been the concern with guns. It is a legitimate concern. But so is the public safety.

      So perhaps that is the question you should address first. Does the Govt. have a legimtate role regarding public safety?

      • Does the Govt. have a legimtate role regarding public safety?

        Before I expand on that……the reason a license could be required for fire arms (protests) is that crazy people, and people who are dumb as dirt, could kill someone with a rock, bottle or stop an ambulance which denies life saving medical care. Now, with that said, your argument for and against permits are vague at best. I fall into the NO PERMIT required crowd, and it’s proving to be the best method. More on that later.

        Back to the first question. Yes and no. Government should keep roads repaired and safe, yes, but can’t really protect anyone beyond that. Much like the CC issue, bad people don’t get/have permits (in this case a drivers license) when they run from the cops, drive incredibly drunk and kill someone etc. The permitting process serves no real purpose for public safety.

        Continuing, government isn’t really responsible for our safety, that’s an individual/parent responsibility. That has been established by the SCOTUS. As far as all the regulations on various business’s, the free market can fix it. If a death or illness occurs, we have wrongful death laws and liability law suits. We really don’t NEED government much, they need us :wink”

      • For the record, we have already killed the dead horse on the CC issue, not wanting to go back there.

  23. Talking to Jr. the other night. His Reserve unit in DC is charged wit planning for major events such as presidential funerals and now the inauguration. When Trump won, they had to revisit their planning.

    The bosses wamt to look at the race riots in DC in the late ’60’s for inspiration, Jr. , God Bless him, told them to look at the Pentagon Marches instead during the Viet-nam war. I agree.For those too young to remember if you saw “Forest Gump” that was the demonstration where Forest spotted Jenny and ran through the reflecting pool.

    Any input Colonel?

    Anyone see the Amherst assholes who have banned display of the American Flag on Campus? I think they should ban the use of government loans on campus.

    • I think they should ban the use of government loans on campus.

      This would solve a lot of problems and possibly end the “snowflake” nonsense. If a college coddles Liberal’s, due to any various reasons, deny free speech to Conservatives, deny display of the Flag etc, no Federal loans for people wanting that college. Or more simply put, colleges must support conservative issues equally with Liberal issues and without discrimination or face losing grants and loan funds. Somehow, this Liberal indoctrination stuff needs to be put to rest.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Loans to go to college, backed by tax payers money ie government, should be gone. The exception to that rule should be, you want the money you owe us TIME in some capacity, be it in engineerng, EPA, military, medical etc. The school can always grant scholarships. or just plain pay for it. Two years at a community college for next to nothing solves at least a couple years of massive tuition and room and board costs. Maybe people also would be more interested in taking valuable courses that can be used instead of pig in a pock classes that are worthless to anyone……much less any college or university that advocates and has seminars as to how to avoid paying the loan to the government should lose all federal and state monies…….I actually saw the advertisements at the University of Vermont.

        The community colleges had all but dropped courses in things like construction, plumbing, electrician, auto mechanics, agriculture. They have just recently realised that was a mistake and are adding more curriculum in those fields.

  24. I just saw the most truthful, in depth analysis of the election and must pass it on:

    Clinton took the early lead, which evaporated entirlely when the Republicans got off work….

  25. “I can assure you that whether you voted for him or you did not vote for him, if you are a citizen of the United States, he is your President,” Judge John Primomo said at the Thursday ceremony in San Antonio…..

    “He will be your President, and if you do not like that, you need to go to another country.”

    The judge’s tough words came just before the group of immigrants was officially granted U.S. citizenship.


  26. Wow…..just saw an interview with CNN and they are very pissed that Trump is going on social media and laying out his plans and saying exactly what he is going to do. Taking his case straight to the people via social media.

    The press hates this because, as CNN puts it, he is by passing the media and that violates ethics.

    Trump responds….now you can print it. Because the truth is out there, You cannot spin it.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Nor can they pose a question that is designed to be a gotcha… no matter how you answer it you lose…..”Have you been caught beating your wife” as an example.

      It’ll be interesting to see if Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc, block any message from Trump. They certainly have also taken sides.

    • This is how you do it! Use the bully pulpit! Go directly to the people so they cannot quash, modify or even comment in advance on what you say before they release it.

      For the past 30 years, I really only listen to radio new because generally it is read as received before stories can be spiked or substantially altered.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        CNN lost me after the 1st Gulf War. The other MSM outlets were history before that. Up in New England we could get CBC and usually it was just the news, no editorializing. The Olympics we always watched CBC and totally bagged the american broadcasters, CBC gave equal showing to the american athletes and canadian,,,,,no BS about all the heartsobbing trials the athletes were fighting through about this and that trying to create drama….it was the sports period.

  27. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    The potentially out-going governor of NC is refusing to concede and is alleging voter fraud. The vote is close around 6000 for Cooper who was the AG during McCrory’s years in office. Cooper refused to fight the Feds on both the “voter id” legistation and the “transgender” bathroom issues, yet they were voted on by the legistature and passed into law by the governor…..that said…the same number of people vote for the President and the Governor and Senator, it’s all Statewide, not districts. The State went by several percent for Trump, The State returned Richard Burr to the Senate, the legistature remains in Republican hands……why would the State then vote out a governor when all other races went the other way…It doesn’t make sense

    Only exception, might be, that generally the State does alternate governorship fairly routinely after two or so terms. But it still doesn’t make sense,……The one thing that may have just pissed off enough voters in the race are located up in the norheast corner of the State. Near Elizabeth City. McCrory refused to fight the massive windfarm that the Feds rammed down the States throat by saying the FAA says it’s OK so it’s a done arguement….McCrory just shrugged and said OK…..These towers are so tall they are monsters compared to most wind towers. They had to be built that way because the wind is so light and inconsistant at the more normal and lower elevations. It also is being built smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic Flyway for migrating birds that winter over down this way.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      The election of Cooper to replace McCrory as governor just doesn’t make sense. The legislature retained an even stronger republican majority and it is also VETO proof, They can override any veto by the governor.

  28. Dale A. Albrecht says:
  29. All of these “hate-crime” fabrications made up by the anti-Trump forces are nothing new. They are a completely natural ingredient of how totalitarians operate and, hence, how the Unholy Alliance of the Left and Islam operates. Shillman Fellow Daniel Greenfield explains this phenomenon in the context of the Left:

    “The left is a victimhood cult. It feeds off pain and fetishizes suffering as a moral commodity to be sold and resold in exchange for political power.”

    Greenfield calls this leftist charade “victimocracy” and labels its foot soldier the “cry-bully” who is, in reality, the “abuser-victim.” This monster, Greenfield writes, is

    “the abuser who pretends to be a victim. His arguments are his feelings. He comes armored in identity politics entitlement and is always yelling about social justice or crying social justice tears. If you don’t fight back, the cry-bully bullies you. If you fight back, the cry-bully cries and demands a safe space because you made him feel unsafe.”

    Thus, because now the Unholy Alliance maniacs feel “unsafe” because they didn’t get their way in the election, it becomes very clear why it’s crucial for them to play the victim – and, most importantly, to fabricate “hate-crimes” being perpetrated against themselves. Greenfield explains:

    “If cry-bullies can’t safe-bait you, they will manufacture threats by faking hate crimes against themselves or phoning in bomb threats to validate their need for a safe space in which no one is allowed to disagree with them. Surviving their own fake crimes turns cry-bullies into social justice heroes.”

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      During the 70’s you really saw being a “victim” really take root. Nothing was your fault. It was always some other factor that made you who you were or action you took. It’s not my fault. In parallel was the increase of any perceived fault or grievance can be taken care of by another law. Just pass a law that’ll fix it. With that came an almost 4X increase in lawyers per X people in the population. For 2 centuries of the nations history the ratio was 1.5/X population, very consistant and stable…..I believe it was per thousand but will recheck.

      Does anyone remember the psycho-babble that was the fad during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. That literally every young girl was raped by their uncles, fathers, brothers you name it. It fell apart when prosecutions fell apart, due to these suppressed memories were derived under hypnosis and suggestive questioning by the psychologists.

      Or more recently that the “Culture of Rape” on US campuses by Rolling Stone was successfully sued by UVA. It was a BS article but no less than hRC, ole Joe Biden and Obama ran amok with it.

  30. Aside from his support from Dr Pantsdoumi, Mann often claims the imprimatur of “settled science”: 97 per cent of the world’s scientists supposedly believe in catastrophic anthropogenic global warming requiring massive government intervention. That percentage derives from a survey conducted for a thesis by M R K Zimmerman.

    The “survey” was a two-question, online questionnaire sent to 10,257 earth scientists, of whom 3,146 responded.

    Of the responding scientists, 96.2 per cent came from North America.

    Only 6.2 per cent came from Canada. So the United States is overrepresented even within that North American sample.

    Nine per cent of US respondents are from California. So California is overrepresented within not just the US sample: it has over twice as large a share of the sample as Europe, Asia, Australia, the Pacific, Latin America and Africa combined.

    Of the ten per cent of non-US respondents, Canada has 62 per cent.

    Not content with such a distorted sample, the researchers then selected 79 of their sample and declared them “experts.”

    Of those 79 scientists, two were excluded from a second supplementary question. So 75 out of 77 made it through to the final round, and 97.4 per cent were found to agree with “the consensus”. That’s where the 97 per cent comes from.

    So this is a very Michael Mann “reconstruction”: just as a couple of Californian bristlecones can determine the climate for a millennium, so a couple of dozen Californian scientists can determine the consensus of the world.

    Nonetheless, the compilers also invited comments from respondents and published them in the appendices. In terms of specific scientific material, the hockey stick attracted three comments – one blandly positive, the other two not so much.

    Climate Change/Global Warming (by human action) has always been a fraud.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      And I’m also sure that those that responded positively about AGW also just said that man was a componant of….not the main cause of global warming or climate change.

      The Smithsonian used to have a wall mural portraying the temperatures either by actual measures or empirical metrics based on research from many sources derived from known samples and results going back thousands of years……The museum “conveniently” painted over the “Roman Warming” period which by all scientific analysis was WARMER by several degrees than the model predicts the temperatures will be in 2100.

      • Reading a book on Gallipoli the other day. Intro talks about the ruins of Troy. They too are now far inland compared to what they were. Ostia, the Roman Port City is several miles inland. Guess there used to be a whole lot more ice at those poles.

    • I had not heard of this study before. There are two other methods for arriving at the 90+% figure. One is that most of the scientific societies signed on, such as the American Chemical Society, American Physical Soc., Geophysical Union, etc. Over 90% of scientist belong to one or another. I in fact belong to 4 such societies. It is the governing boards of these societies that issue the statements in the name of the societies. No vote is taken. Hence, the press and politicians assume it is 100% unanimous.

      The other result was from a published paper done several years ago. The authors looked at several hundred to thousands of papers published on global warming. The sorted them for any statements on mans involvement. Any small indication that the authors had concluded that man contributed to AGW went into the positive pile. The negatives went into the negative pile. Any noncommittal papers or papers with null findings were discarded. This was the bulk of the publications. I do not know if they eliminated duplicate authors. The net result was a very skewed finding that over 90% believed in AGW. This paper has been debunked but of course the damage is done.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        That sums it up neater…..even the scientists who did the ICE core sampling and the relationship between warming and CO2 in the atmosphere said Al Gore had it backwards. The lead scientist said for some “unexplained” reason the temperatures went up, then the CO2 levels increased after a lag and then over several hundred years. Then for some “unexplained” the temperatures dropped and after a lag, the CO2 was reabsorbed into solution covering again several hundred years….they gave a very simple experiment that anyone can do as an example….a can of soda as the medium

  31. Dale A. Albrecht says:
    • People are flipping out on alot of comment boards over what Conway said about not pursuing the email issue. Many people want HRC in jail, myself included.

      • It is a tough call. There is an agenda he wants to get done. The House will be tied up with the Clintons forever with the Dems taking every opportunity to claim Vendetta.

        Personally, they are in about as much disgrace as they possibly could be. Nobody’s mind would be changed as evidenced by the election. I do not think she will last out the decade. Bill looks 85. A bad 85. A decrepit 85.

        • While I would like to see her tried and convicted, I do think Trump should stay out of it. Let his attorney general handle it if something more comes from the foundation investigation.

          I do suspect that he has been briefed and realizes that it goes much deeper than just Hillary. Any trial might cause more harm than good. It would be better to just to quietly drain the swamp rather than stir and muddy the waters.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          I think that all HRC lived for was the Oval Office. That is gone unless there are a whole lot of “Rogue” electors out there. I for one want to see the case taken right to the bitter end where there is NO doubt in ANYONES mind. The path should come up through the foundation and Ricco cases…..Then they’ll be done and out of business…the money is already drying up…..let them spend their fortune defending themselves and maybe they’ll return the furniture they scarfed up from the WH to furnish their meager abode in Chappaqua.

          FYI…..wouldn’t you look old with a shrew like HRC for a spouse? No amount of affairs with young women can counter-balance the stress from the other end. The only reason she lasted as long as she has in politics is because of Bill’s popularity inspite of his philandering……Bill has the political accummon(sp) to have avoided the pitfalls that beset his presidency….it was Hillary’s scandals with Whitewater, IRS, Travel office, healthcare, and the pitbull against Bill’s workplace victims…..and she wonders why 53% of the “white” women didn’t vote for her? Most women are smarter than she gave them credit for.

          Maybe most women would actually like to be home raising their children and taking care of the homestead….the office workplace is a lot less nice than home. Most of the women who still had young children, like < high school age all quit work to stay at home, at at&t, including most overseas. The day care costs were chewing up the aditional income, yet all chores had to be done after work or on weekends leaving no time for rest and relaxation…..much less the work never let you go even on vacation.

      • Forget Clinton and emails….she is a minnow compared to the investigation that will get started on why the FBI was in colusion and the Foundation….that is where the big fish are.

  32. Question of the Day (because I didn’t get one on the last one)

    Can a new president REVERSE a previous Presidents pardon? If not…..WHY?

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      If Obama pardons HRC and Bill when no charges have ever been filed that is a pure admission of guilt….He’ll use up all his available pardons to cover everyone who was involved in the violation of the law…..maybe he’ll forget to pardon himself.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      No. Not on any crimes included within the scope of the pardon.

      Because otherwise a pardon would be meaningless. A PARDON is after all a PARDON.

      This does not prevent prosecution later for different crimes.

      Suppose for example Obama pardoned Clinton for “any crimes committed during her tenure as Sec. of State.”.

      She could still be tried for crimes committed BEFORE she was SOS and After the pardon was granted.

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Like not turning over all her work related documents and also those that were classified.

      • That poses a serious question, how does one pardon someone for a crime for which is has not even been charged or convicted? I know that Nixon is an example, but that pardon was never challenged in a court.

        and he shall have Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

        While I may believe a conviction may be required (I haven’t researched SCOTUS decisions yet) it would behoove OBozo to not give a pardon to HRC, because that would provide clear evidence that we we all right about her being a criminal. Talk about further crushing the credibility of the federal government, that would sink it to…..ZERO

        But that’s not the question. JAC says a President can’t reverse a pardon…..prove it. I only say this because if one hasn’t been charged and convicted, how can their be a pardon for crimes committed when there are no crimes for which a conviction would warrant a pardon.

        If what you say is correct, then a president could give blanket pardons to all government people at the end of his term and corruption could never be exposed and eliminated.

        I will make this statement, pending a SCOTUS ruling becoming available. A Presidential pardon must come AFTER a conviction. I know about Nixon, but was that challenged in court? If so, then there is a ruling on the matter.

    • why?

      • The market is a bubble waiting to pop. It’s just expanding until………boom

      • What goes up, must come down

        • Not to belittle your prediction….but have you noticed the history of the market for the last six bubbles that have burst? The DOW has constantly, over the years if you examine the ten year cycles like most do, has always recovered. The average ten year cycles run anywhere from 5% to 10% growth. This is what you bet on…we always have since 1949….that is 66 years of history. Good enough for me.

          Also, these new MBA types think differently that us old MBA types. Us old guys tend to look at things realisitcally and not rely at all on theories for application. These academia know nothing of realism….just books and they are the ones that are making decisions now.

          I always wonder why themarket and futures respond so quickly to market fads…the only ones that win, are not the players but the hedge fund types and other market manipulators. The 401’s lose, IRA’s lose….that is why you are seeing an overall loss in the private retirement system. It is not because of market trends, it is because everyone relies on computers and built in triggers. That never used to happen. NOw it does. technology is good but people are forgetting, it is but a TOOL. Like a hammer.

          Do you remember that I told you we were poised to go either way on the election? We were prepared for a Clinton win…and we were prepared for a Trump win? Well, the Clinton win would have been great for the elites….a Trump win is a win for long term and middle class.

          I think you are going to see a gain until January 20th or so….then you will see a correction,. THen, if Trump upholds his 100 day pledge….you will see historic gains. As I also told you, watch the currency gains and losses. All of a sudden China has changed its monetary policy…..not because of anything but Trump. Mexico has changed its economic and currency policy…not because of anything but Trump.

          It is not Trump, per se’, but what he stands for and that is greater stability. Do not be too quick to judge and do not rely on these internet sites….watch the history.

          • THe other thing to watch… negotiations. Look at what is suddenly happening. Why has China, Mexico, Russia, North Korea, suddenly and without much fanfare, become interested the possibility of trade negotitations to fix some problems. Trump is the reason. NOthing else. Why? Because, he represents change…and regardless of a seriously skewed popular vote, they know how to read the tea leaves of change.

            This past admnistration, under the misguided perception of playing nice, have given away the store. NICE GUYS FINISH LAST. Trump knows this. Just him being elected, is bringing them to the table……EARLY. They all know that, as a businessman, he will not wait until the last minute because the last minute issue means trashing it.

            I do not think many are really looking at the indicators. And looking at the little things being done that are not actually “little things.”

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              With a skewed vote, did you mean the Blacks and millenials? The Dems didn’t get the senior vote this go around, that usually was a gimme The blacks are hurt the most with open borders and the millenials will find (witness OWS) that their opportunities for gainful employment are diminishing.

              MacDonald’s is testing in hundreds of their restaurants kiosk ordering. Eliminating one whole tier of employees..

              • Several months back, I reported what the McDonald’s are doing here…..there are three franchise owners in the Fort Worth area alone that own a combined 11 stores that are 75% automated now. The drive up windows are all Kiosks. Also, one enterprising individual has found a way to have lanes, like bank lanes, where you pull up, order off a touch screen, pay by credit card and your food is brought to you. One person can handle three lanes in rush hours. The only caveat, in this case, is ordering a standard menu. If you want a special order, you go through the regular drive up. This franchise owner has three stores and a combined 12 lanes….the cooking is handled by conveyor and is not touched by human hands unless a special order comes in. All three of his stores operate 24/7 and his total staff is 18 when it used to be 56. That is a reduction of 38 personnel. Average wage of 12 per hour plus benefits. Just in wages and benefits alone, this franchise owner reported he saved $1,343,400 in one year but he tripled his output.

                This same franchise owner owns three more in Dallas and four in Houston. It does not take a mathematical genius to figure this out.

            • I agree with you on the Trade agreements. Hopefully this will accomplish what is intended, bringing more manufacturing home and stifling all the nonsense about higher minimum wages. Note to Mathius and Buck, see dale’s note on McDonalds.

              • It may or may not bring jobs back….that remains to be seen. The plants that have already been built and operating have no incentive to close and come back because of cheap labor….however, the new plans of companies on the table may change. From personal experience, renovations in third world countries is minimal at best.

                Now, with reference to skewed votes….it has nothing to do with race, gender, or seniors. It has everything to do with population centers. LA, Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, Dallas, Las Vegas, etc are big population centers designed by Democrats for democrats. There is no denying that the majority of the people in those cities are purposely kept in poverty and on welfare and food stamps. The majority of the dems and progressives do not want a thiking populace…like mushrooms..feed them shit and keep them in the dark. That is why the push for popular vote. When you counter and say let the states decide…they scream no no no…so the popular vote is skewed and will always be skewed.

          • I can certainly see the optimism, but I’m really not sure that goody goody feeling has any feet. The real economy hasn’t changed one lick. It’s still stagnant and the optimism, which could also be tied to Christmas shopping, may get dealt a blow. Wall Street doesn’t equal Main street and we all know most stocks are already over priced due to Quantitative Easing. This will change at one point, because optimism and reality will meet at some point.

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for the market and those who invest and are making money. That really don’t have much to do with the majority of people. But, it may as well be enjoyed and shows the Left how wrong they were about a Trump election in the process. However, down the road, maybe February, I can see the last 8 years of bad monetary policy coming back to haunt investors. How can an interest rate hike be good now versus 6 months ago when it would have been a disaster, the economy hasn’t changed for the better….anywhere.

            • Dale A. Albrecht says:

              I’m not planning on spending one thin dime on any Christmas shopping. That is except a nice meal and good wine. Not even going to spend any effort trying to figure out how to add to other peoples stuff.

              I couldn’t believe my eyes yesterday…..i actually saw an old metal red wagon like most of us had as kids, still looked good and functional. Not like the noisy plastic pieces of crap that you see today.

            • Gman….you are still missing it, me thinks. The political system is set up for elites under Clinton….I was ready to play…..Trump gets elected, I take cash and put it into construction…for example, Catepillar. Right off the bat, construction has blossomed because everyone believes that Trump will do the infrastructure spending unlike Obama. When Obama took office, this did not happen because no one believed he would spend it as he promised because everyone knew he was in the bag for elites. He cared nothing for the middle class nor the impoverished. That is history.

              In addition, as I warned you earlier, people who had money in currency and hedge funds in currency are losing right now and will lose as the dollar gets stronger. I will make you a wager…..friendly, of course….the secret is going to be December….not in sales but in interest rates…..when and that is when the Feds raise the rate, you normally see a sell off as money gets tighter. Housing will take a hit, and so will the dollar for a short time…very short. Trade is going to be easy for him to re-negotiate because the stronger dollar means a weaker foreign currency.

              Don’t believe me…..just watch.

              • Now, if he does what he says in the first 100 days…..and continues the path…there will be a boom of well paying jobs available withing one year… here is the rub of it. What if the welfare babies do not want the jobs. I know that MAthius and Buck and some others think that most people want to work. I do not share their philosophy. No need to bust your butt if its given to you. So……..we will see what happens. If a plethora of jobs opens up and no one takes them….you have your answer. If they do take them, you have immediate prosperity and a demise of the democratic party.

              • From personal experience Colonel. When Guilliani insisted that they work at least 20 hours per week for their benefits there were howls of outrage yet many took “regular” jobs and were very happy with the result. “Hanging out” can get boring after a decade or two.

                Later when the Feds limited welfare, more took jobs bitching, moaning and worrying since they had never held one before . Yet a year later, those very same people told me that they were happy and shocked to finally have some spare change in their pockets. They did not realize it at the time but they finally ESCAPED the Plantation!

                One of the very first things the Muslim, Kenyan President did was to eliminate the work requirement and time limits.

              • Colonel, you could well be correct, but we still have a huge derivitives bubble and a debt bubble. They will pop one day, but for now, likely to just grow. In the mean time, enjoy the profits and let’s hope the future is as bright as it seems to look 😀

  33. Dale A. Albrecht says:
  34. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    On the lighter side…..Alicia Silverstone posed for a PETA ad that wants to ban the use of wool in clothing……This is a renewable resource….they’re a bunch of lunatics who have nothing better to do with their lives.

  35. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    The hits just keep coming

    No wonder my friend just got qualified on harbor tugs, I thought they were relegated to the naval history books with the advent of bow and stern thrusters….Turns out they will be of great use for the new modern fleet. .

    I read yesterday that the F-35 is in more probable trouble. This was in an investment article on Lockheed and how their stock value may hit a wall. The potential advesaries have figured out that passive detection techniques can find these planes. The builders of the planes keep making excuses, yeah we know its slower than 3rd generation planes, range, doesn’t have the turning capabilities, and a whole series of other can’ts, but the plane doesn’t need to do them due to stealth and it can launch missiles long before. Well that one remaining CAN just went up in smoke. Do the designers think that the Russians and Chinese have been sitting on their thumbs over the past 30 years since we revealed the stealth planes?

  36. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    “The academics presented findings showing that in Wisconsin, Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes in counties that relied on electronic-voting machines compared with counties that used optical scanners and paper ballots. Based on this statistical analysis, Clinton may have been denied as many as 30,000 votes; she lost Wisconsin by 27,000.”

    Weren’t it the Liberals that were really pushing hard for computer, tamper free voting? What if it was the paper ballots that were tampered with?

    Groups are filing suit and demanding that all transistion stop to a new administration until after Dec 19th. They claim that there was ample evidence of voter intimidation at the polls, limiting democratic votes…..I can see that when a great many of the college students went to vote they saw a Trump sign and ran away to their safe place.

    At least as the votes keep rising for HRC they are almost exclusively coming from CA, NY and IL where the electoral votes can not flip and were all in for Hillary anyway….skewing the popular vote with a few megalopolises. .

    • The academics presented findings showing that in Wisconsin, Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes in counties that relied on electronic-voting machines compared with counties that used optical scanners and paper ballots. Based on this statistical analysis, Clinton may have been denied as many as 30,000 votes; she lost Wisconsin by 27,000.”

      Liberal academics are assholes 👿 This could also mean that in counties with computer voting there was far less fraud, meaning Clinton may have gotten 30,000 more votes than she should have. It is far easier to put multiple ballots in a box than to walk up to a election worker four times and vote, because election workers have to set the machine each time. I read through this lie after the first 4 words.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        I thought you were the guy claiming the machines were rigged. That we needed to return to paper ballots.

        • I have and there have been many documented incidents. We have computer voting here. Nobody had an issue and the results were normal. The “academics” claim seems to point to the computers were rigged (which is possible, but that would have been detected like all other issues have). I have not read of anyone complaining about their vote being switched by the computers in Wisconsin. This would have been well known, like previous incidents.

          I considered all the above in my post. Without a complaint, the machines were then accurate, as mine was. I also didn’t see any evidence of “more people voted versus registered in those areas, or any other areas. The logical conclusion is that if there was any fraud, which there is no real evidence of, that there would have to be fraud in those counties using paper ballots, if any fraud occurred at all.

          In conclusion, the “academics”, likely liberals, are just making shit up. Not something uncommon with them and their ilk.

  37. Dale A. Albrecht says:

    Regardless of the address this is about Obama’s media “legacy”

  38. Just A Citizen says:

    How will an increase in interest rates affect this graph? Only be concerned with the blue line.

  39. Just A Citizen says:

  40. Just A Citizen says:

    Anyone see a little issue with this graph? Hint: Notice where the current rate is compared to 2008 then think about where the total rate is today vs. 2008.

    • It tells me the unemployment rate is utter bullshit and Obama has lied about jobs created.

      • Just A Citizen says:


        No, that is not what it tells you. That is what you want to believe.

        In fact, the FED data should be the standard. But as with any data you need to check it out to understand how it is derived. To make sure the method hasn’t changed.

        Granted, on the surface it looks like the broader unemployment rate published by the Govt. doesn’t align. But it could be due to differing methods.

        The real take away would be more accurately reflected as “We cannot ACCURATELY determine EXACTLY what the number is.”

        Remember, the Govt. calculates this data to look at trends. It is the media and politicians who use it as some gospel number that is supposed to reflect something right now.

  41. Just A Citizen says:

  42. Just A Citizen says:

    Same data about manufacuring jobs but the scale changes.

    • Just A Citizen says:

      The last two graphs show a discrepancy in total Manuf. employment. I have not found the source of the difference but it is pretty big. One shows employment reaching over 20 million at one time. The other shows it peaking below 20 million.

  43. Just A Citizen says:


    Seems to me you have some of your economic predictions backwards. Or you have to do more explaining.

    1. Stronger dollar = more IMPORTS. This is contrary to the stated desire to increase US manufacturing and balance trade.

    2. Stronger dollar = Profits in money trades if you make the right trades. Being invested in “currency markets” is not a given loss or profit. It totally depends on how you were betting. Personally I am betting a weaker US dollar pretty soon because we will need inflation to help rationalize the Trillion dollar debt added for “infrastructure”.

    Let’s also not forget that “strong” is a very, very, relative term. In short, we are only stronger because others have grown even more weak. Not because our money is truly worth more relative to fixed goods.

    3. The current Stock market is hugely over valued. It is running on expectations over a political election at the moment. Not solid footing in my book. But, what happens will not only be about the Fed rate but changes in expected earnings. Overvaluation can be changed by increased earnings, not just decreased stock price.

    4. The Global economy is sick. Shipping has been declining and I am seeing rail cars showing up on sidings again. Maybe this is temporary. I don’t know.

    5. One word of caution on the infrastructure play. We may have a saturated construction market as it stands. Excluding housing, which as I show above has room to grow. So there may or may not be a market for more “iron” on the ground. Buying USED Iron for Lease may be a better play that shares of CAT. Besides, you can always play with the toys if you get bored. Maybe even build your own golf course. 🙂

    • Just A Citizen says:

      here is some data regarding my thoughts about saturation in construction.

    • Well, the stock market is the only game in town. Most pension plans had the money in both stocks and interest bearing instruments. The lack of income from interest has really hurt pension plans badly because the are prohibited from putting all their eggs in one basket. When the interest rates start to rise (eventually) money will pour out of stocks and into other interest bearing investments. I remember my Mother-in-law in the ’80’s when she was getting 14% on her CD’s. Woman thought she had died and gone to heaven. She was a very careful blue chip investor in the market but at those rates, she pulled money out, stopped her dividend re-investment and put everything in CD’s.

      • We did the same thing back in the Carter years. We got rich off inflated interest rates because we had cash. THen you take those inflated dollars and buy the stocks when everything comes back to earth. HOwever, I do not think you will see this again because of the technpology triggers that are out there and computers low everything down now and even suspend things when certain triggers are hit.

        Cash is King.

  44. Just A Citizen says:
  45. Dale A. Albrecht says:
  46. Dale A. Albrecht says:
  47. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have a full house, everyone is home. We will start brining the turkey soon, probably bake a pie or two. In the morning I will start baking bread.

  48. My dear internet friends, have a wonderful blessed day, all of you!

  49. I guess I have lost all of my reasoning because I cannot seem to get through to you JAC….that is what I get for laying off Dr Pepper.

    1) “1. Stronger dollar = more IMPORTS. This is contrary to the stated desire to increase US manufacturing and balance trade.” So what? I could care less. Trade balance or imbalance is strictly a negotiable item. I think the item you are worried about is whether or not you are about the global economy, which I do not. I like a strong dollar because it gives the US a greater leverage in the trade negotiation arena. ( And yes JAC, I fully understand the relationship of the dollar to imports and exports ) .

    2) Being invested in “currency markets” is not a given loss or profit. It totally depends on how you were betting. Agreed…..what I said was you watch, very closely, the trends of world currency. The USD is going to remain the most stable currency in the world. No one can rival it. I do not speculate in foreign currencies…..except when a country like Venezuela bombs out like it is….a suitcase full of dollars can buy anything you want down there now….the country is on the ropes and the Bolivar is ten cents on the dollar BUT the country still deals in the Bolivar….so you can take the dollar and buy ip the country side. Let us spin over to the Saudis…and oil/gas trade imbalance. The Saudi SAR is worth .20 cents on the USD. YOu simply change your trade policy to deal in the SAR and not the dollar. With our discoveries of shale oil/gas, the power of BIG oil is coming to a head. We no longer have to deal with the Saudis on the petro dollar.

    3) Let’s also not forget that “strong” is a very, very, relative term. In short, we are only stronger because others have grown even more weak. Not because our money is truly worth more relative to fixed goods. Again….agreed. You are assuming that the same trade negotiations have to remain in place.The same old policies that got us in trouble from the start. But our money is worth more and , because of our growth potential, and the fact that Trump has everyone thinking weird things….the dollar has a very good chance of being extremely strong relative to the other currencies of the world.

    4) The Global economy is sick. Shipping has been declining and I am seeing rail cars showing up on sidings again. Maybe this is temporary. I don’t know. Again,,,,,agreed and the problem with this is what? This simply means that there needs to be a change in policy,

    JAC, I think we are going to have to get outside this box. Those graphs you posted above mean absolutely nothing…..except to global economist who would not know how to invest a dollar if they wanted. Academics are creating this problem. People that think in reality like Trump and even the bad guys like Soros have always understood this philosophy. The reasons that the pension plans are in trouble now is because you have academia running the investment cartels now from philosophy. Not s single one of them has bought any real commodity or a coke from a foreign country. I am telling you, there are billions to be made out there on a strong dollar…….now the gold/silver people do not want to see this.

    I am simply saying that the reality of the global economics works both ways. This kunmbayah shit that everyones espouses is falling apart, The Euro is dying and so is China’s yuan. Now, where I will agree with you on one thing… the fact that China will make out ok because they deal in USD and hold a lot of USD debt,

    So I will ask yyou this question….why do we have to deal with the diffenerecne in currencies on trade deals…..why do we have to cut deals that make the currencies of other countries equal to ours by cutting deals. I think it is time to play hard ball out there and I do not give one diddly squat or damn about Europe or the mid east or any country that is dying on the vine. We owe no allegiance to anyone to equate our currency to them in trade.

    Now I will sit back and let everyone chastise me for wanting to be the big bad ass bully; We, our family, will still deal in the realities of the world. It has served us well so far. I pay absolutely no attention to the crap that this administration has put out on jobs reports, GNP, etc. They are skewed numbers to make politicians look good.

    Now the down side to all of this is actually the people that get up every morning and go to work and come home again and turn on the tv to watch sitcoms or football…..ignorance is no excuse.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      Why do you think you need to get through to me? Why do you think I do not understand what your saying?

      My list of items were points addressing what appeared to be contradictions between what you said to Gman and what you have said before.

      The graphs had nothing to do with my comments to you. I was simply posting some key economic data which explains partly why so many do not feel the economy has recovered. They also show how at risk we are to interest rate hikes if it impacts housing.

      You will have to explain one thing to me, however. Just how do you think a strong dollar gives us an advantage in renegotiating trade deals? These other partners need us to buy their stuff. The leverage as I see it is in denying access via tariffs or embargoes, not having our money stronger than theirs. In fact you would expect our side to threaten to devalue our money not keep it high. So you will have to explain this one to me.

      I will take exception to your dismissing data and philosophy in one fell swoop. I understand your sentiment about investors who have never done real business, but that doesn’t mean their work is worthless or that it doesn’t make people money. I submit that the problems with our economy are due to a bad “philosophy” not lack of practical experience of a bunch of wall street investment bankers and brokers. There are academics with little practical experience who have better philosophies. Ones that you and I would agree are better for everyone.

  50. To everyone: Understand that I am NOT an economic guru and do not try to imply that I am….what we simply watch is real trends in reality and do not pay attention to academia at all and their bullshit examples and commentary. My MBA’s are worth……………………………nothing. The only thing they did was teach me that the philosophy the left was spewing out, even in the 70’s and 80’s, was philosophical theory. ( I know, contradiction in terms) ….My late pappy learned from his pappy who was a bankruptcy attorney in the 20’s and 30’s. Business is nothing more than outwitting your competitors….and when you are out of cash, you are out of luck.


  52. Look for new Article 🙂

  53. JAC…..sir, have a great Thanksgiving and I am not meaning that you do not understand…I am taking the issue to myself in not being able to explain myself sufficiently.

    So, I think that it is best to say that I am a realist. I plan according to my experiences, my dad’s experiences, and whata is available out there. I do not follow, intentionally, any one’s philosophy. I have a severe, and I will admit it, a severe distrust of academia. Especially today.

    I have a severe distrust of globalists….and I admit that. One thing that I have found in business…almost without exception, is that no one is in business for the profitablility of someone else. You are in business to survive…to win…for you and your family.

    I simply point to history….and our economy grows and grows and grows and the doom and gloomers have always been around. Some years are greater and some years are not….but that is the cycle. The one thing that has been constant….free enterprise, supply and demand….works. End of sentence. Get government out of the way and let the market work. Let the prices go where they must. Price controls, welfare, subsidies are the pariah.

    • I have decided I would not let any academic, regardless of discipline, balance my checkbook!

      • Dale A. Albrecht says:

        Hey, why not? they’ll use new mathematical techniques and their conclusion will be your richer than you think.

    • Dale A. Albrecht says:

      Academia is very dangerous to the nation. The unfortunate thing is that they control the minds of all together to many minds on campus. I believe that is one of the reasons that the left is so all fired up that everyone MUST have a degree, for what purpose I have no idea why, except to achieve mind control. Just look at who the left pasted all throughout the campaign…..non degree people aledgedly for being stupid. Take away the Federally backed student loans and the universities will soon get a dose of reality. Anybody or thing that is so into group think is easy to defeat. The unfortunate thing is that we have come dangerously close to that and have very few out of the box thinkers anymore.

      We have always had financial crisis. Usually they cleaned out the fly by night operators and confidence would be restored and things got back to normal relatively quickly. At least since the S&L crash in the 80’s, brought to us by Congress, bailed out by the taxpayer who in most probability had nothing what so ever to do with it. bust, Housing bust, soon upon us will be the auto loans, student loans, and defaults by business when the interest rates increase and they can not repay loans……all of these were and are brought to us by the government and Fed policies….at least with a house and car there is an asset to be collected upon default. Hard to collect a mind from a college loan default……I’m even begining to doubt the quality of our medical training here. CDC admits at least 200K deaths caused by physicians and caregivers MISTAKES, but yet the government has such a bone in it’s teeth on gun deaths which is a fraction of those caused by university trained medical professionals..

      • Housing, Education and Medicine all went nuts when the FEDS got involved.

        My college education was 1964-68 paid for, at a Catholic College by a partial scholarship and work. Two to three days a week after school three hours and all day Saturday. No “boarding” day hop on the train. Worked every summer. Never asked for a dime from Mom and Pop. So, what was tuition back then? $ 1,200- $ 1,300 for the year!

        Now, fast forward to today. No kid, same circumstances as I, son of a bartender, could do what I did when the tuition is $ 40,000. But, the universities will tell you about Loans! There were no such things in ’64-’68. Logic woudl tell you that the main reason tuition is where it is is because of the availability of those loans.

        Ditto on housing, no Fed guarantees in ’77 when I bought my house, $ 700 in closing costs. Son # 2 bought two years back, $ 20,000 closing costs! I did a straight, conventional 30 he did a GI 30….look at the difference!

        Since Medicare, Medicaid and the other government medical programs, medicine has gone through the roof. A C-section today runs $ 20,000 plus. Conventional delivery about half that.

        Like the Pentagon, with government spending there is NO incentive to keep cost down.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          The “brilliant” Harvard economist I was trying to think of was Lawrence Summers. I’m being sarcastic. He is all over the place on his advice….here are three that I liked, however, there are lots of his policies since the 90’s and also under Obama that have gotten us into the position we’re in today.

          “Remarking upon political correctness in institutions of higher education, Summers said in 2016, “There is a great deal of absurd political correctness. Now, I’m somebody who believes very strongly in diversity, who resists racism in all of its many incarnations, who thinks that there is a great deal that’s unjust in American society that needs to be combated, but it seems to be that there is a kind of creeping totalitarianism in terms of what kind of ideas are acceptable and are debatable on college campuses”

          “Summers was a leading voice within the Clinton Administration arguing against American leadership in greenhouse gas reductions and against US participation in the Kyoto Protocol, according to internal documents made public in 2009”

          “During the California energy crisis of 2000, then-Treasury Secretary Summers teamed with Alan Greenspan and Enron executive Kenneth Lay to lecture California Governor Gray Davis on the causes of the crisis, explaining that the problem was excessive government regulation.”

          My feeling towards Summers and guys like Paul Krugman are that they are so smart they’re stupid.

          About 4 years ago while on vacation I met one of the heads of the World Bank. He was constantly listening and taking notes. He’d ask some very straight forward questions and take notes. If you asked him a question, he’d answer with a very understandable answer without being in any way superior in language or demeaning. He ended the conversation by flat out saying that the course we as a nation were taking and transforming into a “service” economy and eliminating manufacturing and other work such as in resources like mining, forestry etc will spell our doom as a powerful economic player within 10 years if we did not reverse course. We have to bring a lot of these jobs back for our own nations sake.

        • Dale A. Albrecht says:

          In CA in ’70 the cost of college except at a private institution was basically free. A registration fee, books and materials, and room and board if applicable. I went to Colorado State and out of State tuition including room and board and other associated fees was $3000…Today using the same criteria is $33K. That said, knocking off two years at a community college and even in the summer hitting less costly classes at a CC can save tons of money.

          But Stephen you are correct on government involvement or making it mandatory have blown the roof off of costs. No incentive to keep costs down…..when you and I were born, if not a home, cost were <$75, giving birth was normal and natural. Now a normal birth in the prime years is $10K plus. The massive costs above that come with medical science and enabling people to have children way later than they should have. Without insurance people would be making different decisions. Medical insurance and other perks like paid vacations given by some companies was a way to entice workers and evade the wage and price controls put in with WWII. and some put in place with Nixon's

          $4+B for a destroyer that has broken down twice with engineering plant failures and it hasn't even reached it's homeport. Ammunition that is so costly it can not be used, the size is so large, who needs stealth detection other than a large tower and coast watchers,,,,you can see it coming, much less the tug pulling the destroyer will be detectable.

    • Just A Citizen says:


      And you as well my Texican friend.

      Sorry for criticizing your comments. You know I just can’t help it, always making the fine points. Sometimes that is not needed.

      I understand your over all view. We share much of it. Remember back when I said the housing bubble cost the US 20 years of income. It might take 20 years to recover. We are now in year 8 and the housing graph shows how far we still need to go to get back to “average”.

      We do differ in that I believe the debt load could bring the house of cards crashing down. I do agree with you that those in power will do everything to avoid it and thus it is not the certainty that is claimed by the doom and gloom crowd. But the “probability” increases each day we ignore it. One reason I am very concerned about Trump’s Progressive agenda of increasing spending and his Conservative approach of cutting taxes. Bush ala’ cart, if you will.

      But we will see how it turns out. As I said, it will take about a year to see if he gets his feet under him and if he can get things moving in the right direction.

      At least you have a good team to root for this turkey day. And Detroit is playing on turkey day in a game that actually has meaning. It has been a strange year. 🙂

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